What is the Method To Fix Fatal System Error on Window 10/11?

Sometimes, users face Fatal System Error on Window 10/11 due to corrupted files and out of date drivers. In this article, you will read the method to fix fatal system error on Window 10/11. For help, hit on www.office.com/setup

Method To Fix Fatal System Error on Window 10/11:

1. Use DISM Command:

For this, first you have to boot your computer system from Windows 10 installation media. After this, you need to tap on Shift + F10 altogether to open Command Prompt. If the Command Prompt opens on your computer screen, then you should enter the line:

dism /image:c: /cleanup-image /revertpendingactions

Now, you should tap on Enter key to run it. At the end, you should wait for the procedure to finish and then check the error is fixed.

2. Repair your PC with Tool:

This cause of this error is a damaged system and compromised files. Hence, you should fix this issue with a professional Restoro tool.It will repair the broken or corrupted files and also remove the virus infection.With this, you can replace the elements which cause a BSoD error and you can create a restore point before you start the repair.

3. Disable Driver Signature Enforcement:

First of all, you should restart your computer system during the boot phase just to start the Automatic Repair process. After this, you should select Troubleshoot option and then go to Advanced options and just tap on Startup Settings. At last, you should tap on F7 key in order to select Disable driver signature enforcement.

4. Replace Corrupted Files:

This error is caused by corrupted system. The files like Winlogon, Userinit.exe and msgina.dll which you need to replace. All these files are there in the WindowsSystem32 directory and you should replace it just by copying the same files from a different Computer. When you copy these files from different device, then the system failure issue will be solved completely.

5. Repair your Registry:

To repair, the user should visit to the location and then copy the DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM files to some other location.


Now, you should visit to the folder:


Here, you should copy the content to this location:


At last, just check the issue is solved or not.

6. Install Latest Updates and Drivers:

The user should tap on Windows Key + S simultaneously and then type in Settings. After this, you should navigate to Update & Security and then tap on Check for updates button. At last, Windows should install the necessary updates.

7. Run SFC Scan:

The customer should insert the disc and then just Restart the computer. After this, just tap on any key to boot from DVD. Now, you should select your keyboard layout, time, and language. At this point, you should choose Next option and then tap on Repair your computer. Here, you should tap on Troubleshoot option and then choose Advanced options. Next, you have to choose Command Prompt and then type the command and tap on Enter key:


With these solutions, you can fix the issue of Fatal System Error in Window 10/11. For more details, hit on www.office.com/myaccount or office.com/myaccount

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