How to transfer Data from MS Access to SQL Server Database?

Microsoft Office is one of the best software suites that help you through all your work from preparing word document, creating PowerPoint presentation, and handling data in excel sheet, MS office suite offers you everything. It is important that you renew to the latest and current version of MS office suite from MS Office Suite includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, MS Visio, MS Access, Outlook Express, Outlook Email Setup, Microsoft Outlook, MS OneNote and many more applications.

To transfer the data from MS Access to SQL Server database,

  • First, you must have to ensure that you have SQL Server or SQL Server Express setup on your device. Ensure that you are downloading version with Advanced Service of SQL Server Express. When you have installed SQL Server accurately, just follow some below steps to migrate the database into the database in SQL Server.
  • Now start SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the database server to which you have to transfer your Access database into. Below Database, select the new database by right-clicking. But if you have already some database there and you only need to transfer only some of the tables from Access then don’t do this step, directly jump to the import data step. Simply do the right-click on the available database instead of creating the new one.
  • If you are generating a new database, then assign it a name and modify the settings if you don’t want default settings.
  • Right-click on the newly created database and select Task > Import data
  • Now in the new window of Choose a Data Source, choose Microsoft Access (Microsoft Jet Database Engine) in the drop-down menu.
  • In File name box, browse the Access database you want to transfer.

NOTE:  Database cannot be in Access 2007 or above format (ACCDB) because SQL Server does not know it so you have to convert the Database to 2002-2003 Database formats (MDB) from 2007 to 2016 format. You can simply do it by save as option.

  • Now press on Next to pick the target. As we have right-clicked on the database we needed to send the data into, it must be selected on the list. But if not, choose SQL Native Client from the Destination drop-down list.
  • Now we can see the Database below Server Name and then we can able to determine the particular database at the base once you choose your way of authentication.
  • Now press on next and then define how you need to transfer the data from Access to SQL by selecting any of the 2 options.
  • If you need to transfer all the tables or couple of the tables from the Access database without any data manipulation, prefer the first option. If you want to transfer only some rows and columns of the data table, then pick the other option and write a SQL query.
  • Press on Next button and you’ll show the Run Package window where Run Immediately should be ticked. And press next and then finish.
  • After the completion of data transfer process, you can show the number of rows shifted for each table in the Message column. Now close it.
  • And then you have your database in SQL Server.

Are there any problems sending your data from Access to SQL Server? If yes, then contact the MS Office setup support team online

MS Office support team can support you with detecting errors, troubleshooting, installing, re-installing or uninstalling software, update suite, modify system settings or device settings, and any other issues. MS Office support team has a squad of very experienced and dedicated specialists who give unlimited support and services. Just call, email or chat using the chat window with MS Office team online

How to Setup Microsoft Office 365

If you need any information or if you are looking for a helping hand to set up Microsoft Office 365 then this article contains all the help you will need. By following the information that we are providing in this article you can move your business to Office 365 all at once or you have choice to do it in multiple stages.

If you are looking forward to move your business to Office 365 all at once then you should plan to move your official domain to Office 365 as soon as possible. You can very easily do that by running the Office 365 setup wizard and it will automatically prompt you to set up your domain.

If you are looking to move your business to Office 365 in stages then you will have to skip the Office 365 setup wizard and you can use Office 365 features in the below mentioned order:

  1. First you need to add your employees to Office 365 so that they can download and install the Office 365 application in their working systems.
  2. To make your work more easier download and install all the Microsoft Office applications on your computers and other working devices such as word, PowerPoint and excel.
  3. Setup online services such as e-mail and Skype for business.
  4. Migrate all your data to the cloud storage of Office 365.
  5. When you are done with all the above mentioned steps then you can launch the Office 365 setup wizard in order to move your e-mail and domain.

Below we are mentioning how you can maximize your business profit by using the different features of Office 365.

  1. Plan for migrating all your important official data on cloud storage of Office 365.

Office 365 provides cloud storage to all their users’ weather an individual or an enterprise. You can migrate multiple numbers of files at a time to one drive or to an Office 365 team site. You can upload 100 files at a time. The maximum default size of uploading a file is 2GB so avoid uploading a file larger than 2GB. Review the Sharepoint Online Limits in case you want to migrate several thousands of files to your Office 365 storage.

  1. Plan to migrate your existing contacts, e-mails and calendar to Office 365

If you are planning to use Office 365 as you official e-mail account then you can also bring your existing e-mails, contacts and calendar with you.  In most of the scenarios           the Office 365 setup wizard helps the user to migrate their existing e-mail and contacts. Below is the step by step procedure to migrate one or more mailboxes

  • For few mailboxes: You can let the mailbox owners migrate their own e-mails and contacts if you do not want to use the setup wizard for migration.
  • For several mailboxes: If you are using Gmail and want to migrate your e-mails and contacts from your Gmail to Office 365 the check Migrate Google Apps mailboxes to Office 365.
  1. Plan to use online services such as Skype for business

Depending upon your chosen plan i.e. Office 365 Business Premium or Business Essentials, you can avail the use Skype application for business for making business calls to other people associated with your business who are on your subscription. For example if your organization comprises of 20 team members than you can call or message each other using Skype for business without any additional setup.

Get Office 365 setup:

Perfect Guide For Setting Up Microsoft Office For Business

This article explains how you can set up Microsoft Office for your business and take good step towards success. Before moving your business to Microsoft Office 365 there is a few piece of information that you have to keep in hand and few things to decide.

Here we are listing all the important information that you have to keep in hand before launching the Office 365 setup wizard. After your domain is moved to Microsoft Office 365 you are ready to launch the Office 365 setup. Following is the important piece of information that you must keep in hand while launching the setup wizard for Office 365:

  1. First important thing that you have to plan is the list of people you want to add to Office 365. Once you have updated your domain information you will have to enter the names here.
  2. Second important thing is to plan out how you are going to circulate the login credentials to your employees so that they can sign in their accounts. You can either call all of them or simply draft a mail to their personal email address.
  3. If you are already using a domain name for you business (for example and you are willing to keep using Office 365 email then you only need to know the at which place your domain is registered and have sign-on information.

Further in this article we will share the information about what happens when you launch the Office 365 Wizard Setup.  Just go through the below mentioned steps for properly setting up Office 365 for your business:

  1. Add your business domain (for example

After you have finished signing up for Office 365 you will receive a User Id that will be including of Microsoft domain “”. Further you can add your own business domain to personalize your Email ID and Used ID for your business for example We will guide you through the complete domain setup step by step as it can be a little confusing.

2 The next step is get your domain verified. In this step the setup wizard will provide you a code (Called TXT value as shown in below image). Further you need to enter this code at your domain registrar. For example if you have purchased your domain from BigRock, the setup wizard will prompts you login at BigRock so that Microsoft Office 365 can enter the code for you.

3 The third step is to add the users. Add the name of the users you want to add in your Office 365.

4 You can transfer contacts and email ids from another email service provider that uses IMAP (for example If you want to transfer the contacts and email ids later than check for more transfer options in Migrate email and    contacts to Office 365.

5 Now you are ready to setup online services such as email and skype for business

6 Next step is to change your name servers. (If you are registered with then you don’t have to do this step). After finishing this step your user’s email will be delivered

7 Delivered to their assigned Office 365 mailbox.

Note: It may take up to 72 hours for your domain provider to start rerouting mail.

8 Hurray! You are finished with the setup of Office 365

9 After finishing the setup of Office 365 you can go the Office 365 admin center, where you will be able to change your domain of your Office 365 admin account. You can also be able to add or remove users, reset passwords, manage your billing information and do other various business functions.

Now you can set up and print a letter sized booklet or newsletter in Microsoft Publisher

If your printer supports printing on 11-by-17 inch (or tabloid) paper then you can create a folded booklet or a news letter that has 8.5-by-11 inch pages. While this article suggests to standard US letter size pages (8.5 x 11), you can avail this technique with any publication whose page size is half that of the paper size.

To set up the newsletter or booklet just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Open the publication that you want to print as a folded booklet.
  2. Open the Page Design

3 Click the Page Setup dialog launcher.

4 In the Page Setup dialog box, click on Booklet under the Layout Type.

5 Make sure that the dimensions of your booklet is as mentioned below:

  • Width is 8.5 inches and Height is 11 inches

6 Set the margins as per your requirement under Margin Guides tab.

You should see the following under your booklet graphic (for a 4 page booklet):

  • Page estimate 8.5 x 11
  • Paper size 17 x 11
  • Page order 4,1,2,3

Click on OK
8 Click on Yes, if you are prompted to automatically insert pages. Microsoft Publisher will insert pages in order to get the total number is a multiple of 4, as one sheet of paper becomes 4 pages.

 To print the newsletter or booklet just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Click on File then click on Print
  2. In the Print dialog box, under Printer, select a printer that can print on 11×17 or tabloid paper.
  3. Select the following under Settings tab:
  • Print all pages
  • Booklet, Side fold
  • Tabloid or 11×17
  • Landscape (Publisher 2010 only)
  • Manual 2- sided print, flip sheets on short edge or print on both sides, flip sheets on short edge

  1. Select the option as per your requirement then click on the OK to start printing the publication.

The below image is describing how the Microsoft Office Publisher prints the first and the last pages on one side of the paper and second and third pages on the other side of the paper.

Even if your printer does not support two sided printing, Microsoft office Publisher prints the first and the last pages on one side of the paper and second and third pages on the other side of the paper. So when you photocopy the pages again and again and then bind them together by the use of a stapler they will be in the right order.  Or you can also use manual two sided printing.

Set up your voice mail in Outlook

Providing anytime and anywhere access to your emails, documents, calendars & contacts now  with office 365 you can set up your voice mail where you can record greeting messages, edit text message, email notification settings  and enable voice mail preview by just using the voice mail option in office 365.

  • In order to access the voice mail settings from outlook on the web just follow the below mentioned instructions:

Outlook > Settings > Mail > General > Voice Mail



  • Users of Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2013 desktop follow the below mentioned instructions to access voicemail settings in outlook:

Click on File Tab > Manage Voice Mail

  • Below are the steps to record your own welcome greeting message in Microsoft Outlook:
  1. Under Voice Mail Tab select Greetings
  2. Select the type of greeting you want to record

3 Select Call me to play or record the selected welcome greeting

4 Enter your phone number and select Dial

5 Follow the instructions in the recorded message to record your welcome greeting

6 When you have finished recording your welcome greeting message, click on save

  • Follow the below mentioned instructions to listen your voice mail messages over your phone:

Play on phone gives the users the benefit of playing their voice messages over their phone using the phone number they have specified in their Outlook.

Automatically the phone number is the one appointed to you by your organization; nonetheless              it could be a mobile phone number or email address.

To set the number of voice messages just follow the below mentioned instructions:

  1. Under voice mail, select Play on phone
  2. Enter the phone number or email address you want to use for voice messages
  3. Click on Save button


  • Decide how to get the miss calls notifications

This feature enables you to get notified when you’ve missed a call or received a voice mail message and you can decide how and when you want to get notified. For example, you can get a text message when someone leaves a voice mail or mail you can receive an email when you get a miss call. Automatically, you will receive an email every time you miss a call.

Follow the below mentioned instruction to set up text messaging notifications:

  1. Under voice mail tab, Select notifications
  2. Click Set up text messaging
  3. Choose your country
  4. Choose your mobile network provider and click next
  5. Enter your phone number and click next
  6. You will receive a passcode via text message. Enter the passcode on the Text messaging setup

7 Choose the time you want to get notified and click Save

Follow the below mentioned instructions for editing text messaging notification settings:

  1. Under voice mail tab, Select notifications
  2. Click on Edit text messaging settings
  3. Select a text messaging option and click on Save
  • You can preview your voice mail messages you send and revive

This feature enables you to preview the text of the voice messages they receive.  You can also have text previews included with voice message you send.

Follow the below mentioned instructions to turn on Voice mail preview:

  1. Under voice mail tab, select voice mail preview
  2. Select or deselect the options you want to keep.
  3. Click on Save

Visit : – Www.Office.Com/Myaccount

New in MS Outlook for iOS and Android 2018

Microsoft Office gives many products and services to all device users. It also gives the latest tools or applications to generate documents in Word, prepare presentations in PowerPoint, do multiple formulas in Excel, to maintain email outlook, and other products to offer high productivity.

The MS Outlook app for iOS and Android is created to keep together email, contacts, calendar, and other important data files, allowing users of an organization to do work on their mobile devices also. By this article, we give you an overview of new things about MS Outlook architecture in 2018 so users can expand and use new MS Outlook for iOS and Android on their mobile devices.

Fast Response: Now you will get one reply box in the bottom of your screen, while your email will b in view mode so you directly reply from their and feel like the chat window. This feature will be soon in Outlook App for Mac, Android, iOS within this summer.

Sync Draft Emails: In 2018, Microsoft will add features to use draft an email or message in a device and can edit this email in another device. So you can start to write a message on a device and can edit or complete it later from another device also. So you can complete it in your time.

Office Lens features in MS Outlook for Android:  Sometimes you need to send an image by capturing it or attaching it from the directory to MS Outlook and now you can simply do it by clicking on the photo icon button. Microsoft has added a new icon integrated with Office Lens technology. So simply click on photo icon and add whiteboard, document or an image to your email messages directly. So Android user it’s good news for you all and you will get in your MS Outlook app in May 2018.

Favorite contacts: In new MS Outlook 2018 features, Microsoft will add the ability to tag and favorite some contacts so they will be your key contacts available in the top of the entire folder. So you can quickly find them and contact them to save your time.  And you also find the favorite contacts you mark from you mobile in web also. You will get it to Outlook for iOS and Android June 2018.

Block outside risky things: Sometimes sender sends you some haring external thing via attachments in emails. So MS Outlook App now secures your inbox and device by blocking harming content.

Single accounts in Outlook: Sometimes the user may send the company information from personal mail or copy company’s data to private account so to save your data from such risky things companies can manage their corporate policies to allow a single account in Outlook in June 2018 for iOS and Android.

Office 365 Groups and Meeting in the Outlook: You can view your Office 365 Groups in the MS Outlook App so you can check from their only about what is going on. OneNote Notebook is also accessible from the MS Outlook App so you can keep track of your events and note. These features will be added in MS Outlook iOS app in June 2018.

But sometimes users have a problem using Microsoft products either any technical issues come to you in your MS office suite or MS Outlook then you can contact the Microsoft team using Call, Email or live chat window.


How to Fix MS Office 2016 Error 1706?

MS Office application suite produced by Microsoft which was first published in 1990. MS Office software suits support more than 100 languages and are the most utilized software of its sort. MS Office setup is world’s best Office suite with many applications like MS Visio, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerPoint, MS OneNote etc. available in various versions like MS Office XP, 2007, 2010, 2013, MS Office 2016, MS Office 365 etc. and these all versions supported with Windows 7, Windows 8, 10, Vista etc.

Here we are discussing the MS Office 2016 Error 1706 solutions step by step:

Step 1: Turn-off the Microsoft Windows Firewall

In any OS including Windows 7 and other versions:

  1. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu
  2. From Control Panel, search firewall and then click on Windows Firewall and then click on “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”

Note if you are signed in as a normal user you will be required to add Admin Password.

  1. Below network location, tick on “Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended)” and then OK.

Turn on Microsoft Windows Firewall after setup is finished.

Step 2: Repair Earlier Office 365 Installation Windows 8

  1. Press Win+R key and write Control press Enter key.
  2. From Control Panel, go to Program and Features
  3. Choose MS Office setup from the program list
  4. Then click on change and repair > next.

Remove earlier office Installation in Windows 8

  1. Press Windows + Q and write “control” and press Enter
  2. Click on “Program and Features” from Control Panel
  3. Pick Office software, and click on uninstall.
  4. Follow all the steps carefully.

Step 3: Do System Scan / Monitor System Files For Issues

  1. Press Win + R and write cmd and Enter to open the command prompt
  2. Write “sfc /scannow” and click on enter Button

And to Monitor System Files For Issues

  1. Press Windows + R and write “cleanmgr” and click on Enter
  2. Choose the OS Drive and click on OK
  3. Press on “Clean up System Files”

Step 4: Attempt the installation once more

In general case, MS Office 2016 Error 1706 can solve by reinstalling the setup again. But before that make sure that you have a licensed version of MS office, all requirements are satisfied and you follow the correct steps to install it.

If all solutions are not useful for you then you then you can go for an expert advice. MS Office experts are available online 24X7 to support you using any medium and via remote access to your device.MS Office setup support for any related issues is free for under warranty products and all services can be avail using a toll-free number. Dedicated MS Office support and service team has given so many years to producing simple and quick steps to deal and fix your MS Office issues. Email Id and Live chat windows are also best media to get support and services.

General MS Office Issues with Fixes

Everyone uses MS Office suite including MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, or PowerPoint on a regular life and sometimes face some issues which are unable to solve and you need some guidelines.

Here we are talking about 5 general MS Office application issues with the resolutions to make your work easy.

  1. Functionality Problems :

MS Office suite includes so many of the applications and each has own so many Functionalities and characteristics. But problems related to characteristics may generate when the installation process is not proper or generated any issues. And such issues might not allow you to enjoy all the functionality of MS Office.

Solution: While installation of MS Office setup, follow all the guideline available at the carefully and do as per it only. If you feel it hard then you can contact the MS Office support team using the toll-free number, email or live chat.

  1. Device Restart Automatically after MS Office updates:

All MS Office setup related updates download and update using the connected Internet connection and this update installation process finished by restarting your device. Sudden restart of your device without any warning may annoy you or lose your information or work.

Solution: To solve this issue, open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and then click on Advanced and then on Notify to Schedule Restart. And by this, you can set your device to warn you before reboot it.

  1. Unable to print after updating/upgrading the MS Office setup

Sometime after upgrading the version or updating the MS Office suite, you are not able to print documents from MS Word and you may need some help.

Solution: The best solution to this issue is to latest and updated drivers of the printer on your device online and this will definitely help you to sort out all the issues related prints.

  1. MS Office 365 functionality issues

MS Office 365 confirmed as one of the best successful software for business. Still, many of businesses and organizations who are using MS Office 365 may face issues concerning MS Office 365functionality.

Solution: When you install the Microsoft Office setup make sure that you install the licenses and genuine version of the MS Office setup. You can also take the help of Microsoft support provider team to resolve your issues and get the all MS Office applications on your device properly.

  1. MS Outlook cannot open your default e-mail folders errors

MS Outlook users may find the error “Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened.” and cannot access the MS Outlook software.

Solution: Such error can be corrected and to do it go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office. Now right-click on Outlook.exe, then in Properties > Compatibility tab, un-tick the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’. Click OK and Reboot your device.

These are the only 5 issues and resolutions from the various MS Office setup or related issues. You can follow these simple steps to solve all these 5 issues. Or you can take the expert advice from Microsoft experts to solve them in the best ways. MS Office support team is available 24X7 via Emails or Phone calls and you also chat with them online using chat window.

Resolutions to MS Outlook issues

MS Outlook is an email application available in the suite of Microsoft Office which also includes all personal information managers like contact/task manager, Notes, Calendar, and many more. MS Outlook sends emails directly, which may not everyone wants because sometimes you want to revise the content again but by mistake you press send button.

So if you really like to command and choose when email send, then let me guide you in this. After reading this post we can decide that send instant emails or schedule email to send them later.

  1. Turn-off the Default
  • Open MS Outlook, from the file tab open options and then select advance. Now click on Send/receive or press Ctrl + Alt + S.
  • Under Setting for Group “All Accounts”, un-tick all the three options in the opened dialog box. And close the box.
  1. Pause all sending mail

You can modify your settings to passes all sending emails from outbox of MS Outlook. To set up control that delays all sending email, just go through below steps:

  • Go to the File menu and click on the Manage Rules & Alert
  • In opening dialogue box tick on New Rule
  • In the “Start from a Blank Rule” division, choose “Apply Rule On Messages I Send” and go to the Next.
  • In the next window, don’t click on any options and in below section, it will show “Apply This Rule after I Send the Message”. And choose OK without replacing anything. And click yes to confirm it.
  • Now in the next window, tick on the “Defer Delivery by a Number of Minutes” option. And enter the Number of Minutes and click. Click on Next.
  • Click Next without changing anything.
  • In next pane, provide this rule a name and tick to turn on this rule.
  • If needed, tick the “Turn On This Rule option”. Click Finish and then tick on OK to perform the rule.
  1. Delay a particular email

If delaying the automatic feature or pausing all emails is destruction, you can perpetually delay specific email, as required. This method is very simple and adaptable. To pause or delay a particular email:

  • Select the Options label in the next window
  • Click Delay Delivery, in the More Options group
  • In the Delivery Options part, set the time/date on which MS Outlook should transfer the mail.
  • If you think to send the emails before the listed date/time, just un-tick the “Do Not Deliver Before”.

4: Send after connecting

If you drop emails in the Inbox when you close Outbox, MS Outlook is able to transfer them when you next open and to do it:

  • Open the File menu and click on Advanced in the options menu.
  • In the Send And Receive section, tick the “Send Immediately When Connected” and select OK.

You can do any other things also if you are not getting the wanted results and if you tried everything then you can choose the Microsoft support team. They have the best solution for you to resolve all the issues regarding MS Outlook or MS Office.

Outlook Errors and Solutions to Fix Them

Email is one of the most powerful communications media for everyone and particularly for business. But when it started to generate errors while working, you may get some help. While there are various ways that a user can do to repair their email issues, many of those difficulties can be fixed with a reboot of the Microsoft Office suite or the device. But, when the restarting doesn’t solve, it is time to begin resembling the problem a bit more strongly. Here we are discussing some of the major issues seen in Outlook and some solutions you can do to get the application operating again.

Error 1: “Cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened.”

Resolution of this issue is and can be done by finding Outlook.exe which is located at C > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Office11/12/13/14 (depending on your MS Office version). Now, right-click on Outlook setup “Outlook.exe”, then go to Properties. Now in the Compatibility option, un-check the box of ‘Run this program in compatibility mode’. Then press OK and reboot Outlook.

Error 2: MS Office Outlook will not able to open folders or personal folders aren’t available in Outlook.

Personal folders are usually the major problem of many obstacles associated with Outlook. Microsoft has announced the Inbox Repair tool, Scanpst.exe that can be applied to scan .pst and .ost files for issues in the file format. It will also reset the file structure and reconstruct the headers. Such Inbox Repair tool will only operate on the files that remain on your system’s hard drive, not on the Microsoft Exchange Server.  “Cannot open your default e-mail folder” issue also can be solved by the same resolutions.

Error 3: “None of the authentication methods supported by this client are supported by your server”

This issue generates may be when the users use the device at various places. Like, you use your laptop in the house and in the office too. Essentially, it arises from authentication controls for the SMTP server. So when such issues happen, visit the Account Settings label and tick on Change and then More Settings. Choose the Outgoing Server option and the selection that shows: “My outgoing server requires authentication” and “Log on to incoming mail server before sending mail” un-check the box of them.

Error 4: “The action cannot be completed. The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable. Your network adapter does not have a default gateway” or

“Your Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable”.

Such errors are generated when Outlook is uncertain of the default gateway address. The first error message is generated when the Outlook profile is configured automatically and the 2nd seems when the profile is manually configured. These both issues have the same resolutions.

To fix such issues you will require updating the registry and so

  • In the start menu open run.
  • Then, type regedit in the open box and press OK. Now, go to the registry key:


  • Now in the Edit list, go to New, and press DWORD Value.
  • Write DefConnectOpts, and then click on ENTER.
  • Then, right-click DefConnectOpts, and select Modify.
  • In the Value data case, write 0, and press OK.

One of the solutions must work for the mentioned for MS Outlook issues still you face any issues then contact Microsoft support team online from Microsoft support is available using Email, Phone or live chat.