How to Troubleshoot Fix Window Error Code 0x80240031?

This type of error basically occurs in Window 8 or 8.1, when you are updating older windows with the latest updates. But some people are also experiencing this error in Windows 10 also. This error is very irritating and frustrating for many users as there is no specific cause of this error. To solve this error, we have provided you some solutions but if you need any kind of technical assistance then you can visit to site of Microsoft via

The reasons for this error are corrupted Windows update files, damage file registry or may be the software has been damaged or corrupted that is why it cannot be properly installed in your system.  In this blog, you will read the solution of Window Error Code 0x80240031.

Solution To Fix Window Error Code

1: Restart Windows Computer:

For this, first you have to click on the ‘Start’ icon just to open the start menu. Now, under the ‘Start’ search box, you have to type the ‘msconfig’ option. Then in the search options, you have to choose and then click on the ‘System Configuration’ option. Here, you will see the ‘System Configuration’ dialogue box in your screen and under this, you should go to the ‘Services’ button. After this, select ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ option. Now you have to press the ‘Disable all’ option just to disable all the services which you want to disable it.

After this, under the ‘System Configuration’ page, you have to go to the ‘Startup’ button and then click on the ‘Open Task Manager’ tab. Here, you should turn off all the startup items which are available in the list of the ‘Task Manager.’ Now, you just have to close the Task Manager page and tap on the OK tab to finish the process. At the end, you should reboot your computer system just to save all the changes.

2: Turn Off Windows Update:

First, you should press the Windows+ R keys simultaneously on the keyboard just to open the ‘Run’ search box. In the ‘Run’ search box, you should copy and paste the command ‘services.msc’ and tap on Enter key.Now, you should look for the ‘Windows Update’ option and then you have to double-click on the Windows Update option just to open it in your screen. Here, you will see the drop-down menu list comes on your computer screen, and then just select ‘Disabled’ option.Now, you have to restart your system just to save the changes. Then again, you have to click on the Windows+ X keys altogether at the same time. After this, you have to select the ‘File Explorer’ option. Now you have to enter the commands in the search bar:


Then, you have to click on the Ctrl + A key altogether on the keyboard. Here, you should press the right side of the cursor of your mouse on the selected files and then select the ‘Delete’ tab. Now again you have to open Run dialog box and type ‘service.msc’. Here from the drop-down menu, you have to select ‘Manual’ option. At last, you have to click on the ‘Start’ tab which is followed y ‘OK’ tab to finish the process. Then, you have to restart your computer system just to save all the changes.

The above method will help to solve the Window Update Error Code 0x80240031. In case, you are still facing the issue then you may contact to the customer care of Microsoft via