If Excel Application Was Unable To Start Correctly! How To Fix it?

Sometimes, customer encounters the Excel application issue like Excel application was unable to start correctly. This issue basically occurs due to corrupt or missing DLL files, deletion or overwriting of DLL files, incompatible hardware, malware and also due to corruption in Window Registry. Hence, in this blog you will read the solution of Excel application. For support, the user can contact MS Office Team via office.com/setup.

Method To Troubleshoot “Excel Application Was Unable To Start Correctly”: Www.Office.com/setup

1. Run Excel Application In Compatibility Mode:

You should right-click on a file in which you are facing Excel application was unable to start correctly. Now, you should click on the Properties option and then tap on the Compatibility tab. After this, you should choose the option “Run Compatibility Troubleshooter”. Then, you should check the application starts working correctly or not. If it runs properly, then you should save the settings. If in case, not then you should put a check next to Run this program in compatibility mode option. After this, you have to select the OS for which the driver is available. Then, just insert a checkmark next to Run this program as an administrator present under the Privilege Level. At the end, you should tap on the Apply option.

2. Run SFC (System File Checker):

First, you should right-click on the Windows button. Then, you should click on the Command Prompt as a admin. Now in the opened dialog box, you should tap on the Yes option and then it will open your command prompt. After this, you should type sfc /scannow in the opened command prompt screen and press enter.

3. Fix Excel Corruption Issue:

You can fix the issue, by using MS Excel Repair Tool. This tool repairs all sorts of issues like corruption, errors in Excel workbooks. With this, you can restore all corrupt Excel files like the charts, worksheet properties and also other important data. It helps to repair multiple Excel files at one and it is easy to use.  

4. Activate Windows Firewall:

You should click on your system’s Start Button. After this, you should tap on the Control Panel option. Now in the control panel, you should choose Windows Firewall icon. Then from the left sidebar, you should choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off. In the private and public location network settings, you should select Turn on Windows Firewall option. At last, click on the OK button.

5. Update Windows OS:

You should tap on the Windows Start option. Then, click on the Control Panel. After this, you should select the Windows Update option. Now, you have to tap on the Change settings.

You can download and install any update on your device. In the Important updates, you should select Install updates automatically option. In the Install new updates option, you should select Everyday option. You should also Set the time when your PC is ON and also when your Internet is connected. To protect yourself from hackers, you should enable automatic updates on Windows 10.

To install all the latest updates on your PC, you should tap on the Check for updates. Then, you should click on the Install updates button.

6. Use Windows Recovery:

You should visit to your system Start menu. Then, click on the Control Panel. After this, you should choose the Recovery option. Now, you have to click on the Open System Restore and be guided by the Windows system prompts option.

The above method will help you to resolve Excel Application was Unable to Start Correctly. For help, just visit to the official site of Microsoft Office through office.com/setup.

How To Purchase and Install Microsoft 365 for Home?

If the user wants to install Microsoft 365 for Home in their device, then they must read this blog.  And for help, the customer can anytime contact to the customer care of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Purchase a Microsoft 365 for Home Subscription:

If you are purchasing a subscription to Microsoft 365, then first you have to choose the version of Office which you want and then provide your payment information.

Now, you should open a web browser and then go to www.office.com/setup. Then, you should sign in to your Microsoft account. After this, the Office portal opens up on your screen where you can access the Office Online apps and here, you can manage your Office subscription. At this point, you should select Buy Office. Here, you should select Buy now option for the Office subscription which you want if you are paying an annual subscription fee. After this, you should Review the information in the Cart and then select Checkout. Then, you have to select a payment type. For this, you can choose either a credit card or debit card, PayPal, or bank account. At this point, you should enter the payment details and then select Save option. Then, you should select Place order. Now, your order processes and then you will get an email receipt for the transaction.

Install Microsoft 365 for Home: office.com/setup

When you purchase a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you have to install Office on your PC. For this, you should use the computer where you want to install Office. Then, you have to go to the Microsoft 365 portal page and then just sign in to your Microsoft account. Now, you should select Install Office. Here, on the Microsoft 365 Home web page, you should select Install Office. At this point, on the Download and install Microsoft 365 Home screen, you should select Install. After this, according to the web browser you use, you will see a prompt to Run or Save the downloaded file. Here, you should select Run option. Then, you should installs the Office apps. After the installation complete, then Office will ask you to enter an email or phone number so that you get a download link for the Office mobile apps.

Activate Microsoft 365 for Home:

When you install Office, you should activate your subscription. And to activate Office, you should open one of the Office apps, like Word. Then, you should enter your Microsoft email address and password. Now, on the Accept the license agreement screen, you should select Accept. Here, the Office app opens and you should create Office documents and spreadsheets.

Share Your Microsoft 365 Home Subscription with Others

If you want to share a Microsoft 365 Home subscription, then you should sign in with the Microsoft account which you use to set up Microsoft 365. Now on the Office portal page, you should select Install Office. Then, you have to select the Sharing tab and then select Start sharing. Here on the Share Office window, you should choose one of the option:

Invite via email: In this, a link is send in an email message.

Invite via link: In this, it creates a link which you can copy and then you can give to the person in an email, or a text message etc.

Now when your family member will get the link, then they can use the link to install Office in their Computer.

For more details about Office installation, you can visit to the official site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.