How to Fix Common Outlook Send/Receive Error?

Microsoft Outlook is the popular applications designed by Microsoft, which helps the user to send and receive emails in a fast speed and in secure way. You can use this application either offline as a desktop application or online as a web-based application. You can enjoy this application of Microsoft Office through

Hence, some people face common issues in Outlook like some error codes, unable to send/receive emails, Outlook starts crashing frequently or become very slow and also send out emails. In this blog, you will read about the common Outlook send and receive error.

Common Outlook Send/Receive Errors and Solutions:

1. Send/Receive Error Code 0x800CCC80:

This error appears on your screen when you try to send an email from the Outlook. This error is caused by the Wrong Outgoing Mail Server Settings.


To resolve this error, first you have to change your Outlook account settings. To edit the account settings, you should go to Outlook File Menu, and then just select Account settings. After this, you should click on your email account and then just click More Settings. Here, you have to select Outlook server and then check the box next to “My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” option. After this, just tick the checkbox next to “LogOn to incoming server before sending mail”.

2. Send/Receive error code 8004010F:

This error occurs because of the wrong location of email storage.


For this, first you have to ensure that the Outlook is saving the emails or data files to the correct location. If there are multiple email accounts, then might be the location of the email is wrong. You should remove the data files from your account settings. For this, just go to data files list and then click on remove or erase, and then again add them back.

If this method does not work, then you should change the folder where the emails are being saved. For this, you should select account from the file menu and then go to Account settings and then click on “Change Folder”.

Other issues can also occur like Your Outlook profile is configured incorrectly. To solve this, you have to create a new account profile and then you should add your previous data files.

Other issue -Outlook does not have enough permission to write the data files: To solve this, you should have the ownership on the data.

3. Send/Receive Error 8: “Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server”:

If you send/receive emails by using a proxy server then this error occur. In case, the Windows root certificate is outdated or expired: then you should update the root certificate and then go to Windows Update center and just check for the root certificate updates. After this, install all these updates and then start sending or receiving the emails.

In case, you are using a self-signed certificate: Then a self-signed certificate is already added to the Intermediate Certification Authorities. You should remove it and then import it again to the trusted authorities list.

The above method will help you to solve the common Outlook Error. If you need help, then just contact to the customer care of MS Office via