If Window Memory Diagnostic Tool Stuck! How To Fix it?

Normally, Window Memory Diagnostic Tool stuck or frozen is a common problem. To fix this issue, you should restart the system in clean boot mode. For more details, the user can visit www.office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix Window Memory Diagnostic Tool Stuck.

Method to Fix if Window Memory Diagnostic Tool Stuck:

  1. Wait for the Tool to Finish the Process: If the user is running the tool in extended mode, then it will take more than 8 hours to finish the process. Sometimes, the tool gets stuck at 21%, 88%, 89% and 90% progression for hours and there is no progress for more than 4 hours. This situation is normal with the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool so you should wait till the process complete without any interruption. But if you find the tool has been stuck for more than a day then you should try other troubleshooting steps.
  2. Run Tool after Performing Clean Boot: For this, first you have to press the Windows + R key together in order to open Run. After this, you should type msconfig.msc and then tap on OK button. It will open the System Configuration window on your computer screen. Now in this System Configuration window, you have to open the Services tab. After this, you need to check Hide all Microsoft services box and this will hide all the Microsoft Windows services which is required by the computer system. Next, you need to tap on the Disable All button. Then, you need to tap on Apply button in order to save the changes. Here, you need to right-click on the Taskbar and then select Task Manager. Now, in Task Manager you should open the Startup tab. At this point, you should select all the services one by one and then tap on the Disable button. You should ensure that you disabled all the services which are under the Startup tab. After this, you should close Task Manager and then in the System Configuration window you should tap on OK button. Just restart your computer and your computer will start in Clean Boot mode. At last, you should rerun Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and then check if the problem is resolved or not. For more info, hit on office.com/myaccount.
  3. Test with MemTest86: First, you have to ensure that you have a working USB Drive for using as a bootable drive. Then, you have to download MemTest86 from the website. After this, you should right-click on the downloaded folder and then select Extract All. Now, you need to tap on Extract option. Here, you should connect your USB drive to the computer system. Here from the recently extracted folder, you need to run the imageUSB.exe file. Then, check your connected drive is detected in the ImageUSB window and then hit on the Write button. At this point, you need to tap on the Exit button in order to close the ImageUSB tool. At last, you need to shut down your computer system. Now, you need to insert the USB flash and just restart the system.

The above method helps to fix the issue Window Memory Diagnostic Tool stuck. For more information about tool, just visit to the site via www.office.com/setup.