Easy Way To Repair Excel Error “This File is Not in Recognizable Format”?

Microsoft Excel is the popular and useful application of MS Office software. This application is used in schools, homes and also in offices. You can enjoy the features of this application by installing MS Office in your device through www.office.com/setup. It is very simple to use and helps the user in formatting, editing, making spreadsheets etc. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix Excel Error.

Causes of Excel Error:

The causes of the Excel Error are because of the unexpected shutdown of the MS Excel application, crashing of MS Office Software, change in the MS Excel version, virus and malware has corrupted the Excel file, and also due to the latest service pack is not in use on your computer system.

Method to Repair Error “This File is not in Recognizable Format”: Office.com/setup

  1. Utilize MOC.exe File:

You should use MOC.exe file to convert the workbook and then just open it in Excel. For this, first you have to right-click on any XLS files in your computer system.  Here you will see a new dialogue box displays on your computer screen. Then you should click on Choose another app to select it. After this, a number of applications displays that the OS thinks file format is compatible with. You should not select any of the apps from the list. Just move to Look for another app on this PC at the path “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeVersion”. Here you can view a file name MOC.exe and just select it and then complete your export. At last, open the workbook and then check the error is solved or not.

 2: Open file from within the Excel:

 For this, you have to open a new workbook and then go to the menu and click on Options. After this, you will see number of tabs located on the left side of the options. Now under the ‘Formulas’ tab, you have to change the calculation in Manual mode. Then you have to click on Ok option to save the changes to the workbook. After this, you have to browse the file which was corrupted. Now you have to click on file and then select the option “Open and Repair” in the drop-down Menu. When the file was imported then you have to click on Repair option.

3: Disable Add-ins:

 For this, first you have to click on start option and then select all programs and after this, just choose accessories. Then you have to run and just enter the command in open box : Excel /safe and press Enter key. Now in the Excel you have to disable the add-ins:

Then you have to click on File menu and select Options. After this, just choose Add-ins and just Go button besides Manage: Com-Add-in. Here you should check that the add-ins are listed there and then you should clear the checkbox to disable them. After this, you should close the Office program and then just restart it. You have to Disable all the add-in and just restart Excel.

The above method will help you to fix Excel Error “This File is Not in Recognizable Format”. In case, you are still facing the issues then you can visit to the site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Some Common Excel Error and How to Fix it?

Microsoft Office is great software with amazing applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Drive etc. All these apps of MS Office perform different functions. It is very easy to use and you can easily install this software through www.office.com/setup. MS Excel is the well known application used for creating spreadsheets, keeping accounting data, and tracking day-to-day activities. It is used in offices, schools, homes and also for business purpose. But, when user uses this application of Excel, they encounter some errors. And it is very necessary to fix these errors. In this blog, you will read about some common errors of MS Excel and how you can fix it with ease.

What are the Common Excel Error and its Solution? Office.com/setup

  1. ##### Error: It is the common error which the user faces is a cell filled with hashtag characters. This means that column is not wide to show the data which you have entered. You can easily fix this error, by increasing the column width so that the data can be easily entered in the spreadsheet.
  2. #NUM Error: The NUM error basically occurs when you add the invalid number to the formula then you’ll receive the NUM error on your spreadsheet. It also occurs when the numeric value is too small or large. You can fix this error; you just have to check that you have entered any formatted data such as currency, dates, or special symbols in the formula. You just have to delete the invalid characters from the formula and just keep only numbers.
  3. #VALUE! Error: The #Value error occurs in Excel when there are spaces, characters, or text in the formula where it should be the number. You can fix this error by just checking the formula and make sure you use only numbers in the formula.
  4. #REF! Error: The #REF error occurs in Excel when a formula contains incorrect cell references. You can fix this error, for this you should be careful while pasting a set of cells and there should be no formulas which get affected on deleting a cell. By mistake, if you have deleted a cell, then you can click the undo button (Ctrl+Z) just to recover them.
  5. #DIV/0! Error:This error occurs when you divide a formula by zero  or an empty cell in Excel. As it is not possible to divide by zero. You can fix this error, you should change the value of a cell to the value which is not equal to zero or you can also add value if the cell is blank.
  6. #Name! Error: This error occurs when Excel is not understanding the name of the formula which you are trying to run, and also occur when excel cannot compute one or more values which entered in the formula itself. You can fix this error by just checking the spelling mistakes in the formula. And you should also type the Excel functions in lower case when you enter a formula, as the Excel will automatically convert it to upper case.

These are some of the common Excel error and their solution. But in case, if you are still facing problem then you can visit to the site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup for details.