What is the Process to Access MS Office 365 on Chromebook?

Microsoft Office is the very useful software in today’s world. As it is used in all the offices, firms, organization, schools and homes. It is well known for its amazing application which makes the work of the people easy. You can install this useful software through www.office.com/setup. It helps the user in formatting, editing, creating text document and making beautiful presentation. You can use this software on Window OS, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phones. For the convenience of the user, Microsoft launches different version of MS Office.

There are two ways to access Microsoft Office 365 apps on your Chromebook. First the subscribers of MS Office can use the online Office apps to create and modify the Office files in the Chromebook. Secondly, the subscriber of the MS Office can easily installing the Office apps on their Chromebook. In this blog, you will read how to access MS Office 365 apps on your Chromebook.

Process to Access MS Office 365 on Chromebook:

Install MS Office Apps on your Chromebook:

To install MS Office apps, you must have the access to the Google play store. For this, first you have to access the “Launcher” tab. Then you have to select the option “Chrome Launcher”. Now you should visit to the “Play store” and then just select the Play store app which are available for Android devices. After this, you have to search for the option “Microsoft Office” app. Here you should search for the name of the Office apps. Now you have to go to the app page and just hit on the “Install” option. At last, just follow all the instructions to finish the procedure.

 Method to Access Office Apps Online:

You can easily access the online apps powered by MS Office from your browser. The online Microsoft Office apps are Excel Online, One Drive, One Note, Outlook, and many more. To access these apps, first you should open the “Google play store”. Then just search the “Office” program which you want to download and then you have to click on it. Now, you should tap on the “Install” option. When the app is downloaded on your gadget then you should open the “Chrome Launcher” to open the app. After this, you have to sign in to the Microsoft account for the subscription.

Access MS Office 365 applications on your Chromebook:

You should notice that not every app lists is there on the android app list and Office online app list like Skype work as the Android app on Chromebook. So, you must understand that not every Office application can be accessed on your Chromebook device.

This process helps to access Office 365 on Chromebook. In case, if you are still having any kind of issues then you can call the expert of MS Office anytime on their toll free number. For detail information, you can go to the official site of MS Office through www.office.com/setup.