How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel?

How to make a pie chart in Microsoft Excel?

MS Office software is consisting of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. Every application makes the work of the organization easier and faster. This software can be easily installed through Here we discuss about how to create a Pie chart in MS Excel using Excel Chart Wizard.

Short Guide of creating Pie Chart in MS Excel:

Here you will understand how to create a pie chart in MS Excel but if you do not understand properly then go to the site .

    1. Enter the Pie Chart Data: It does not matter what type of chart you want to create. First you have to create the Excel chart and then enter the data into the worksheet.
    2. Select the pie chart data:  First of all with the mouse, highlight the cells which contain the data which you want to include into the graph. Now use the keyboard, you have to click on the top left of the graph data. After this, hold down the shift key. Now use the arrow keys, to select the data which is to be included in the pie chart.
    3. Start the Chart Wizard: For starting the Excel Chart Wizard, you have to click on the Chart Wizard icon on the standard toolbar. Now click Insert and then Chart in the menu.
    4. The Excel Chart Wizard: First you have to choose the Pie Chart Type in the left hand pane. Then choose the Pie with a 3 D visual effect chart. After this click on Next.
    5. Preview your Chart:  First of all select your data, before starting the Excel chart wizard. Then on your Spreadsheet, the data has been included in the chart and it is surrounded by the marching ants. There is a animated black border around your data. Below the preview window, there is a box containing the cell references of the data range. Make sure you select the right data range in the spreadsheet.
    6. Customize your Chart: For customizing your chart, click on the Titles tab which is at the top of the chart wizard dialog box. Now in chart title box, you have to type the title. After this click on the data labels tab which is at the top of the chart wizard dialog box. Now in the label contains section click on the percentage option. If the chart in the preview window looks right then click on Next.
    7. Choose where your chart should go: Here you click on the radio button to place the chart as an object in Sheet 1 and click on finish. Your pie chart is created.
    8. Add color to the Pie chart: Change the background color of the chart. For this, right click with the mouse anywhere on the white background to open the drop down menu. Now click on the Format Chart Area to open the Format Chart Area dialog box. Then click on the pattern tab, to select the color. At last click on OK.

If you have any kind of problem in creating the Pie Chart then you can visit to the official website of Or you can contact to the customer care for Microsoft Office account and assistance.

Solution to fix MS Office Error Code 1058-4

Solution to fix MS Office Error Code 1058-4

MS Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft. It is consist of MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Skype for business. This software makes the work of every organization easier and comfortable. And this software is useful in schools, colleges, offices, business, and also for institutions. This software is used for creating text documents, making presentations and also for making spreadsheets. This is very easy to install via But sometime user faces some difficulty in installing MS Office and faces this error code 1058-4.

Causes for MS Office Error Code 1058-4:

The reasons for this error code 1058-4 are if you have a corrupted system files on your Window due to some malware, Antivirus Software blocks the installation process, because of the strict firewall policy you are not able to access the internet  and download files for installation. If you have the older version of Office suite then this error will occur, and also because of the strict internet rules the installer is not able to access the internet and download files for installation.

Solution to fix Error Code 1058-4:

Solution 1: Repair your MS Office from the Control Panel:

For this first of all, go to the start menu and type the Program and Feature and open the first selection. Then search for the Microsoft Office and double click it. After this click on Repair option and then tap on Next button. Repairing Microsoft Office will fix the issue.

Solution 2: Delete Microsoft Office Suite and then Re-install :

The error occurs because of the old version of MS Office, so for this first you have to uninstall the old version of Office. For this, first download the Office Uninstall Support Tool. After downloading, run the utility. But if you get any prompts of installation then click on install. Then select the version of office you want to uninstall and then click on Next. After this restart your system and install MS Office.

Solution 3: Turn off your Antivirus:

Antivirus software may be blocking the features of MS Office installer, so for this you can turn off the temporarily antivirus software to remove the error code.

Solution 4: Turn off the Window Firewall:

Strict firewall policy interrupts the MS Office installation. For disable Window Firewall, then go to the Control Panel, search for Window Firewall. Click on “Turn Window Firewall on or off”. After this click on the “Turn off Window Defender Firewall” for Public and Private Networks. At the ends click on OK.

Solution 5: Perform SFC scan:

First go to the start menu and type the command sfc/scannow in the command prompt without the quotation. The scan will begin and it will take minutes. After the scan completes, exit from the command and install MS Office again.

Beside following the procedure, if you are still having problem in solving the error you can contact to the customer care via setup.  They will solve your problem in minutes.

Get Start and Enter Your 25 Digit Office Product key

Get Start and Enter Your 25 Digit Office Product key

We finished Office Setup so simple that you may easily run the setup by visiting and enter the product key to get started with

Microsoft Office is a comprehensive tool for Office and home. It is very valuable for students and working professionally as it includes so many desktop applications like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Access and many others.

Microsoft word offers you the feature to split the window, using this you can split your pc window into two parts and then work on both the windows simultaneously. The Microsoft Word may be used to write professional blogs, letters, and other documentation related work and allows you to preview your work before the final submission. MS Excel gives you the power to create spreadsheets and it keeps all your recorded on your pc and you will use it anytime later when needed. Office setup 2010 for home & student comes with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc.

You can use office product for professional and personal use. To download a trial version or free version of Microsoft office setup, you can visit and download the Microsoft office setup online for 30 days trial. The trial version of Microsoft office setup can give you the access to all of its application but with few restrictions. Users can use Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word in their trial version also. Once you opt for 30 days or 1-month trial version then after 30 days you will be notified to Buy the product. Then you can renew the subscription of your office product by just visiting and signing in to your Microsoft account which is associated with the version of your Microsoft Office product.

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Make and share Office documents (Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online, or OneNote Online)

  • Store, open, and share online files (OneDrive)
  • Send and receive email (
  • Maintain an online calendar (Calendar)
  • Manage your contacts list (People) Office Setup

Sign in once in the upper-right corner, and then switch easily between all these services. Just press the down-arrow next to the provision you’re using to switch to another provision. Sign in to your Microsoft Office Setup account

Your username is the email address you use to sign in to Microsoft services like or even Xbox Live. It’s known as your Microsoft account, but it doesn’t need to be a Microsoft email address; it’s whatever email address you want to use—the same way you sign in to any number of services on the Website, like Facebook or Twitter.

Once you’re signed in, the documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and notebooks you create in the Office Online programs are stored in your OneDrive (formerly called SkyDrive). You will share them via link and work on them with other people. In the Office Online programs, you can work together at the same time and see each other’s changes directly.

You can also open these online documents in the Office programs you have installed on your System, and work on them while they’re stored in your OneDrive. Office Setup

Office Online runs in your web browser. There’s nothing to download or install. includes many free templates likewise, so you don’t need to start from scratch every time you create a flyer, calendar, invoice, budget, school project, photo album, or many other kinds of documents.

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