If Android Phone SD Card Won’t Mount! How to Fix it?

Today, all the Android phones have cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, e-book readers and also the expandable applications. To store all these thing, Android phone use your phone’s internal memory. But when the apps increased, then the internal memory fills up quickly. That is why, Android phones support SD cards. You can remove or connect this card whenever required. These SD cards can store your files and apps. But sometimes SD cards won’t mount or it is not recognized by your Android phones. In this blog, you will read how to fix the SD Card Wont mount issue. For assistance or support, you can contact to the Microsoft team expert via www.office.com/setup.

Solution To Fix Android Phone SD Card Won’t Mount: Office.com/setup

  1. Check your phone’s SD Card:  If your Android phone does not recognize your SD card then SD card can itself be the reason. May be your SD Card corrupt because of many reasons like improper usage, virus infection etc. To check your SD Card, you should connect your SD card to another handset and then test its working or you can also plugin your SD card to your computer. If your card is recognized by these option then the SD card is working properly. If it is not recognized, then SD card is faulty and you should replace it.
  2. Hardware Related Problems: To check hardware related issues, you should first install your SD card in your Android Phone. If in case, it is not recognized then you should remove the SD card from the phone and then you should lift the metal cover on the SD card slot and then again insert the card back. If you have installed properly then your SD card will fit under the metal cover, and securely in the slot. Here, your SD card will get recognized.
  3. Check for the Operating system settings: If there are issues with the operating system then also your Android Phone will not read the SD card. Remember, all the Android devices have a setting which allows you to mount or un-mount a SD card. You should have the correct removable storage settings set in your Android Phone.
    To check the setting, you should go to the “settings” menu, and then locate the “Un-mount SD card” option and after this, click on it to unmount your SD card. When the Android phone complete un-mounting your SD card, then you should select the option to “Mount SD card”. This method will fix the issues.
  4. Execute anti-virus program: If your SD card is infected by virus, then also your Android device will not recognize the SD card. This is the reason for SD card un-mounting. To fix this, you should virus scan your SD card and install the powerful anti-virus software in your device.

For help or support, the user can call the customer care of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

How You Can Connect Your Android Phone To PC? Office.com/setup

There are many ways by which you can connect your Android Phone to your computer and it also gives you faster connection. Mostly Android Phones have USB cables; you can use it to connect with your PC. But there are other wireless options with which you can connect your Android with PC like by using Air Droid, Bluetooth and Microsoft Your Phone App. Microsoft Office is the great software with many application which helps the user in different ways. It increases the productivity, saves time and money. You can install this amazing software through office.com/setup.  It has many different apps for the convenience of the user like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. This is made by Microsoft for both home and business purpose. In this article, you will read how you can connect your Android to PC.

Connect Your Android Phone To PC with USB:

First, you have to connect the micro-USB end of the cable to your Android Phone, and then connect the USB end to your computer. Then you’ll see a USB connection notification in your Android Phone. After this, you have to click the notification, and then click on Transfer files. Now in your computer, you will get the notification what you’d like to do with the new USB device. Just select this notification in your computer. This will open a window, here you have to select Open device to view files. Here when you will open Windows Explorer, you just have to select This PC and then your device will be available. Now you have to select the device so that you can browse all the folders and files of your phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC Through Air Droid:

For this, you have to install AirDroid from Google Play in your Android device. Then you have to open the app and just enable the features which you want to use. You have to create a New Air Droid account. After this, go to the AirDroid Web, and then you log in the account which you have created. Here you will see the main dashboard. On the right, you will see a toolbox and on the left, you’ll see all the apps. Just you have to select the Files app in your phone to transfer files. After this, you have to select the Messages app to view the stored messages in your phone. You can also control the camera of your Android phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC through Bluetooth:

First you have to turn on the bluetooth of your Android device and your computer. Then you can see your computer show up on your Android in the available device. You just have to click on the device to pair with it. Then you will see a pair code on the PC as well as on your android device. Now you have to Tap Pair to complete the connection. When it is connected, right-click the Bluetooth icon in your PC, and then you has to select Send a File or Receive a File. Now browse the file in your PC which you want to transfer. After this, just select Next option. This will transfer a file from your PC to your Android.

Connect Android Phone To PC with Microsoft Your Phone:

First, Install the Microsoft Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store in your PC and in your Android. Now in your computer you have to select Android as the phone type with which you want to connect to. Then click on Get started option. Now computer will connect to the Android Phone. Then you have to select Photos to view all photos in your phone and then select Messages to view messages, in your computer through your Android phone. After this, select Notifications to view all notifications in your Android phone.

These procedures will help you to connect your Phone with your PC. For more information, just go to the site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.