Outlook Errors and Solutions to Fix Them

Email is one of the most powerful communications media for everyone and particularly for business. But when it started to generate errors while working, you may get some help. While there are various ways that a user can do to repair their email issues, many of those difficulties can be fixed with a reboot of the Microsoft Office suite or the device. But, when the restarting doesn’t solve, it is time to begin resembling the problem a bit more strongly. Here we are discussing some of the major issues seen in Outlook and some solutions you can do to get the application operating again.

Error 1: “Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened.”

Resolution of this issue is and can be done by finding Outlook.exe which is located at C > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Office11/12/13/14 (depending on your MS Office version). Now, right-click on Outlook setup “Outlook.exe”, then go to Properties. Now in the Compatibility option, un-check the box of ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’. Then press OK and reboot Outlook.

Error 2: MS Office Outlook will not able to open folders or personal folders aren’t available in Outlook.

Personal folders are usually the major problem of many obstacles associated with Outlook. Microsoft has announced the Inbox Repair tool, Scanpst.exe that can be applied to scan .pst and .ost files for issues in the file format. It will also reset the file structure and reconstruct the headers. Such Inbox Repair tool will only operate on the files that remain on your system’s hard drive, not on the Microsoft Exchange Server.  “Cannot open your default e-mail folder” issue also can be solved by the same resolutions.

Error 3: “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”

This issue generates may be when the users use the device at various places. Like, you use your laptop in the house and in the office too. Essentially, it arises from authentication controls for the SMTP server. So when such issues happen, visit the Account Settings label and tick on Change and then More Settings. Choose the Outgoing Server option and the selection that shows: “My outgoing server requires authentication” and “Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail” un-check the box of them.

Error 4: “The action cannot be completed. The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Your network adapter does not have a default gateway” or

“Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable”.

Such errors are generated when Outlook is uncertain of the default gateway address. The first error message is generated when the Outlook profile is configured automatically and the 2nd seems when the profile is manually configured. These both issues have the same resolutions.

To fix such issues you will require updating the registry and so

  • In the start menu open run.
  • Then, type regedit in the open box and press OK. Now, go to the registry key:


  • Now in the Edit list, go to New, and press DWORD Value.
  • Write DefConnectOpts, and then click on ENTER.
  • Then, right-click DefConnectOpts, and select Modify.
  • In the Value data case, write 0, and press OK.

One of the solutions must work for the mentioned for MS Outlook issues still you face any issues then contact Microsoft support team online from office.com/setup. Microsoft support is available using Email, Phone or live chat.

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