How To Troubleshoot If Repairing a Drive Take More Than 1 Hour?

Many users reported that repairing a drive will take more than 1 hour. To fix this issue, you should run Check Disk Command and repair the registry. If the user needs more information, related to the issue then visit to the Microsoft via In this published article, you will read the solution to fix if Repairing a Drive take more than 1 hour.

Method To Fix If Repairing A Drive Take More Than 1 Hour:

1. Run CHKDSK:

You need to tap on the Windows Key + X together and then choose Command Prompt as an Admin. If Command Prompt opens up on your computer, and then enter chkdsk /f /r and after this, press Enter key. At last, you should restart your PC before it scan the C partition.

2. Repair PC Registry:

In Safe Mode, you have to go to Start and then type cmd. After this, you should right-click on Command Prompt and then choose Run as Administrator. Now, you should type the command and then hit on Enter key:

sfc /scannow

Here, you have to wait for the scanning procedure to finish and then just restart your computer system. Keep in mind that all corrupted files will be replaced on reboot.

3. Set Boot Disk at the Top of the Computer’s Boot Order in BIOS:

You should power up your computer. Then, you have to press the F1 key in order to enter the BIOS. Now, you should locate your computer’s boot order just under BIOS Boot. At this point, you need to choose the HDD/SSD i.e. the boot disk and then just move it upward by using the arrow key. At last, you need to Save the changes and then exit the BIOS. For assistance, hit on

4. Run Automatic Repair/Startup Repair:

First, you have to insert the Windows bootable installation DVD and after this, restart your PC. Now, you have to press any key to boot from CD or DVD. Then, you have to choose your language preferences and then tap on Next option. After this, you should tap on Repair your computer which is in the bottom-left side of the screen. Here in the Choose an option screen, you should hit on Troubleshoot option. At this point, you have to choose the Advanced option and then select Automatic Repair or Startup Repair. Next, you have to wait for the Windows Automatic/Startup Repair to finish. At last, Restart your PC and then boot to Windows. Afterwards, you have to attach the second hard drive.

5. Use System Restore:

You need to press the power button till the Automatic Repair message appears on your screen. After this, you should visit to Troubleshoot, and then choose Advanced options. Now, you should choose System Restore. Then, you have to select your username and just enter your password. At this point, you should hit on Next option, and then choose the desired restore point. Here, you have to follow the instructions which are there on the screen to restore your PC. When your PC is restored, then just check the problem is solved or not.

6. Install Microsoft Hotfix:

For this, you should go to the Microsoft Support link. Now, you have to tap on the Hotfix download option. When you download it, you have to install the Hotfix by following the instructions. Later on, Restart your PC.

If the user needs more detail or information, then go to site of Microsoft through