How To Fix Microsoft Windows Search Indexer High CPU Usage?

If the user is facing the issue of Search Indexer High CPU usage, then it will affect the PC performance. To fix this issue, you should restart associated service, adjust the indexing setting and use repair software. For details linked with the issues, go to

Method to Fix Microsoft Windows Search Indexer High CPU Usage:

1. Use Repair Software:

If the user is facing problem with Search Indexer high CPU usage, then you should fix it by using Restoro tool. This repair tool can fix the PC issues automatically. It will scan your computer for issues and then you can fix it, with few clicks without additional user input. Restoro tool can fix the issues of Windows issues, missing DLL files, BSOD errors, freezes, crashes, and high CPU usage.

2. Restart Windows Search Service:

To fix this issue, you should restart the Windows Search service. For this, you should hit on Win key + R key together and then enter services.msc in Run’s text box. After this, tap on Run’s OK button in order to open the Services window. Now, you should scroll down to Windows Search. Here, you should double-tap on Windows Search in order to open its configuration settings. At this point, you should choose Disabled option from the Startup type menu and press Stop button. Then, tap on Apply and OK buttons and just Restart Windows OS. Again, you should open the Windows Search service window. Here from the Startup type drop-down menu, you should choose Automatic (Delayed Start). At last, you should tap on Start option and then hit on Apply and OK buttons in order to restart Windows Search.

3.  Reduce Amount of Indexed Data:

For this, you should open Indexing Options and then tap on Cortana taskbar button. After this, you should enter indexing in the search box. Now, tap on Indexing Options in order to open the window. At this point, hit on Modify button just to open the Indexed Locations window. Then, you should tap on arrow next to the C: drive just to expand its folders. Next, just deselect the check boxes to remove indexed locations and then press on OK button. At last, tap on Close button on the Indexing Options window.

4. Rebuild the Index:

First, you have to open Indexing Options. After this, tap on Modify button and then deselect all the selected locations except the C: drive. Now, you have to tap on OK button to return to the Indexing Options window. At this point, tap on Advanced button in order to open the tab. In the Index Setting tab, you should press Rebuild button. It will open the dialog box and then press OK button to confirm and just rebuild the index.

5. Switch Search Indexer off:

The customer should enter the keyword ‘windows features’ in the Control Panel’s search box. After this, tap on Turn windows features on or off in order to open the window. Now, you should deselect the Windows Search check box. At this point, you should tap on OK button to confirm the new settings. At last, Reboot your desktop.

Through this above process, you can fix Microsoft Window Search Indexer High CPU Usage. For help, go to

How To Resolve Microsoft Office 365 Known Issues And Errors?

Microsoft Office is the popular suite but sometimes while using it the users face errors. To fix those errors, you should read the method to fix Microsoft Office 365 known issues. For help, go to or  

Method To Resolve Microsoft Office 365 Known Issues And Errors:

1. Microsoft Office 365 Login Issues:

Check Credentials and Change Login Format:

You can fix this issue, just by changing the login format.

The user can also encounter this issue because of Generic Credential with a Persistence set to Session. Hence, you should find the problematic credential and just delete it. For this, you should tap on Win Key + S at the same time and then input Control Panel. Here, you should choose the Credential Manager. At last, you should find the problematic credentials and then recreate them.

Recreate your Email Profile:

To remove Microsoft Office credentials and your profile. For this, you should open Outlook and then visit to File. After this, you should tap on Account Settings and then hit on Manage Profiles. At this point, you should choose Show Profiles. Now, you should choose your profile and then tap on Remove button.

After this, you should create a new Outlook profile. For this, you should open Outlook. Then, you have to visit to File and then tap on Account Settings. Here, you should tap on Manage Profiles and then tap on Show Profiles and then hit on Add. Next, you should input the profile name and then tap on OK button. At last, follow the directions to finish the account creation process. When you create a new account, then check the issue is fixed or not.

Update Office to Latest Version:

For this, you should open Office application. After this, you should visit to File and then tap on Account. Now, you should click on Update Options and then tap on Update Now button. Here, you will find Office will download all the available updates and just install it. When the updates are installed, then check the issue is solved.

2. Microsoft Office 365 Activation Issues:

Switch off Windows Firewall:

The customer can switch off the firewall through Control Panel. After this, you should input Windows Firewall in the Start search box and then open the Control Panel tab. Now, you should tap on Turn Windows Firewall on or off which is on the left side of the tab. At last, you should choose the option Turn off Windows Firewall.

Repair MS Office Suite:

First of all, you need to choose Programs and Features option to open the Control Panel tab. After this, right-tap on the MS Office suite and just choose Change option. It will open the Office diagnostic tool. Here, you should choose Quick Repair option in the window. Or, the user can choose the Online Repair option just to reinstall the suite. At last, tap on Repair button and then follow the directions of diagnostic wizard.

Reset TCP/IP in Command Prompt:

You should choose Command Prompt as Admin in the Win + X menu. After this, input the netsh int ip reset resettcpip.txt command in the Prompt window and then hit on Return key.

With this above method, you can solve Microsoft Office 365 Known issues and errors. For assistance, hit on

How To Fix If Most of the Features Have Been Disabled in MS Office?

Microsoft Office is the amazing software which provides advanced features for the convenience of user which saves their time and money. And this advanced software can be installed via But sometimes users face issues which ruin the experience of the user. So, it is very essential that you should stay up to date. In this blog, you will read the solution of the issue If Most of the Features have been disabled.

Method To Fix If Most of the Features Have Been Disabled:

1. After Trial version, Just Activate your Microsoft Office 365:

First of all, in the Microsoft Activation Wizard window you should select which you wish to activate the product just by using the Internet. After this, you should tap on Next option, if in case you have purchased. Now, you need to download the Microsoft product. Here, you do not need any product key. At this point, you must follow the on-screen directions. At last, you should tap on Next option and then press Enter key in order to finish the activation process.

2. Check the Status of your Subscription:

You should close all Office apps. Then, you need to visit to your Services and Subscriptions page. After this, you should select Sign in and then just enter the email address and password of the Microsoft account. Here, you need to check the details which are under the Subscriptions or Cancelled subscriptions heading. If in case, your subscription has expired, then from here you can renew it. When you renew your subscription, then you should restart Word or Excel. For more info, the user should hit on

3. Run Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant:

First, you should download Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant. After this, you need to Install the application on your PC and then run it. Here, you need to select Office and then click on Next option. At last, just you need to follow the on-screen directions to fix your Office activation issue.

4. Reinstall Office:

First, you need to delete Office from your PC and then again reinstall it. Because, if you Sign out of Office, it does not uninstall automatically. So for this, you should Sign out of Office and then completely uninstall Office. For this, you should use one of the amazing tools. Now, you need to Sign back in with your Microsoft account. Here, you need to select Install Office from the Office home page. At this point, you should select Run/ Setup/ Save File, according to your browser. The method is complete, when you see the message You’re all set! Office is installed now.

The above method helps to fix the issue If Most of the Features have been Disabled. If in case, user need any sort of help then they can anytime visit to the site of MS Office via

What are the Reasons you should Choose Microsoft Office 365?

‌Microsoft Office is the famous productivity suite developed by Microsoft for the convenience of the people. This software introduces many applications so that in this digital world, the work of the people becomes easier and it is estimated that no other organization has the ability to compete with this software. You can install this software through It has many apps like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access and MS Outlook etc. And all apps have different functions like formatting, editing, creating text document, making presentations and used for making professional presentation. In this blog, you will read the reasons to choose Microsoft Office 365.

Reasons you should Choose Microsoft Office 365:

Use the MS Office tools: Office 365 has the tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, OneNote, Publisher and PowerPoint. With the help of these tools you can see you can edit documents which you are using, synchronize documents with your desktop, broadcast PowerPoint presentations, and also check the documents online.
Simple to learn and easy to use Office 365 is easy to learn and use. You can easily create a account and can save all your data “in the cloud” so that you can access your data anywhere and anytime. This data will be very helpful when there is threat or damage of device.
Communicate and collaborate with ease: You can share your files both inside and outside of your company, from a single location and you can also add many people to work with you. You can also send messages to your colleagues and customers. You can also invite them for a online meetings.
No need to be an IT expert: Office 365 has simple applications which can be easily used by the common computer users. You can perform administrative tasks by just using an intuitive portal. The online portal gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to add users and set up your account so that you employees can quickly start using Office 365 without having any kind of problem.
Access Anywhere Anytime: Office 365 gives you the online cloud storage facility. In this you can store the backup of your valuable data and can access the document anywhere anytime. You can also access email and documents from your mobile device. You view and edit documents from anywhere from any device anytime.

If you want more details, you can call the customer care expert anytime on their toll free number. You can also go to the site of MS Office via

How you can use Microsoft Office App For Android?

Microsoft Office is the popular software which is consists of many applications. All the applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc perform different functions for the convenience of people. This software becomes the major player because it is used in all the organizations, firms, hospitals, offices and homes also. You can install this software through This software is reliable and compatible to all the devices. It is very easy to use and has a friendly user interface. In this blog, you will learn how to use Microsoft Office app for Android Phones.

Setup MS Office for Android Phones:

To setup MS Office, first you have to launch the Office app, and then you have to click on Connect your Account. Then you have to give your email, phone number, or Skype username. After this, just press Next option. Now you have to input your password. Here you can also use the Microsoft Authenticator app to access your account. Then just tap on Sign in option. Here you will see files related to that account in the  app. Now just click on Home option and then tap a program to see those file types and here you can choose Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Settings you Can Modify in Android Phones:

  1. File preferences: Through this setting you can open files in the mobile view and you can also set a default storage location for new files.
  2. Automatic downloads:  It downloads the recent files by default, and also allows automatic downloads by using mobile data.
  3. Notifications: Through this you will get an alert notification when someone shares a file with you and when someone edits a shared file.
  4. More: Through this you will get the Help and support, set Privacy and permissions, Send feedback and Reset Office.
  5. Help and support: This contains the links to the app’s support page.
  6. Privacy and permissions: This outlines the data which you agree to share.
  7. Send feedback: In this you will get three options: I like something, I don’t like something, and I have an idea. With this, you can attach a screenshot.
  8. Reset Office: This erases the local data and also the user profiles. This will sign you out, and you will lose the data which you have not saved.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through You can also call on their toll free number any time.