Questions with Answers: Microsoft Calling Plans available for Office 365

Skype is free for calling but if you want to do regular call and you do not have the services providers to do voice calls then as an MS Office 365 user, you need an MS Office 365 calling plan. Microsoft Company has declared that Calling Plans for Office 365 is now available in Canada on the 1st May 2018. The NEWS has produced an excitement among all because so many benefits those come with it after selecting a Cloud-based PSTN system within the company. Calling Plans for Office 365 benefits includes cost-cutting, lower sustaining challenges, and improvements in mobility etc. more you can read on setup.

To understand each and everything about MS Office 365 calling plan, here, I have discussed the 10 questions with the answers and I ensure you that you will get all the answers of your query regarding MS Office 365 calling plans and

  1. 1 What Is Microsoft Calling Plan for Office 365?

Microsoft Calling Plans are an add-on telephone service which can attach to your phone system in MS Office 365 to create a phone system for your whole company. So an employee of an organization will get a primary number and they can access them within or outside the organization.

Users who are allocated phone numbers can do voice calls from all Skype for Business devices, covering receiving calls for Skype for Business Online, Desktop, and mobile devices. They can manage their phones via PCs or telephones or mobile by using characteristics like hold, mute, call transfer etc. You just have MS Office 365 to get these features, download it from

Q2: What are the various Microsoft Calling Plans and their costs?

3 various Calling Plans are there for MS Office users:

  • Domestic Calling Plan: This plan is small only of 120 minutes especially for the organizations who will only hardly need team communications. Price of this plan is $7.30 CAD/user/month.
  • Domestic Calling Plan: This plan is a standard plan offer 3000 minutes that means 150 minutes/day in which users can call outside companies daily. Price of this plan is $14.59 CAD/user/month. s
  • Domestic & International Calling Plan: This plan includes 3,000 minutes or 600 international minutes so users can do call internationally. Price of this plan is $29.18 CAD/user/month.

Q.3: How much can money you need for Microsoft Calling Plans?

This is only dependent on your core license like Enterprise E5 has the Microsoft Phone System and Audio Conferencing made into the $44.20 CAD/user/month, so all you require to do is only append the calling plan which you want. But in Enterprise E1 or E3, you’ll require to append Microsoft Phone System to your core license of price $9.70 CAD/user/month, and choose if you need to add Audio Conferencing of $4.86 CAD/user/month So, first of all, decide which Calling Plan satisfies your requirements.

Q.4 after implementing PSTN calling in our company, do we still require landline service from our telecom company?

No, you don’t require using your landline from your service provider. Microsoft Calling Plans for Office 365 can take place of your landline service, usually at a lowered price.

Q.5 Are Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams needed to access calling plans?

Calling Plans can run with both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams. Transferring between these 2 methods is also comparatively simple, so you can simply switch between Skype for Business and Teams.

Q.6: Where are Microsoft Calling Plans presently accessible?

Microsoft Calling Plans is available in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and it is in research mode in Australia.

And Good NEWS for them who wants to communicate with the US clients don’t need the international calling plan, they can communicate with other 2 plans.

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