How to Troubleshoot If Excel Smart View is Not Showing?

Excel is the widely used application of Microsoft Office and can install via Sometimes users face the issues Excel Smart View is not showing. Hence in this blog, you will read the solution to fix Excel Smart View is not Showing.

Method to Fix If Excel Smart View is Not Showing:

1: Download & Install Smart View:

Before you begin the downloading process, you should have the admin access on your device in which you want to download the Smart View. You should close all the opened Microsoft applications. If in case, any Smart View of the older version is there on your device then you should immediately uninstall it.

Download Smart View in Excel:

To download Smart View, you have to double-tap on the application file of “SmartView”.Now from the opened dialog box, you have to click on the “Extract all”. After this, you should hit the “Extract” button in the next opened dialog box. Herein the extracted folder, you should right-click on the “SmartView” application file and then hit on “Run as administrator” option. Then in the opened box of “oracle Smart View for office installation”, you have to tap on the “OK” button to install the Smart View process.

Keep in mind that the Installation process takes some time according to the internet connection speed. If you see any black boxes which pop-up on your screen then do not touch anything because this will interrupt the installation process. When the download process complete, then you will see a small dialog box related to the confirmation of the downloading process displays on your screen. At last, open your Excel application and check if the Smart View displays in Excel ribbon or not. For more detail, visit

2. Load Smart View Add-in:

To enable the Smart View add-in, you should open the system registry editor. To do this, click on the Start menu and then in the search box type “regedit”. After this, you should click on this:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\Hyperion.CommonAddin.

You should set loading behavior to 3. If in case, this LoadBehavior is set on anything else than “3” then first you should close the Excel application and then cross-check over the Windows Task Manager in order to confirm that no “excel.exe” process is executing. Then, you should open the registry editor again and then double-click on the registry key for editing it. After this, you should change the Load Behavior to “3” and then close registry editor. At last, open your Excel application and you will view the Smart View add-in gets loaded automatically during the Excel startup.

3. Enable Smart View Add ins:

First, open your Excel application and then tap on the Options button from the bottom section of the left sidebar. After this from the Excel options window, you should choose the add-ins. Now in the top section, you will see the option ‘Active Application Add-ins’. There it has listed with SmartView twice. Just scroll down at the bottom screen and then check the section ‘Disabled Application Add-ins’. If in case, the Smart View for Office appears to you disabled then you should change the option to enable and hit on OK.

4. Re-Install Smart View:

You should visit to your system’s Start. Then, you should click on the settings and then click on Apps & features. After this, you should make a selection of the Smart View program and then click on the Uninstall. When you uninstall it, just Restart your system. At last, again reinstall the Smart View application in Excel.

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