What is the Method To Resolve Window 10 Audio Error 0xc00d11d1(0xc00d4e86)?

Sometimes, customer encounters audio errors in Window 10. In this blog, the user will read the solution of the Window 10 Audio Error 0xc00d11d1. For more help, you can visit to www.office.com/setup

Method To Resolve Window 10 Audio Error 0xc00d11d1(0xc00d4e86):

1. Check Sound Drivers:

Firstly, you should check that the sound drivers are properly installed and then double-check the version date. To solve the issue, you should have the latest drivers to work in a proper manner. It is suggested that you should not use the generic sound drivers which is provided by Windows Update. You can go to OEM’s official site and then download drivers from there.

To check the Sound drivers, you should right-click on the Start button and then from the Power User menu, you should choose Device Manager. After this, you should go to Sound, video and game controllers. Here, you can see the exact name of the device. Then, you need to copy the name and then paste it in the web browser. At this point, you need to download and install the drivers from the official site. At last, you should Restart your PC and then just check for changes when you are playing audio files.

2. Check Hardware:

Generally, Audio issues are related to software-related, but you should also check the hardware is properly set. You should also ensure that everything is connected and functioning properly. For this, you should unplug everything and then plug it again, just for checking the hardware. You should use proper ports and then confirm that everything is running properly. For help, the user can go to office.com/setup.

3. Run Windows Troubleshooter:

There is a “Playing audio” troubleshooter which helps you to scan for audio issues, just locate them and then resolve it. To run the audio-related troubleshooter in Window 10, you should press Windows key + I altogether in order to open the Settings app. After this, you should open Update & security option. Now, you need to select Troubleshoot from the left side of the screen. At last, you need to highlight the Playing Audio and then click on the Run button.

4. Restore Playback Device to Default Values:

There are some current systems changes which are not compatible with the current sound settings. For this, you should check restore settings for the active playback device to its default values. To do this, you should right-click on the Sound icon which is in the notification area, and then open Playback devices. After this, you should right-click on your default playback device and then open Properties. Now, you need to choose the Advanced tab. At last, you should click on Restore Defaults and then confirm the changes.

The above method helps to resolve Window 10 audio error 0xc00d11d1. If the customer wants any kind of detail, then go to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup