How To Troubleshoot OneDrive Error “This is Not a Valid File Name”?

If the user is facing the OneDrive Error “this is not a valid file name”, then this you cannot be able to update or upload Word files to your account. And to fix this OneDrive issue, you must read this blog. If the user need support, then call Microsoft customer care via

Solution To Fix OneDrive Error “This is Not a Valid File Name”:

1. Delete the Unsupported Characters from the Name of the File:

It is highly recommended that the file names should not contain any characters other than letters and numbers. If in case, your file has accepted any other characters, then you should delete them before you upload the file to OneDrive again.

2. Rename the File Which can’t be updated with Shorter Name:

For this, you should right-click the specific file and then click on Rename option. After this, you should edit the name and then just use a shortened version. Here, you should press Enter key to set the new name. After renaming, you should again try to upload the file to OneDrive.

3. Rename the Folders Which Contains the File:

Due to the same principles, the folder cannot be updated with shorter name so you should rename the folder. Because your OneDrive cannot be able to process the information if in case, the folder names are too big. For renaming, you should right-click the folder and then tap on Rename option. Here, you should edit the name and use a shortened version and then press enter key.

4. Relocate File to Another Path on your Computer:

As Microsoft provides a path character limitation of 259 characters, so if in case the file is stored in a subfolder which has a long path, then you will see the error. For this, you should right-click the file which has issues. Then, you have to select the option and then click on Move to. After this, you should go to the required location on your hard-drive. At this point, you should move the file to the new location. At last, you should again try to upload/update your file to OneDrive.

5. Change the Name of the File in Word:

You need to open the Word file just by double-clicking on it. After this, you should change the name of the file. And then you need to click on File option and select Save as option. At this point, you should go to your preferred location on your hard-drive and then press Enter key to save it. At the end, you should try to upload/update the file again.

6. Open a Report Ticket by using the Microsoft Feedback Hub:

For this, you should press the Win+X keys altogether on your keyboard and then click on Settings option from the menu which displays on your screen. Now, you should choose Privacy and then click on Diagnostics and Feedback. Here, you should change the settings to Full. At the end, you should click on Report a problem and then you should share as many details about the problem which you have.

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The above method will help you to troubleshoot OneDrive Error “This is not a valid file name”. If the user need help or assistance, then they can contact Microsoft Office team via