How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30174-4?

Microsoft Office is the best trusted software in the market. It makes the complex work of the user easier. It includes many apps and all the apps have different function like creating text document, making presentation etc. You can install this software through It offer user friendly interface and it is used for homes as well as for business purpose. It is easy to use but some users face the error like 30174-4 while installing, or updating. This error occurs due to system file corruption or previous installation file not removed. In this blog, you will read how to solve the MS Office error code 30174-4.

Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error code 30174-4:

  1. Repair your Office app: Go to the Start option and open the Control Panel. Then just tap on Programs option and then select Programs and Features. After this, tap on the product of Office which you want to repair. Then, tap on Change option. Here you have to select Quick Repair and then click on Repair. If this not fixes the error, then you have to select Repair online.

2. Steps to remove Office: Open Control Panel and then hit on Programs option and after this, select Programs and Features. Now you have to select Office Suite and then hit on Remove option.

3.Remove the Office Manually:

Delete the Office files

To open the Run dialog box, you have to press Windows + R key altogether. Now, in the box you have to type %ProgramFiles%, and then just click OK. After this, Delete the “Microsoft Office 16” folder. Then, Delete the “Microsoft Office” folder. In the Run dialog box, you have to type %ProgramFiles(x86)%, and just click OK button. At the end, Delete the “Microsoft Office” folder.

 Delete the Office registry sub keys:

You have to open Registry Editor and delete the registry subkeys:




Then, just remove the Office key.

Delete the Start menu shortcuts:

You have to open a Command Prompt window as an administrator and then type the command in the box.

Type %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs, and then hit Enter. After this, Delete the “Microsoft Office 2016 Tools” folder.

4. Download and install Office: First, you have to sign in to your My Account page. Then you have to choose Install option. Now you have to click on Run option. At the end, click on All done.

This method will fix the error, but if you are facing problem then you can call the expert of MS Office Setup anytime. For details, you can go to its official website of MS Office through

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