How To Clean Data In Excel Spreadsheet?

As most of the user, uses Excel spreadsheet but sometimes the user’s wants to clean the data in Excel. So, in this blog you will read how to clean data in Excel. For more information about Excel, just click on

Method To Clean Data in Excel Spreasheet:

1: Clear Duplicate Data In Excel:

For this, first you have to tap in the Excel Spreadsheet. After this, you need to tap on Table Tools. Then, you have to click on Design. At this point, you should click on Remove Duplicate. At last, you should select the column which has duplicate data and then tap on OK button.

2. Text To Column Feature:

You should select the text which you wish to split into multiple cells. Then, you should tap on the Data tab. Now in Data Tools, you should select Text to Columns. Here in Convert Text to Columns Wizard, you should select the Delimiters checkbox. At this point, you should tap on the Next button. Then, just under Delimiter, you should select the Space checkbox and just leave the rest of the checkboxes. At last, tap on the Finish button.

3. Convert Numbers:

First, you need to type 1 in any blank cell. After this, where you have typed 1, just select that cell and tap on Ctrl + C together. Now, you have to select the cells which you want to convert into numbers. Then, you need to right-click and then select Paste option. After this, you need to select Paste Special in order to open the Paste Special Dialogue box. Here, in the operation section, you should select Multiply and tap on Ok button. For more info, click on

4. Remove Blank Cells:

If you have a huge Excel file, then you should select blank cells at a time. For this, you should select the data set in Excel. Then, Go To dialogue box, and press F5 key. Now, you should Go To Special dialogue box, and then select the Special option. Here in Go To Special, you should select Blanks and then tap on OK button.

5.  Find And Replace Feature:

To replace data in Excel Spreadsheet, you should open the Find and Replace dialogue box, and then press Ctrl + H. Now, you should tap on Replace. Then in the Find what: box, you should enter the data which you want to remove. Here, in Replace with box, you need to enter the data which you want to replace it. Remember, you can replace particular data by clicking on Replace All option.

6. Remove Formatting In Excel:

In this, first you have to select your data set of Excel. Then, you should hit on the Home tab. After this, you should select Clear option. At last, you have to select Clear Formats.

The above method helps to clean data in Excel. If the user need more detail about Excel, visit to the Microsoft via

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