How You Can Connect Your Android Phone To PC?

There are many ways by which you can connect your Android Phone to your computer and it also gives you faster connection. Mostly Android Phones have USB cables; you can use it to connect with your PC. But there are other wireless options with which you can connect your Android with PC like by using Air Droid, Bluetooth and Microsoft Your Phone App. Microsoft Office is the great software with many application which helps the user in different ways. It increases the productivity, saves time and money. You can install this amazing software through  It has many different apps for the convenience of the user like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. This is made by Microsoft for both home and business purpose. In this article, you will read how you can connect your Android to PC.

Connect Your Android Phone To PC with USB:

First, you have to connect the micro-USB end of the cable to your Android Phone, and then connect the USB end to your computer. Then you’ll see a USB connection notification in your Android Phone. After this, you have to click the notification, and then click on Transfer files. Now in your computer, you will get the notification what you’d like to do with the new USB device. Just select this notification in your computer. This will open a window, here you have to select Open device to view files. Here when you will open Windows Explorer, you just have to select This PC and then your device will be available. Now you have to select the device so that you can browse all the folders and files of your phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC Through Air Droid:

For this, you have to install AirDroid from Google Play in your Android device. Then you have to open the app and just enable the features which you want to use. You have to create a New Air Droid account. After this, go to the AirDroid Web, and then you log in the account which you have created. Here you will see the main dashboard. On the right, you will see a toolbox and on the left, you’ll see all the apps. Just you have to select the Files app in your phone to transfer files. After this, you have to select the Messages app to view the stored messages in your phone. You can also control the camera of your Android phone.

Connect Android Phone to PC through Bluetooth:

First you have to turn on the bluetooth of your Android device and your computer. Then you can see your computer show up on your Android in the available device. You just have to click on the device to pair with it. Then you will see a pair code on the PC as well as on your android device. Now you have to Tap Pair to complete the connection. When it is connected, right-click the Bluetooth icon in your PC, and then you has to select Send a File or Receive a File. Now browse the file in your PC which you want to transfer. After this, just select Next option. This will transfer a file from your PC to your Android.

Connect Android Phone To PC with Microsoft Your Phone:

First, Install the Microsoft Your Phone app from the Microsoft Store in your PC and in your Android. Now in your computer you have to select Android as the phone type with which you want to connect to. Then click on Get started option. Now computer will connect to the Android Phone. Then you have to select Photos to view all photos in your phone and then select Messages to view messages, in your computer through your Android phone. After this, select Notifications to view all notifications in your Android phone.

These procedures will help you to connect your Phone with your PC. For more information, just go to the site of MS Office via

How you can Disable Microsoft Team Auto-Start on Window 10?

Microsoft Office is the software which helps in scheduling meetings, conferences, formatting, editing, creating text document and also used for making professional presentation etc. Its apps are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook etc. You can install all the application of this software through It is very easy to use and also offer user friendly interface to its customer. Microsoft Team helps in communicating with the co-workers, schedule meetings, and manage projects when you work from home or even if you are in the office. It is both for large and small scale businesses. In this blog, you will read how to disable Microsoft Team Auto-Start.

Benefits Of Microsoft Team Auto-Start:

Microsoft Team Auto-Start helps to save time because if you open Microsoft Teams manually, it takes time. If Microsoft Team is always open, then you will not miss any important work-related messages. This makes the work easy for the users. It is helpful for those who forget to open it manually.

Why you should Stop Microsoft Team from Loading Automatically?

People stop Microsoft Team from loading automatically because it distracts when it pops up on its own when you start your PC. It also slows down the older computers. If this app is enabled than people can contact you all the time. Other people can easily gain access to your private data.

How you can Stop Microsoft Team From Starting Automatically?

You can easily disable Microsoft Teams from starting automatically. You can do it directly within the app and it does not need any advanced coding and knowledge. For this, first you have to open the Microsoft Teams app on your computer. Then you have to click your profile picture which is located on the top-right hand side of the screen. In case, if you do not see your profile picture, then you have to log in. But if you don’t have an account, then you have to uninstall Microsoft Teams. After this, you have to click on Settings option. Now you have to uncheck the box which is next to Auto-start application. In future, when you start Windows 10, then Microsoft Teams will not open automatically.

This procedure will help you to disable Microsoft Team Auto-Start, but if you want more information then you can call the expert of MS Office. For details, you can go to its site through

Resolve Update Error 0x80070422 on Window 10

Microsoft Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft and includes many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook etc. This software is both for the businesses and offices. This software can be installing through

This error basically occurs when you try to update Window 10 through Window update. This error does not allow you to download Window updates. But updates are very important for your device. So, when you want to update your Window and you face the error, you can fix the error by following steps.

How to Resolve Update Error 0x80070422?

Step 1: Check Window Update Service is running:

For this, first open the Control Panel and then visit to the Administrative Tools. After this go to find and run Services. Now, services window will open then find the Windows Update service and double click on it so that it opens the Properties. In Windows Update Properties you have to find Startup Type then choose Automatic. Check if the status is not running, then click on Start option. At the end click Ok to save the settings you have made and restart your computer.

Step 2: Turn off IPv6:

First, you have to open Control Panel and then you have to go to Network and Sharing Center. After this, find the connection and right-click on it then choose Properties. Then look at the list of items and after this find Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) and uncheck it. After this click OK to save the changes. Now, restart your computer and see if the issue still persists or not.

Step 3: Enable Feature Software Data:

First, you have to go to Start and type “regedit’ then hit the Enter key to launch the Registry Editor. After this, locate the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ Windows Update\Auto Update. Now, check the Enable Featured Software Data and set its value to 1. It totally depends on your Windows 10 version, to reach Enable Featured Software.

Step 4: Restart Network List Service:

For restart process, go to the Start option then type ‘run’ and then you have to double click the first result to launch Run. Now you have to type services.msc to launch the Windows Services. Then, just locate the Network List Service and right-click on it. After this, select the Restart button. Update your computer and see whether the still persist or not.

Step 5: Launch Window Update Troubleshooter:

First, you have to go to the Start option and right-click on it. Then choose Settings option. After this, you have to click on the Update & Security. Then choose Troubleshoot. Then, select the Windows Update and choose Run the troubleshooter. Wait for sometime so that Windows examine issues and troubleshoot them.

But if you are still facing the error then you can contact to the customer care for support. MS Office is installing through You can also call on the toll free number for assistance.

How to Make a Brochure in MS Word?

MS Office is the software which increases the productivity of every organization. It is developed by Microsoft and consists of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. It can install through This software is used for many purposes.

In MS Word, you can create text documents, formatting, editing, create presentations, resumes, and brochures etc. In this blog, we discuss about how to make brochures in Microsoft Word. Brochures are also known as leaflets, booklets, and pamphlets. These brochures are used for the promotion of business or charity event or play store. The brochure should be made which capture the attention of the reader. You can create brochures in MS Word by using template or from scratch.

To create a Brochure from Template:

You can create a brochure in MS Word from template, first you have to select the File option then go to New. After this, you have to search for the Online Templates text box, then type Brochure and press the Enter key. Here, you can choose the style you want and select create to download the Template. This will open the Template in New Word Document. Then select the sample text in any section and after this enter your custom text. After this, replace the sample text throughout the Template. If you want to customize the sample text you should change the color, font and size of the text. But if you want to change the image then select the image, right click on it and select Change Image. After this, change the location of the picture which you want to use. Go to the Image and select Insert. But if you want to change the color theme of the template then go to the Design Tab. After this, select the color drop down arrow and select the theme. When you finish the customization then save the changes you made to the document. If you want to print the double sided document, then go to the printer documentation.

To create a brochure in Word from Scratch:

If you want to create a brochure in Word from Scratch, first you have to change the document’s orientation. First, you should go to Layout Tab and then select Orientation and go to Landscape. If you want to add a second page for the double sided brochure.For this, you have to go to the Insert Tab and in the pages group. Now, choose the blank page. Then you have to choose number of columns. For this, go to the Layout Tab and you have to select columns. If you want to create a bi-fold brochure then choose Two or Three to create a Tri-fold brochure. Now if you want to format the text, select the text and go to Home Tab. Then choose a font, font size and color and add a bulleted list or numbered list. Now select the location in the document where you want to place the image. For this, go to the Insert Tab and select Picture. When you finished your customization, save the changes in the Brochure. If you want to print double sided document then refer to the printer documentation.

If you still have any doubts then go to the customer care executives for help and support via

The Basic Shortcut Keys in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office is the software which makes the work of each and every organization very easier and comfortable. There is no other software made till now which can compete with this MS Office software. This software can install through It has so many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Access etc. Each application has many functions.

There are some short keys which you can use to make your work easier and comfortable.

Short Key in MS Word:

Ctrl+0         spacing above the paragraph.

Ctrl+A        If you want to select all contents of the page.

Ctrl+B         Bold the highlighted paragraph or the selected content.

Ctrl+C         Copy the selected text.

Ctrl+D        if you want to open the font preferences window.

Ctrl+E         Aligns the line or selected text

Ctrl+F         If you want to open the find box.

Ctrl+I           If you want theItalic highlighted text.

Ctrl+J          Aligns the selected text

Ctrl+K         if you want to Insert a hyperlink.

Ctrl+L         Aligns selected text to the left of the computer screen.

Ctrl+N        Opens a new document.

Ctrl+O        Opens the dialog box or page.

Ctrl+P         If you want to open the print the document.

Ctrl+R         Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the computer  screen.

Ctrl+S         Save the open document.

Alt+X          Show the code of a highlighted character.

Ctrl+U        if you want to underline the selected text.

Ctrl+V         Paste.

Ctrl+W       Close the open document.

Ctrl+X         Cut the selected text.

Ctrl+Y         If you want to Redo the last action.

Ctrl+Z         If you to Undo the last action.

Ctrl+Shift+L         create a bullet point.

Ctrl+Shift+F         Change the font.

Ctrl+Shift+*         View or hide non printing characters.

Ctrl+<left arrow>        Moves one word to the left.

Ctrl+<right arrow>      Moves one word to the right.

Ctrl+<up arrow>          Moves to beginning of the line.

Ctrl+<down arrow>    Moves to the end of the paragraph.

Ctrl+Del                    Deletes word to right of cursor.

Ctrl+Backspace            Deletes word to left of cursor.

Ctrl+End     Moves the cursor to the end of the word file.

Ctrl+Home          Moves the cursor to the beginning of the word file.

Ctrl+Spacebar     Reset highlighted text to the default font.

Ctrl+1         Single-space lines.

Ctrl+2         Double-space lines.

Ctrl+5         1.5-line spacing.

Ctrl+F1       Open the Task Pane.

Ctrl+F2       Display the print preview.

These are all the shortcut keys which is used in Microsoft Office, but if you want to know more shortcut keys. You can contact to the customer care executives via

How Microsoft Office Makes Your Work Easier and Faster?

MS Office is the software which is not limited to specific functions. It timely introduces more and more applications according to the user’s convenience. It is developed by Microsoft and nowadays it is present in every PC, laptops, Mac, operating system and also in Android Phones. It can install through It is valuable in all the organization, as it makes the work easier and increases the productivity of every firm. It is not only useful in homes but also for the business purpose and students. It is the user friendly software and is very easy to use.

Useful Features of MS Office via

    1. collaborating with real time co-authoring: This is one of the biggest additions which make the work easier. In this you can work on the same document at the same time with multiple friend and family. The changes will be stored in the MS cloud services and you can view all the changes you have made.
    2. Skype Integration: In this you can chat, email or chat with the people to collaborate. Now you do not have to use third party application to collaborate.
    3. Smart up look feature: If you want to check the spelling, or definition in Word, all you have to do is highlight the text or phrase, right click on it and select Smart look up in Word, Power Point, and also in Excel etc. It is also used for backing up your statements, checking dates, and much more.
    4. Helping you with Recent Documents: This feature saves lot your time. For example- If you want to send an email to your friend but you forgot where you have saved that document, this feature helps you to find that document. Office allows you to check the entire recent document on which you are working. So, you can directly check that document and send it to your friend.
    5. Keep the document up to date: MS Word helps you to update your document. Through this feature you can add the current date and time to the document and make it up to date. If you forgot to update then word helps in updating automatically.
    6. Translation Option: This feature helps in translating the document in different languages by using translating feature. This feature is in the research tab on the right side of the Office. Through this you can translate a word, sentence or the whole document.There are lot more features of MS Office which makes the work of the organization easier, faster and comfortable. For more information, you can visit to the official site of MS Office via setup. Or you can call on their toll free number for help and support.


Resolve Window Update Error 0x8024401f –

Resolve Window Update Error 0x8024401f –

When you ever search for the Window updates, you might face the error i.e. Window Update Error 0x8024401f. This error is caused due to Window System File damage.

Fix Window Update Error 0x8024401f:

To fix this Window update error you have to follow the given steps:

  1. Run the Window Update Troubleshooter: First, click on the Window +Run Key altogether. Then you have to enter the “ms-setting:troubleshoot” in the given column and press enter. Now trouble shooting Window will launch. It is located on the setting tab. After you go to the Troubleshooting menu, slide the mouse cursor to the right column of the display. Now go to the “get up and running column” and press the Window update option. After this click on the Run the Troubleshooter option. When you start the utility, you have to wait so that the scanning process gets completed. When you fix this, a new Window will open on the screen. Here you press the Apply this fix option. After you fix it, start the system again and check now Window update Error is fixed or not.
  2. Reset the Window Store Cache through CMD: First, press the Window +R key altogether. Then, it will launch the Run Prompt box. Now, enter the “cmd” in the search box. Now press the ctrl, shift and enter key altogether. This will launch the command prompt which has administrative privilege. When you go to command prompt, enter the command .wsreset.exe.
  3. Reset Window Store Cache through setting tab: First click on the Window +R key altogether, and then click on the Run prompt box. Now enter the “ms-settings:apps features” in the box and press enter. It will display the Apps and Features option. It is located in the setting tab. When you go to the Apps and Features option, and then go down to the menu list of UWP app which you have installed already. Then find the Microsoft Store Entry. When you find it, go to the advanced option which is linked with it. Then go down to the reset option and press it. Wait for the process to complete. Then reboot the system and check whether the error is fixed or not.
  4. Turn off the Proxy Server:

First click on the Window +R key altogether .It will show you the Run pop up box. Now enter “ms-settings:network-proxy” in the search box and press enter. Now the proxy option will open. It is located on the Network and Internet Setting Tab. When you go to the Proxy option, go to the right hand side of the display. After this, just visit to the Manual Proxy Setup option. Then go to the Manual Proxy Setup Option. Turn off the toggle and start the system again and check whether the error is fixed or not.

But if you are still facing any problem then you can contact to the customer care of MS Office via and manage your Microsoft account. They provided good technical assistance to the user and are well experienced to solve any kind of issues. They are there for your assistance 24 hours and 7 days a week.

What are the alternatives to MS Office in 2020?

What are the MS in 2020?

MS Office is the software which is developed by Microsoft and it is the most productive suite for creating text documents, presentations and spreadsheets. This software can be easily installed through And great technical assistance is given by the MS Office team to their users. It is reliable for Windows, Mac, OS and also for Android Phones. Till now there is no comparison to this software but people still search for the alternatives. So, the IT industry, generally introduces the range of alternatives to MS Office in 2020. We here are discussing some of the alternatives along with their strength and weaknesses.

Best Microsoft Office Alternatives:

  1. Free Office:
    This is a free and easy alternative to MS Office. This suite can be used in homes and in the workplace. This suite is developed for Linux and Windows. It is compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Its interface is similar to MS Office and it has touch screen compatibility. But it is not used for Mac OS version.
  2. Libre Office:
    This is a free and easy alternative to MS Office. This suite can be used in homes and in the workplace. This suite is developed for Linux and Windows. It is compatible with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Its interface is similar to MS Office and it has touch screen compatibility. But it is not used for Mac OS version.
  3. WPS Office:
    This is the excellent free tier and advanced feature for its users. It supports Windows, Linux, IoS, and Android Users. It is available in multi-languages like English, French, German, Spanese, Portugese, Polish and Russian. It is being criticized because all fonts are not automatically included and they have to be installed separately, Interfaces is quite slow at times and for Android users installation is quite large.
  4. iWork:
    This is an excellent, free and easy to use office suite. It includes pages, keynotes, and numbers. You can create beautiful presentations without any hassle. It is being criticized because you cannot open documents and it is available for Mac only.
  5. Calligra:
    This is free and open source software. It has some extra features like mind mapping and project management tool. This software is criticized because you can only read document but you cannot edit them. There are some other compatibility issues also.
  6. Office Suite:
    This suite has some extra editing tool for those who are willing to pay for them. In this only one license is needed for all devices and allows synchronizing among devices. It has several tiers but the basic tier is free. It has been criticized because it pressurized users for purchase premium subscription.You can download through MS Office via
  7. Apache Open Office:
    This is developed by Apache. It is free, easy to use and reliable productive suite. It is famous for its consistent performance. It is not for the advanced users. It has a very few designs as compared to PowerPoint.

So, In spite of all these alternatives, till now there is no such software made which can fully compete with MS Office software. You can download easily through setup and gives superb technical assistance.

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