How To Make Modification in PDF File in MS Office?

PDF is basically a Portable Document Format which is for e-books, flyer and other documents. If in case, the user want to make modification in PDF File in MS Office then they should read this blog. If the user need details, then they should go to the official site of MS Office via

Method to Edit PDF Files in MS Office:

First, you have to open MS Word application just by clicking on the “Start” menu. After this, you have to hit on the “Programs” option from the on screen menu. Then, search for the “Microsoft Office” option. If you find MS Office software, then you have to click on it and then hit on “MS Word” in order to open a fresh document. At this point, you have to open the PDF file in order to edit or make changes. Here, you should hit on the “File” option and then select “Open” option from the menu. Now, you will view File Explorer on screen. Just you have to use this, in order to see your files and folders and then find the PDF file which you want to edit. Then, you have to double-tap on the PDF file and just ensure you choose the “All files” option from the list which is next to the file name. Next, you should double-click on the PDF file and then you will view a dialog box on your screen and in this, you have to confirm that you wish to convert the PDF file into Word document. At the end, follow instructions on the screen in order to finish the process.

Method to Edit Graphics of PDF File:

You should go to the “Insert” button on the toolbar and then open the insert options. After this, you should click on the “Image” option.When you have found the image, then double hit on it just to insert a file. You will see that the PDF file contains many pages and then you should use the “Find and Replace” function. At this point, you should tap on the “Home” option and then tap on the “Find” pane. When you open the window, you should hit on “More” button in order to bring up the other search options on the computer screen.Here, you have to place the cursor on the “Find What” tab and then choose “Graphic” option from the drop-down list of options.At the end,follow the directions and just finish the procedure.

Method to Edit Changes to the Image of a PDF File in MS Application:

The user should right-click on the images and then you will view the complete list of editing options. At the bottom of the editing and modifications process, you should save the file. When the document is edited, you should click on the “File” option and then choose the “Save As” option. Now, you should search the folder where you want to save the modified PDF file. At last, you should select the “PDF” file from the “Save as Type” menu list and then hit on “Save” option just to save the changes which you have made to your file.

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