New features of Microsoft Teams on the first Anniversary

Microsoft launched Teams last year and on the first anniversary, Microsoft announced various new characteristics to more enhance more in Microsoft team. Microsoft Teams for Education gets new features and also Microsoft Teams take place on Skype for Business. One of the main characteristics that were declared is the support for rubric grading in Microsoft Teams. With this support, learners will be able to check how they’ll be evaluated it before they begin the assignment. Microsoft also stated that Microsoft Teams for Education is making it simple for educators to share question papers or assignments powered by Microsoft Forms. Skype for Business will also affect Microsoft Team using the new features you can get the more about it at

Let’s discuss these both topics in details here:

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Education include new features like:

Lock OneNote assignments Page as Read Only: Learners can lock the pages of OneNote assignments as read-only mode when the date and time expired. But it enables the teachers to still edit the OneNote assignment pages.

Pause students: For conversation and focus, there is a fixed time so you can pause or stop students to post more in the conversation tab.

Join codes: Build an easy code for others to join your Group, team or Staff. The code in project mode can monitor and join by all team members.

Use old team as a template: while creating a new team, teachers can create a new template using and team and also modify it as per use.

Archive teams: You can securely save your class or team in read-only mode and take it for reference while you are creating your Teams experience reference for the next school year.

From many features, mute all students and reuse a team as a template features are accessible for all. And other characteristics like Rubrics grading, archive teams, join codes, and lock OneNote assignments page will be coming soon. Get updates at online.

Microsoft Teams replaces Skype for Business

Behind this, the main idea is to build a single hub for teamwork, with Skype for Business being phased out.

Lori Wright stated that “We quickly moved from Teams as the chat-based workspace to the hub for teamwork, and what we saw was that collaboration and communications are inextricably linked: you can’t have true collaboration if you don’t have the ability to communicate, to have unified communications, to make a phone call, to have a voice or video meeting. All of these things are core to the collaboration experience.”

So more and more features will be added to the Microsoft Team for the Education and it may affect the Skype for Business. So download the latest Microsoft Office products online from and enjoy new features.

If you are facing any Microsoft or MS Office software related issues, visit and contact Microsoft support team to get support for each and every query related Microsoft products. Microsoft team is online to chat with you about the basic issues at site, so visit and ask your question now.

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