If Excel Encountered Errors During Save! How To Fix It?

Sometimes, customers face the error like Excel Encountered Errors during Save. This error generally occurs if Excel file got corrupted and if the antivirus software is disrupting the saving process and also due to the location where you want to save the Excel file don’t have enough disk space. In this blog, you will read the method to fix the issue if Excel Encountered Error during Save.

Method To Fix If Excel Encountered Errors During Save:

  1. Save Workbook By Using A New File Name: If you want to save the Excel workbook, then you should hit on Save As option, on the File menu. Now, from the Browse option you need to select the location where you wish to save your new Excel file. At the end, you need to use a unique file name just to save the workbook.

  2. Move The Original Worksheets To A New Workbook: For this, first you have to press shift + F11 together in order to add a filler worksheet to your workbook. After this, you should group entire worksheets (accept the filler) and then hit on the first sheet. Now, you need to hold and press the Shift key and then hit on the last sheet. At this point, you should right-click on the grouped sheets and then tap on Move or copy. At the end, in the To Book list you should hit on New Book and then tap on OK button.

  3. Save The File As A Different Excel File Type: You should hit on Save As option in the File Menu. Now in the Save as Type list, you need to choose a different file format.

  4. Save The File In HTML Format: For this, first of all on File menu you need to tap on Save As. Now in the Save as type list, you should tap on Web Page. At the end, you need to hit on save option.

  5. Restricted Permissions: Sometimes, the user receives the error, if in case they are having the restricted permissions to the folder in which they are saving the Excel file. Hence, if you save an Excel file then you should have the following given permissions: Read permission, Write permission, Modify permission and Delete permission.

  6. Network Connection Lost: This error occurs if you open the file from the network location then some parts of the workbook are not downloaded to the local computer. Such as, The Pivot Table Caches, the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and also the ActiveX objects are not downloaded to the local computer until they are used in the local Excel session. Hence, if the network connectivity is lost, then Excel cannot be able to access the file which is not downloaded to the local computer and then you cannot save the Excel file.

  7. Antivirus Software Conflict: If incase, you are trying to save the Excel workbook but due to the installed or running antivirus software, the user cannot be able to save Excel file. Hence, this error message occurs because there are some antivirus programs which immediately scan new files which display on your computer. The scanning process sometimes stops Excel from saving the file. As a result, you should disable the antivirus and again save the file.

For more help about Excel, the user should visit to the Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.