How To Resolve If Skype Is Not Working?

Skype is the amazing application which is developed by Microsoft for the communication of the user. And you can use this app by installing this app through But sometimes Skype stops working, so in this blog you will read the solution if Skype is not Working.

Solution To Resolve If Skype Is Not Working:

  1. Reset your Password:  
    If you cannot be able to log in to Skype, then you should reset Skype. For this, you should visit your Microsoft’s Recover Your Account and just reset your Skype password. Just enter the email address which you have used when you first signed up with Skype and then reset a new password. Again, you have to login and start making video and audio calls.
  2. Check Others are Also having Troubles with Skype:
    You should check if others are also having problem with Skype application. Because, sometimes things go wrong on Skype’ end. If there is some issues with its messaging service then you should check Skype Status/Heartbeat. If there is problem in Skype, then it will affect all the platforms, like on the web, your mobile device, your laptop, Xbox, etc. To fix this issue, you should wait for some time and then again try.
  3. Check that it is not a network problem:
    Remember, Skype application will not work if you don’t have a proper network connection. If you are using Skype from any device, you must have proper network connection. To fix the network issue, you should try to restart your router.
  4. Check Skype’s Audio Settings and Permissions:
    Skype Setting in Computers:
    You should open Skype on computer, and then click on the Alt key to see the main menu. After this, go to Tools and select Audio & Video Settings. Now, check the volume area under Microphone. If you find the microphone doesn’t work with Skype, then you should select the menu which is next to Microphone and make sure to select the correct microphone. Then, make sure the microphone is plugged in, powered on and has batteries. After this, check the sound in Skype, for this select Test audio under the Speakers option. If the volume is fine, then you should double-check the menu which is next to Speakers and then again check the sound.
    Skype for Mobile Devices:
    For iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. You should go into the Settings app. Then, just scroll all the way down to Skype and then click on it. After this, check the Microphone option is toggled on, so that Skype can access your device’s mic. You should hit on the button to the right if in case it’s not already green.
    For Android devices, you should open Settings and then Apps. After this, you should find and open Skype and then Permissions. Now, you have to select Allow option.
  5. Check Skype Video Setting and Permission:
    You should check the video setting and permission in your devices like computers and Android Phones to fix the issue. May be the problem is with your Skype’s camera that is why the other person cannot be able to see your video.

The above method helps to resolve the issue if Skype is not Working. For more assistance then just visit to the site of MS Office through

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