If Your Computer is Low On Memory on Window 10! How to Fix it?

If the user is facing the issue Your Computer is Low on Memory on Window 10 then it is because of some apps are taking too much space. To fix this issue, you should close the program which takes too much space, run antivirus for viruses and clean the disk. For more information related to Windows, go to Microsoft via www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if Your Computer is low on memory.

Method to Fix If Your Computer Is Low on Memory:

1. Repair your Registry:

To repair the registry, you can use Restoro tool as it will scan the registry for corrupted or missing files. Or, you can repair the registry by using the System File Checker. For this, you should visit to Start and then type cmd. After this, you should right-click on Command Prompt and then choose Run as Administrator. Now, you need to write sfc /scannow command and just wait for the scanning procedure to finish. At last, just restart your computer system.

2. Close Programs Which are Using Memory:

The user should right-tap on your desktop and then chooses Task Manager. At this point, you should choose Processes tab and then hit on Memory. At the end, you need to remove or end the processes which use memory and check the issue will solved.

3. Use Windows Troubleshooter:

First, visit to your Start Screen and then hit on Wind + F keys altogether. Now, in the search box you need to write Troubleshooting. Here from the Troubleshooting window, you should choose View All option which is located on the left side of the screen and then hit on System Maintenance. After this, you should hit on Next option and then wait till your Windows 8 system is running the troubleshooting process.

If the user does not want to close the programs, then you should use Windows 10 built-in troubleshooting tool. For this, you should visit to Settings, and then select Troubleshoot. After this, you need to scroll down to Find and fix other problems. If in case, one app in your PC uses too much memory, then you should run Windows Store Apps troubleshooting tool.

4. Manually Increase Virtual Memory:

First of all, in the home screen, you need to write advanced system settings and then double tap on it. After this, you should choose the Advanced tab and then hit on Settings which are under Performance panel. Here in the new window, you should again hit on Advanced tab and then visit to Virtual Memory panel and then choose Change option from here. At this point, you should clean the box of Automatically manage paging file size for all drives. Now, you have to tap on Drive and then select Custom Size. At the end, you can customize size in megabytes in the Initial size (MB) or in Maximum size (MB) box and then choose Set option.

5. Update your OS:

To fix this issue, you should improve the system’s stability by updating your operating system. If the user wants to access the Windows Update section, then you should write update in the search box. For updating, you should visit to Windows Update and then check for updates and then just install the available updates.

6. Run System Scan:

If there are malicious files in your device then the user cannot be able to install anything in your PC. To fix this issue, you should scan your device with strong antivirus program in order to remove malware from your system. The user can use Windows’ built-in antivirus to scan their device. If the issue is due to virus or malware infection, then using a security tool, will fix the issue.

The above mentioned method will fix the issue Your Computer is Low on Memory in Window 10. For more help related to Window 10, the user can visit to MS Office via Office.com/setup.