If Main Window Appears on Window 10! How to Fix it?

Sometimes the Main Window appears on your desktop because of MSI Dragon Center app. But this can solve by ending the process which is linked with the black window. For more help, the user can go to the www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix Main Window From Appearing on Window 10:

1. Inspect and Disable your Startup Apps:

First, you should ensure that the main window is open and running. Then, you have to right-click on the Taskbar and just choose Task Manager. You can open Task Manager just by clicking on Windows key + X altogether. Now in the Task Manager, you have to open the Startup tab. Here, you should look for any startup app like MSI Dragon Center and enabled it so that it helps you in finding the issue. After this, you need to tap on the Disable button in order to stop the app from auto-starting after the restart. In case, you cannot identify the app, then just open the Processes tab in the Task Manager. Now, you should click on the Name tab just to sort by apps and background processes. Then, in the Apps section you should look for any active program which you have not launched yourself.

2. Disable Dragon Center Voice Control Service from System Configuration:

For this, you need to press the Windows key + R in order to open Run. Then, you need to type msconfig and hit OK button to open the System Configuration window. Now, you should open the Services tab in the System Configuration window. At this point, you should scroll down and just locate the VoiceControlService. After this, you need to select the service and then uncheck the checkbox next to it. Here, you should click on Apply and OK button to save the changes. When you have disabled the VoiceControlService, then just reboot the computer system. At last, just check if the MainWindow appears on desktop issue is solved or not.

3. Disable VoiceControlEngine from Services:

First, you need to press the Windows key + R. And then just type services.msc and then tap on OK button. Now in the Service window, you should locate MSI_Voice_Control_Service. Then, you need to right-click on the service and then choose Properties. If in case, the service is running, then you should hit on Stop button. At this point, in the General tab you should set the Startup type to be Disabled. Here, you should click on Apply and OK button to save the changes.

If in case, the issue persists and the VoiceControlEngine auto restart then you should uninstall it from the MSI Dragon Center installation folder. For more info, go to office.com/myaccount.

Uninstall MSI voice control program:

For this, you need to open File Explorer and then go to the following location:

C:\Program Files\msi\voice recorder

Now, you should uninstall the voice record program. When uninstalled, you should reboot the computer system and just check if the MainWindow VoiceControlEngine.exe is triggered again just after the restart.

4. Uninstall MSI Dragon Center:

You should press the Windows key + I just to open Settings. Now, you need to open Apps. After this, you need to open the Apps and Features tab. Now, you should search for the MSI Dragon Center app in the search bar. Then, you need to tap on MSI Dragon Center and then click on Uninstall option. Here, you need to choose Uninstall again in order to confirm the action. At this point, you should wait for Windows to uninstall the app. When uninstalled, you should restart your computer system. After this, you need to download the latest version of MSI Dragon Center from the official site. Then, you have to install the app and just check if the main window appears on the desktop.

For more details about Windows, just visit to the official site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.