Guide to switch your Office 365 home subscription to Office Business

Microsoft Office 365 gives you latest set of characteristics when you buy its subscription. If you have started your Office 365 experience with its hope plan for example Office 365 Home but now you have other business requirement to serve as well. Further in this article we will guide you through how to move your Office 365 from home subscription to business subscription.

Microsoft Office 365 Setup allows you to switch from one subscription to another. When you switch your Microsoft Office Setup 365 subscription you will get different set of features and services.

Please make sure that you have purchased the Microsoft Office 365 subscription before you start the process to switch your Office subscription of home to business. To switch your Microsoft Office 365 subscription you have to visit and choose the Business product with which you want to switch your Microsoft Office 365 home subscription.

After ensuring the above mentioned criteria you can now move further to switch your Microsoft Office 365 home subscription to Business by just following the below mentioned step by step instructions:

  1. Open your web browser in your device and type in the address bar of your browser and then press enter.
  2. Sign in to your account using username and password or Export Outlook information to an Outlook Data file.
  3. Next step is to setup your e-mail account in Outlook.
  4. In case you are a new user then click on “Create Account”.
  5. Create a new account by filling up all the required information.
  6. If you are using Outlook 2013 or upper version of Outlook, select File > Open and Export and the Open Outlook data file.
  7. Look for the PST file that you have created earlier and then click on “OK” button.
  8. Now you will be redirected to the password page, here type the password that you have set for the PST file.
  9. You can also select Copy your One Drive Data if required.
  10. Now cancel your subscription of Office 365 for Home to finish the process.

Now you have successfully switched your subscription to Office 365 for Business. You are enabled to access the set of features offered in the Office Business product. If you have purchased the subscription to access the product on multiple devices, proceed to install Office setup on the device you want to use it.If you are facing any difficulties or challenges in following the above mentioned steps for switching your Microsoft Office 365 Home subscription just visit for further assistance and support.