How to Resolve If Task Manager is Slow To Open or Respond?

Sometimes the users face the issue like Task Manager is slow to open or respond. So, in this blog you will read the solution to fix Task Manager is slow to open or respond. But if the user still need help, then they can contact Microsoft via at anytime.

Solution to Fix If Task Manager is Slow To Open or Respond:

  1. Check your Antivirus: If Task Manager is slow to respond, then might be the issue is with your antivirus. As many users complaints that antivirus caused this problem. To solve the issue, you should change a couple of settings.You should make sure that the Task Manager isn’t blocked by antivirus. For this, you should go to the Block/Allow Files section and then click on the Add File button.Now, you should select taskmgr.exe and you will find it in C:Windowssystem32 directory. Here, you should select Task Manager from the list and just set it to Allow.Youshould do the same in the Application Protection section. Here, you have to Add Task Manager and then just set it to Allow.
  2. Disable PowerShell: First, in the Search field you should enter windows features. Then, you have to select Turn Windows features on or off from the list of results. Now, Windows Features window will open, you just have to locate Windows PowerShell 2.0 on the list and then uncheck it. At this point, you should click on OK button to save changes. At last, just restart your PC.
  3. Create New User Account: For this, you should open the Settings app and then go to the Accounts section. If you want to open the Settings app, then you should use Windows Key + I shortcut. Here, you have to select Family & other people from the menu which is on the left side of the screen. At this point, you should click on Add someone else to this PC which is in the right side. Now, you should choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. Then, you have to select Add a user without a Microsoft account. At last, you just have to enter the specific username and password for the new account and then click on Next option.
  4. Perform a chkdsk scan: For this, you have to open Command Prompt as administrator. Then, you should press Windows Key + X altogether or you should right-click the Start button. Now, you should choose Command Prompt as an Admin or PowerShell as an Admin from the menu. When the Command Prompt opens, you should type chkdsk /f :X and then press Enter key. Always keep in mind, you should replace :X with your system drive letter. In many cases, it is C. Now, the Command Prompt will ask you to schedule a scan for the next restart and also press Y to confirm.

The above method will help you to resolve the issue if Task Manager is Slow To Open or respond. For technical support, contact Microsoft via

How You Can Connect Your Android Phone To PC?

There are many ways by which you can connect your Android Phone to your computer and it also gives you faster connection. Mostly Android Phones have USB cables; you can use it to connect with your PC. But there are other wireless options with which you can connect your Android with PC like by using Air Droid, Bluetooth and Microsoft Your Phone App. Microsoft Office is the great software with many application which helps the user in different ways. It increases the productivity, saves time and money. You can install this amazing software through  It has many different apps for the convenience of the user like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. This is made by Microsoft for both home and business purpose. In this article, you will read how you can connect your Android to PC.

Connect Your Android Phone To PC with USB:

First, you have to connect the micro-USB end of the cable to your Android Phone, and then connect the USB end to your computer. Then you’ll see a USB connection notification in your Android Phone. After this, you have to click the notification, and then click on Transfer files. Now in your computer, you will get the notification what you’d like to do with the new USB device. Just select this notification in your computer. This will open a window, here you have to select Open device to view files. Here when you will open Windows Explorer, you just have to select This PC and then your device will be available. Now you have to select the device so that you can browse all the folders and files of your phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC Through Air Droid:

For this, you have to install AirDroid from Google Play in your Android device. Then you have to open the app and just enable the features which you want to use. You have to create a New Air Droid account. After this, go to the AirDroid Web, and then you log in the account which you have created. Here you will see the main dashboard. On the right, you will see a toolbox and on the left, you’ll see all the apps. Just you have to select the Files app in your phone to transfer files. After this, you have to select the Messages app to view the stored messages in your phone. You can also control the camera of your Android phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC through Bluetooth:

First you have to turn on the bluetooth of your Android device and your computer. Then you can see your computer show up on your Android in the available device. You just have to click on the device to pair with it. Then you will see a pair code on the PC as well as on your android device. Now you have to Tap Pair to complete the connection. When it is connected, right-click the Bluetooth icon in your PC, and then you has to select Send a File or Receive a File. Now browse the file in your PC which you want to transfer. After this, just select Next option. This will transfer a file from your PC to your Android.

Connect Android Phone To PC with Microsoft Your Phone:

First, Install the Microsoft Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store in your PC and in your Android. Now in your computer you have to select Android as the phone type with which you want to connect to. Then click on Get started option. Now computer will connect to the Android Phone. Then you have to select Photos to view all photos in your phone and then select Messages to view messages, in your computer through your Android phone. After this, select Notifications to view all notifications in your Android phone.

These procedures will help you to connect your Phone with your PC. For more information, just go to the site of MS Office via

How You Can Use New Office App for Windows?

How You Can Use New Office App for Windows?

Microsoft Office is the software which cares for its customer. They kept on introducing latest apps so that the work of the user becomes easier and faster. No other software has the capabilities like MS Office. It has lots of apps and all the apps perform different functions. You can install this software through New Office App is the improved version of Office App. In this blog, you will learn how to use New Office App for Windows.

Download New Office App:

If you have My Office app on your Windows 10 device, then you only have to update it from the Microsoft Store so that you get the latest version. But if do not have the Office app, then you should first launch the Microsoft Store app and then you have to search for “Office.” After this, you have to locate the Office app and then you have to select Install. Once you install, then you have to select Launch to start using the new Office app.

Office App and New Office App:


You can download for free in the Microsoft Store. You can overview of your Office 365 account, and get the access to your subscriptions, payments, and billing information. You will get quick links to your documents. You can launch any of the office apps.


The difference between the Office app and the new Office app is through new version of Office app you can connect to the free Office Online version if it does not detect the Office 365 apps.

Features of New Office App:

Through New Office App you can access your all Office files wherever it is stored locally or in the cloud. The most recently accessed files will be listed on the top of the list under documents. It also gives tutorial links for the Office Online products. You can share all your files with your Microsoft account, and it does not matter where you access the Office app. You can access all Office app from a single location. The Office app will also upload files to your OneDrive account whether the file is stored locally or in the Office Online app. For this you just have to select the file, and then you have to select Upload and open.

For more details or information, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through For customer support, call the customer care executive any time.

How you can use Microsoft Office App For Android?

Microsoft Office is the popular software which is consists of many applications. All the applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Outlook etc perform different functions for the convenience of people. This software becomes the major player because it is used in all the organizations, firms, hospitals, offices and homes also. You can install this software through This software is reliable and compatible to all the devices. It is very easy to use and has a friendly user interface. In this blog, you will learn how to use Microsoft Office app for Android Phones.

Setup MS Office for Android Phones:

To setup MS Office, first you have to launch the Office app, and then you have to click on Connect your Account. Then you have to give your email, phone number, or Skype username. After this, just press Next option. Now you have to input your password. Here you can also use the Microsoft Authenticator app to access your account. Then just tap on Sign in option. Here you will see files related to that account in the  app. Now just click on Home option and then tap a program to see those file types and here you can choose Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

Settings you Can Modify in Android Phones:

  1. File preferences: Through this setting you can open files in the mobile view and you can also set a default storage location for new files.
  2. Automatic downloads:  It downloads the recent files by default, and also allows automatic downloads by using mobile data.
  3. Notifications: Through this you will get an alert notification when someone shares a file with you and when someone edits a shared file.
  4. More: Through this you will get the Help and support, set Privacy and permissions, Send feedback and Reset Office.
  5. Help and support: This contains the links to the app’s support page.
  6. Privacy and permissions: This outlines the data which you agree to share.
  7. Send feedback: In this you will get three options: I like something, I don’t like something, and I have an idea. With this, you can attach a screenshot.
  8. Reset Office: This erases the local data and also the user profiles. This will sign you out, and you will lose the data which you have not saved.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of MS Office through You can also call on their toll free number any time.