How to Import Contacts from Excel to Mobile?

MS Office is developed by Microsoft. It includes many applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Access etc. You can install via This is the world of cell phones, as they are easy to carry so everybody wants all the information in their Mobile Phones. Any person who has number of contacts in their Excel sheet with email addresses, and other information, it will be difficult to type this data in another phone. So, in this blog we will discuss about getting the contacts from excel to mobile with no data misfortune and accidents.

If you want transfer your all Excel contacts to your Mobile, then you have to change over Excel document to vCard. You can make single or various vCard documents for all contacts.

Import Contacts from Excel To Mobile:

For this, you have to follow 2 steps:

Step 1: Excel Sheet to vCard Conversion:

First, you have download and Install the MS Excel to vCard Converter then you have to click on Browse button to choose the Excel file. After this click on open to start the conversion process. When the Excel file is added it will show you preview of the content. Then click on the Next button. After this, in the mapping option, you have to map the fields. Just select another field from vCard Fields and add it to export Excel to Android contacts. Then match the fields, and hit the Add button. Now, click on Next. Just check the export option which you want to apply-

Apply Empty Email Address to be Imported or Single vCard File for All Contacts. Now,hit the Convert button to complete the process. Then it will show you a confirmation screen, and just click on Yes. At the end, the Excel file is converted into the vCard.

Step 2: Transfer vCard File To Mobile Phone:

First, open your Android phone and select the Contacts list then you has to click on the three vertical dots icon. From the menu list just to click on Import/Export option then select Import from .vcf file option. After this, go to the location where you saved the vCard file. Then, choose the .vcf file. Now, ‘All contacts .vcf will be imported shortly’. After completing the import contacts from Excel to Android process, ‘Finished importing vCard .vcf’ notification will be seen. Now, you can access the vCard contacts in your Android Phone. Here, you can select and open any contact.

But if you find any problem in importing the contacts from excel to mobile phone then you can visit to the official website via