What are the Causes and Solution to Fix Excel File Not Loaded Completely?

Excel is the very useful and easy application of MS Office. You can use this application on all devices like Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. The user can install this application just by going to the official site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup. Sometimes user’s faces issue like File not loaded completely. The main reason of this error is when the user crosses the row limitation in Excel, when the user opens a spreadsheet which hides the maximum worksheet limit and also when you import CSV data into Excel sheet. So, in this blog you will read the solution to fix Excel File Not Loaded Completely.

Solution To Fix MS Excel “File Not Loaded Completely” Error: office.com/setup

1. Open Spreadsheet With Alternative Options: You should try to open your Excel spreadsheet with other alternative Excel software and after this, just reduce the number of rows and columns which are there in the file. Because this spreadsheet can also be easily open with your regular MS Office application suite program.

2. Import Spreadsheet Into Access: For this, first you should open a blank database file in your Excel application. Then, you have to click on the External Data and then tap on Excel. After this, you should click on the browse option just for selecting the Excel spreadsheet. Then, you have to click on the Import the source data option into the new table in the current database. Now, you should click on the OK button. Here from the Import Spreadsheet Wizard window, you should click on the Next and Finish option. Now, you can view your spreadsheet content in the database table. At this point, you can remove extra or unwanted table rows and after this, export the modified file back to your Excel application like a spreadsheet.

3. Split A CSV File Before Importing It: In case, you are getting the error like File not loaded completely when you are trying to import a CSV file. In this situation, you should split your CSV file with some of the reliable Split CSV file program. Now, you can import your split CSV file in the distinct Excel worksheets.

4. Repair Corrupted Excel File: For this, you should click on the File. Then from the Open option, you should select the excel file which is not opening and show you the error not loaded completely. After this, you should click on the arrow sign which is there in the open button. Here from the drop-down list, you should select the Open and Repair option. If in case, the repair option is available then you should click on it.

5. Repair MS Excel File with Excel Repair Tool: If the above solution, do not fix the issue then you should go with the MS Excel repair tool. It helps to repair corrupted Excel workbooks. And it is quite easy and convenient to use and also supports all Excel version.

The above method will help you to solve the Excel File Not Loaded Completely error. In case, the user find any kind of issue then they can anytime contact to the expert of MS Office through www.office.com/setup. The executives are experienced and always available to solve your queries.

How MS Office 365 Improve Your Team Productivity?

Microsoft Office is the complete productivity suite developed by Microsoft to improve your team productivity. It gives you all the apps and services like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. You can install this popular software through Office.com/setup. It is cloud based software which helps the user to access their document anywhere anytime. This software makes the user to more capable and work as a professional. It saves the time of a worker and reduces the cost of the owner. No other software provides so many benefits like MS Office. All the application provides different features like formatting, editing, creating text document, making professional presentation and many more. It is reliable for the gadgets such as Window OS, Mac, Computers, and Android Phones. In this article, you will read MS Office 365 helps to improve your productivity.

MS Office 365 Improve Your Team Productivity:

  1. Easy Collaboration: It helps the businesses to collaborate with one another. With SharePoint, employees can work on the same project with one another, and can easily exchange files and documents from anywhere in the world. It also helps the employees to work remotely in a proper manner.
  2. Going Mobile: Office 365 integrates with the mobile devices like desktop, laptops, smart phones and tablets. In this digital era, people prefer to work from home or no matter from where they are working. This software helps them to work from anywhere anytime from any device with cloud based technology.
  3. Simple Communication: Through Office 365, employees can speak with each other in real time without sitting face to face. The application of MS Office which helps in easy communication is Microsoft Exchange Online, Video chat, Instant messaging and Skype for Business. With these applications, you can communicate easily, no matter where the other person is situated.
  4. Cloud Based Storage: With One Drive application of MS Office, employees can upload their documents in the cloud, and can access their files anywhere anytime. For accessing the document in cloud, they only require the proper internet connection. This feature saves the time of the businessmen as they can perform their business task anywhere, and there is no need to physically present in the Office.
  5. Corporate Social Network: User can create their social network through Yammer. Through this platform people can connect within and outside the organization. You can also share and exchange your ideas through Yammer.
  6. Skype For Business: This application of MS Office helps in online messaging and conferencing. Skype helps you to connect with the people from anywhere around the world. Through this, you can conduct a meeting easily of 250 people living in different locations.
  7. Microsoft Exchange Server: With this, you can store and send emails. You can also schedule your meetings, presentations and conferences etc.

Through this way, MS Office 365 increases the productivity of your team. If you want more details, then you can call the customer care executive anytime. For detail information, you can visit to the site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

How you can Troubleshoot Microsoft Office Error Code 3-1?

Microsoft Office is the well-known software which is used in all the organizations. This software is used for scheduling meetings, conference, creating text documents, for making presentation, formatting, and editing etc. You can this software through office.com/setup. All the students and employees are using this software as this software makes the work easier and convenient. But user faces some problem like Microsoft office error code 3-1 while installing and updating this software.

Resolve Microsoft Office Error Code 3-1:

  1. Disable Window Firewall: For this first you have to go to start option and then open “control panel”. Then you have to go to “system and security” option and then go to “Windows Firewall”. After this, you have to click on “turn windows firewall On or Off”. Now just select the option Turn Off firewall for both private and public network. Just check whether the error is fixed or not.
  2. Disable Antivirus: For disabling the antivirus you have to open Antivirus application which is installed on your device. Now just you have to click on settings and then go to real time protection. You have to Turn Off real time protection. Then go to Antivirus firewall and Turn off Antivirus firewall. Here just you have to click on Yes or OK button.
  3. SFC Scan: First you have to open the command prompt in administrative privileges. Now just type the command “ sfc /scannow “ and then you have to click enter key. You will see the scan will begin automatically. It is advised that you do not close the command prompt until the scan is finished. At the end, just check the error still persists or not.
  4. Repair Registry Keys: For repairing Registry Keys you have to open registry editor. Then you have to delete the older registry key which blocks the installation of latest version. Now you have to go the below keys and delete it.
    Now you have to change the DWORD values in below keys from 0 to 1-LicenseServers, LicenseServerRedirection, AutoExpandDLsEnable and PassportAuthProvider
  5. Remove Office Suite: First you have to open control panel and then click on uninstall programs and features. Now you have to search for Microsoft Office in the list. Here just select Microsoft Office and then you have to click on uninstall option. When the un installation process completes, try to install the MS Office.
  6. Install MS Office: First you have to open Office My Account. Then you have to login to Office account using your registered email ID and password. Now you have to click on install Option which is under the Office product in your account. Now just save the installer setup and run it. When the installation completes, you have to reboot the computer. At the end, click on finish button when the installation process completes.

For more details, you have to visit to the official website of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

How to create a floor plan by using Microsoft Visio?

How to create a floor plan by using MS Visio?

MS Office is the great and popular software which increase the productivity of every organization and make their work easier and faster. This software can be installed by just visiting to the official website office.com/setup. It has many applications like Skype, Outlook and MS Visio etc. Every application has its own functions. Here we are discussing about MS Visio and its benefits.

What is MS Visio?

MS Visio is a diagram tool and it helps to create flowcharts, diagrams, create maps and floor plans. It has variety of build in shapes, objects, and stencils which makes your work easier. In this you can also create your own shapes. This application is very helpful for the architectures, builders and home designers.

How to create a floor plan by using MS Visio?

In the MS Visio option, use the Floor Plan template to create the floor plans for the individual room or for the entire floor of the building. This will include the wall structure, building core and other electrical symbols.

Start a new Floor plan:

For creating a floor, in the category list, click on Maps and Floor Plans category. Then click on Floor Plan and then click on create.

Create the Exterior Wall Structure:

Using room shapes, from the wall, shell and structure stencil drag one room shape to the drawing page. Resize the room shape by using the resizing tool.

Using the wall shapes, from the structure stencil drag the exterior wall structure to the drawing page. You can resize the walls by dragging an endpoint, to set the options right click wall shapes, and drag the endpoint from wall to another.

Create the Interior Wall Structure:

From the structure stencil, drag the wall shapes to the drawing page and position them inside the exterior structure. Again resize the walls, right click on to set it and drag the endpoint from one wall to another.

Add doors and windows:

From the wall, structure and shell stencil, on the top of the wall drag the wall and window settings.

Add Structural Elements:

For structural elements, from the structure stencil drag the structural shapes such as columns to the drawing page. From the building core stencil, drag the shapes such as stairs on to the drawing page.

Add Electrical Symbols and Dimension lines:

From the electrical and telecom stencil, drag the switches, and other wall fixtures onto the drawing page. Then right click on wall, and add dimensions. And reposition the dimension lines.

Insert a CAD floor plan:

In the insert tab, and in the illustration group, click on CAD drawing.  And in the Insert Auto CAD drawing, select the CAD file you want and click on Open. Accept the size and location and click ok.

Save as DWG file:

On the file tab, select Save As >Browse. Now change the Save as type to Auto CAD drawing (.dwg).


If you have any kind of issue then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via www.office.com/setup. They will help you in every way at any time and at any place.