How One Drive Can Secure Your Data In Cloud?

Today, Microsoft Office has become the necessity of common computer users. It’s useful and amazing application helps the user to do their work in a better way. You can install this software in your gadget through Its apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Drive etc. With this software, you can do formatting, editing, creating text document and also helps in making presentations etc. Nowadays, usage of the One Drive application has increased because today people are sharing and saving their files on the cloud online. But there are security risks when you are sharing your personal data in One Drive accounts and One Drive for Business. The security risks are data theft, loss of personal info, or unintentional sharing of sensitive data. Your data is the key of your business so it is very essential that you secure your data. In this blog, you will read how you can secure your data in cloud.

How you Can Secure Your Data In Cloud?

  1. Create a strong password: You should create a strong, unique and lengthy password for the security of your data in cloud. For creating password, you can take the help of password manager or any other app which helps you in generating unique password which are difficult to guess by hackers. The password should be the combination of letters, symbols, and numbers.
  2. Add Security Questions to your Microsoft Account: You should also add security questions and answers to your Microsoft Account like your phone number, an alternate email address, etc. This security question and answers will help you if you forgot your password or if your account gets hacked. Then you should go the Security Info page and can use your security info to verify your identity and can easily get back to your MS account.
  3. Use two-factor verification: You should use Two-Factor Verification because it adds an additional layer of security to your data. Whenever you try to open your account, it will ask you to enter the security code which comes on your mobile. After entering the password, you have to enter this code to verify yourself that you are the same person. Attackers cannot be able to access your account if you have Two Factor Verification.
  4. Enable Encryption: You should enable Encryption on your One Drive mobile app. This will protect your device, if your mobile device is lost, stolen, or if attackers have gains access over your gadget.
  5. Subscribe to Microsoft 365: You should subscribe to Microsoft 365 as it will provide you advanced protection from all kind of cyber threat like malware and viruses. It will also help you to recover your files from malicious attacks or if you have deleted files mistakenly.
  6. Monitors Suspicious Activity: One Drive monitors the suspicious activity in your device and also blocks the suspicious sign in attempts or prevents the unauthorized access to your account. It immediately detects the malicious activity, and gives you the alert notification of threat.

This procedure will help you to secure your data in cloud. If you want more help, then you can go to the site of MS Office through