If Excel Encountered Errors During Save! How To Fix It?

Sometimes, customers face the error like Excel Encountered Errors during Save. This error generally occurs if Excel file got corrupted and if the antivirus software is disrupting the saving process and also due to the location where you want to save the Excel file don’t have enough disk space. In this blog, you will read the method to fix the issue if Excel Encountered Error during Save.

Method To Fix If Excel Encountered Errors During Save:

  1. Save Workbook By Using A New File Name: If you want to save the Excel workbook, then you should hit on Save As option, on the File menu. Now, from the Browse option you need to select the location where you wish to save your new Excel file. At the end, you need to use a unique file name just to save the workbook.

  2. Move The Original Worksheets To A New Workbook: For this, first you have to press shift + F11 together in order to add a filler worksheet to your workbook. After this, you should group entire worksheets (accept the filler) and then hit on the first sheet. Now, you need to hold and press the Shift key and then hit on the last sheet. At this point, you should right-click on the grouped sheets and then tap on Move or copy. At the end, in the To Book list you should hit on New Book and then tap on OK button.

  3. Save The File As A Different Excel File Type: You should hit on Save As option in the File Menu. Now in the Save as Type list, you need to choose a different file format.

  4. Save The File In HTML Format: For this, first of all on File menu you need to tap on Save As. Now in the Save as type list, you should tap on Web Page. At the end, you need to hit on save option.

  5. Restricted Permissions: Sometimes, the user receives the error, if in case they are having the restricted permissions to the folder in which they are saving the Excel file. Hence, if you save an Excel file then you should have the following given permissions: Read permission, Write permission, Modify permission and Delete permission.

  6. Network Connection Lost: This error occurs if you open the file from the network location then some parts of the workbook are not downloaded to the local computer. Such as, The Pivot Table Caches, the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and also the ActiveX objects are not downloaded to the local computer until they are used in the local Excel session. Hence, if the network connectivity is lost, then Excel cannot be able to access the file which is not downloaded to the local computer and then you cannot save the Excel file.

  7. Antivirus Software Conflict: If incase, you are trying to save the Excel workbook but due to the installed or running antivirus software, the user cannot be able to save Excel file. Hence, this error message occurs because there are some antivirus programs which immediately scan new files which display on your computer. The scanning process sometimes stops Excel from saving the file. As a result, you should disable the antivirus and again save the file.

For more help about Excel, the user should visit to the Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

How To Resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on the Clipboard Error?

When the user perform the task like cut, copy or paste, then they sometime face the issue We Couldn’t free up space on Clipboard Error. This issue occurs due to incomplete installation or improper deletion of software etc. In this blog, you will learn the solution of this problem. For help, the user should navigate to www.office.com/myaccount.

Method To Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on Clipboard Error:

  1. Look Into Event Viewer: First, you should look into the event viewer for the error code. For this, you should type Eventvwr.msc in Run Window. Then, you have to open the taskbar and just close and exit from this process. This will uninstall the entire program which is used to check the status.

  2.  Increase Virtual Memory: You should right-click on the My Computer and then click on Properties. After this, you should click on the Advanced tab and then tap on the settings option which is present under the performance section. Now, you should tap on the Visual Effects and then select the option “adjust for best performance”.

  3.  Check Software Installation: First, you should open the “Control Panel”. After this, you should select “Programs” and then tap on “Uninstall a Program“. Now, you should sort the list by “Installed On”. If the user find that another new program gets installed which can cause the issue, then you should uninstall it in order to clear this issue.

  4.  Stop Keeping Copy Of Snips In Clipboard: You should press Windows + R keys together from the keyboard. Then in the opened Run Window, you should type “snippingtool” and then press OK button. Now, you should open Snipping Tool and then click on Options. At last, you should uncheck “Always copy snips to the Clipboard”.

  5. Open Clipboard In Windows: First, you should go to the start menu and then in the run box, you should type clipbrd.exe. It will open the Clipboard. Or, you should visit to the Windows\System32 directory and then just double tap on the exe.

  6. Verify Remote Desktop Application: For this, you should start your Task Manager just by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or by hitting on CTRL+ALT+DELETE. After this, you should go to the processes tab. Here, the remote desktop application is the culprit and you can locate rdclip.exe and then close it.

  7.  Hide Microsoft Services: You should go to the Services tab and then types msconfig.exe in the search files/programs box. After this, you should check on the option “Hide all Microsoft Services”. Then in the list, it will hide the Microsoft Services. Here, you can disable/enable these services one by one and then just check your problem is resolved or not. When you disable a service, then you should restart your excel and then check the issue is there or not. Through this way, the user can find the culprit application.

With this above method, the user can resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free up Space on the Clipboard Error. If the user need any sort of help related to MS Excel Application, then visit to the official site via www.office.com/setup.

Where Deleted MS Excel Files Go, If it is not in Recycle Bin?

If you are the regular user of MS Excel application, then you must have face the problem of unintentional deletion of Excel file. Generally, the deleted files get in to the Recycle Bin but if your deleted file is not in Recycle Bin then this creates a problem for you. In this blog, you will read how you can recover your deleted files which are not in Recycle Bin. If you want more assistance, then you can contact to the expert of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.

Recover Deleted MS Excel File, When not in Recycle Bin:Office.com/setup

Method 1: Retrieve unsaved Excel File or Workbook:

MS Excel has inbuilt file recovery tools through which you can recover Excel data.

1: Auto Recover File Location:

For this, you have to open your Excel workbook and then click on File tab. Then you should select the Options which are at the bottom. In the next Window, you have to click on the Save option. Now, there is a Auto Recover file location. And it has the path of your auto saved document. You just have to copy this path. After this, open your File Explorer and paste the path and hit enter key. Here you will see the last save of your document and it starts with the name “MYDOC.” Just click on it to open the file. You have to right-click on the Microsoft Excel Binary file and then select Open option. At the end, select Excel and click on Ok button.

2: Recover From Recent File Option:

First, open your Excel file and click on “File” option. Now from the File menu, you have to choose the Open. In the opened Window, you will see the option “Recover Unsaved Workbooks” and just click on it. Here you have to Search for the Excel file which you need to recover. When you get it, just click on save option. This helps to retrieve your Excel workbook.

Method 2: Retrieve The Deleted Excel File That Has Been Saved:

1: Try Automatic Solution For Deleted Excel File Recovery:

If you want to recover deleted Excel file which you do not found in Recycle Bin then you should use the Excel Recovery tool. This tool helps to recover corrupt/deleted Excel files in few minutes and this tool also helps in fixing Excel error. Through this, you can recover your deleted chart sheet, table, cell comment, image, cell comment, formula etc.

2: Restoring Files From Backup:

For this, first you should go to your system Control Panel and then select Backup and Restore option. After this, click on Restore my files option and follow the instructions in the wizard.

3: Restoring Excel Files From Previous Version:

For this, first you have to go to the folder, which contains your deleted Excel file. You have to right click on it and just click on ‘Restore previous versions’. You will see the list file version and you have to choose Excel version from that list.

This method helps to recover your files when it is not in Recycle bin. But if you want more information then just visits to the site of MS Office via www.office.com/setup.

Advanced MS Excel Skills You Should Know

Microsoft Office is the excellent software which is consists of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook. You can install this excellent software through office.com/setup. This software helps the common computer user, a professional. It gives user friendly interface and supports all the gadgets like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. It saves lot of time and money of the customer. It increases the productivity of the organization and helps the employees to do their work efficiently and effectively. MS Excel is the very useful application of MS Office and it is used for creating spreadsheets. Those who are the regular user of MS Excel must know the advanced skills of MS Excel. In this blog, you will read the advanced skills of MS Excel which everybody should know.

What are the Advanced Skills of MS Excel?

  1. Choose the Right Layout: The first thing for creating a spreadsheet, you should do a little planning. Then you should understand your data, and make a layout of your spreadsheet so that you can achieve what you want. This will make your work easier and accurate.
  2. Use Fill Function: This function makes your work easier and less time-consuming. For creating a complex report, you can make use of the Excel’s “Fill Across Sheets” tool. Through this you can duplicate one sheet across many others quickly.
  3. Use Named Ranges: You should use named ranges, in this you do not have to put the symbols on anchor refs. You can use names in formulas, or you can select a named range. Through this, you can create a named range on one sheet and you can also use that name on other sheet.
  4. Formatting: When you create your spreadsheet, first you have to enter data or review data. You can select the fonts, sizes and colors, so that your spreadsheet becomes easy to understand. You can use Bold or Italics, for the headers so that there is a difference between the data and the header. Use this formatting till last one.
  5. Protecting Your Work: It is very important to protect your Excel file. You can prevent others for making any changes in your Excel sheet. You can secure formula cells by stop any other changes, and also stop the rows and columns from being resized. It stops the user from making any changes in the structure of the workbook.
  6. Use Keyword Shortcuts: Basically, users use mouse to do action in Excel, but if you use the keyboard it will make your work easy and also speed up your work and saves time.
  7. Converting to PDF: If you really want your client to look at the data of your spreadsheet, then you should convert your spreadsheet to PDF. You do not require any software for converting spreadsheet to PDF.

If you want to know more about MS Excel, then you can visit to the official website of MS Office through www.office.com/setup. 

Excel Filter to Save Time and Money

Microsoft Office is the famous software which is used for homes and businesses. It has amazing applications which make the work of the user easy. You can install this well known software through www.office.com/setup. It provide user friendly interface and it is developed by Microsoft. Its apps are MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc. It supports many devices like Window OS, Mac, Laptop, Computers and Android Phones. This software helps the user in formatting, editing, creating text document and making presentation etc. In this blog, how you can filter data in Excel.

Easy Method to Filter Data in MS Excel:

  1. Enter In The Search Bar: For this, first you have to add filters to your data. Then, you have to open the filter drop down and just click on the search bar. Now in the search bar, you have to type the name which you want to filter. When you do this, it will filter the entire values where word is presented. At last, you have to click OK button.
  2. Filter by Color: Filter by color is used to filter values. If you highlight some cells in the worksheet with color, it can be easily filtered out. For this, first you have to apply a filter to your data. Then you have to open the filter drop-down. After this, go to Filter by color and then you should choose the color for which you want to filter. When you click on the color, this will filter the whole cells with the red color.
  3. Add a Condition with OR: It works well with more than one situation. For this, first you have to add filters to your data. Then for the column where you want to filter data and after this, open filter drop down. Now you have to select go to and then choose Text Filters and then click on Custom Filters. Here you will see the window appears to select filters options. Now from this window you have to choose “contains” from both the drop downs. After this, in the input bar you have to type “name” and in second input bar enter “other option”. Now from the options button you have to choose “Or”. At the end, click on OK button.
  4. Pre-Defined Date Parameters: Here there are so many options where you can filter date. There are 21 filter options for dates. If you want to filter custom data, then you can use custom filters. Year to Date: This is used if you want to filter the whole data from the year starting to till date. All Dates in a Period: This is used to filter whole dates in a particular month or quarter.
  5. Filter Top 10 Values: First you have to apply filters. Then from the column where you want to filter and then open filter drop down. After this, you have to select Go to and then you have to select Number Filters. After this, click on Top 10. Then the pop-up window will open up. From that window, you have to choose the following things like Top or Bottom Values, Number of Values, and Type of Filter. After this, click on OK button.

These are some of the tips which help to filter data, for more details you can visit to the site of MS Office via office.com/setup.