How To Resolve Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc78?

Outlook is the popular application of MS Office and it is used by the customer for sending and receiving email messages and this application can install via But sometimes users face Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc78. This issue occurs because of the wrong inputs of the outgoing server detail but it does not affect the incoming of Outlook messages. Hence, in this blog the user will read the solution of the Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc78.

Method To Fix Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc78:

Method 1:

First of all, you have to open Outlook. Now from the Tools menu, you have to select Account Settings. Here, the Account Settings box will appear on your screen. Then, you have to check that the Email tab is selected. At this point, your email account displays on your computer screen, generally labeled as After this, you should hit on the account in order to highlight it and then you should tap on the Change icon just above it. Now, you will see the Internet E-mail Settings appears on your screen. You just have to hit on the button More Settings which is located in the lower right-side of the screen. Then, you will find the Internet Email Settings box appears on your screen. Next, you need to tap on the tab Outgoing Server. Here, you should hit on the checkbox My outgoing server (SMTP) which requires authentication and then you have to check that the circle-box Use same settings as my incoming mail server is selected and then just tap on OK button in order to close the Internet Email Settings box. Keep in mind you should not use the “Test Account Setting” button in order to test the settings as this will fail. Now, you should tap on the Finish button in order to close the Internet E-mail Settings box. At last, you should tap on the Close button in order to close the Account Settings box. For ore information related to Outlook, go to Microsoft Office via

Method 2:

You need to open “Outlook”. After this, you need to hit on the “Tools” menu, and then click on the “Email Account” settings. Now, you need to tap on the “Next” button in order to view or change “Email Account” settings. Then, just double-tap on “Email Account”. At this point, you should tap on “More setting” and then hit on “Outgoing Server” tab. After this, you need to choose “My Outgoing server requires  authentication” checkbox. Here, you need to hit on the “Advanced” tab and then change the “Outgoing Server” port number to 587. At last, you should click on Ok button and then click on Next option and then tap on Finish button.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the issue Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc78. But if the customer need more details or help related to Outlook application, then they can visit to the site of Microsoft Office through

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