How To Resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on the Clipboard Error?

When the user perform the task like cut, copy or paste, then they sometime face the issue We Couldn’t free up space on Clipboard Error. This issue occurs due to incomplete installation or improper deletion of software etc. In this blog, you will learn the solution of this problem. For help, the user should navigate to

Method To Excel We Couldn’t Free Up Space on Clipboard Error:

  1. Look Into Event Viewer: First, you should look into the event viewer for the error code. For this, you should type Eventvwr.msc in Run Window. Then, you have to open the taskbar and just close and exit from this process. This will uninstall the entire program which is used to check the status.

  2.  Increase Virtual Memory: You should right-click on the My Computer and then click on Properties. After this, you should click on the Advanced tab and then tap on the settings option which is present under the performance section. Now, you should tap on the Visual Effects and then select the option “adjust for best performance”.

  3.  Check Software Installation: First, you should open the “Control Panel”. After this, you should select “Programs” and then tap on “Uninstall a Program“. Now, you should sort the list by “Installed On”. If the user find that another new program gets installed which can cause the issue, then you should uninstall it in order to clear this issue.

  4.  Stop Keeping Copy Of Snips In Clipboard: You should press Windows + R keys together from the keyboard. Then in the opened Run Window, you should type “snippingtool” and then press OK button. Now, you should open Snipping Tool and then click on Options. At last, you should uncheck “Always copy snips to the Clipboard”.

  5. Open Clipboard In Windows: First, you should go to the start menu and then in the run box, you should type clipbrd.exe. It will open the Clipboard. Or, you should visit to the Windows\System32 directory and then just double tap on the exe.

  6. Verify Remote Desktop Application: For this, you should start your Task Manager just by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC or by hitting on CTRL+ALT+DELETE. After this, you should go to the processes tab. Here, the remote desktop application is the culprit and you can locate rdclip.exe and then close it.

  7.  Hide Microsoft Services: You should go to the Services tab and then types msconfig.exe in the search files/programs box. After this, you should check on the option “Hide all Microsoft Services”. Then in the list, it will hide the Microsoft Services. Here, you can disable/enable these services one by one and then just check your problem is resolved or not. When you disable a service, then you should restart your excel and then check the issue is there or not. Through this way, the user can find the culprit application.

With this above method, the user can resolve Excel We Couldn’t Free up Space on the Clipboard Error. If the user need any sort of help related to MS Excel Application, then visit to the official site via

How To Resolve A Corrupted Mouse Pointer in Window 10?

Some user’s complaints that there mouse pointers get corrupted in Window 10. So, in this article you will read the solution to fix corrupted mouse pointer in Window 10. If the user needs technical help, then visit to Our website.

Method To Resolve Corrupted Mouse Pointer in Window 10

1. Select Display Pointer Trail Option:

To fix this issue, the user should first select the mouse pointer trail option. For this, you should open Run with the Windows key + R keyboard shortcut. Now, you have to enter Control Panel in the Open text box and then press OK button. After this, you should tap on Mouse in order to open the window. Then, you have to select the Pointer Options tab. At this point, you should hit on Display pointer trails option. If you want to remove the trail effect from the cursor, then you should drag the Display pointer trails bar to short which is there at the left side. At last, you should hit on the Apply button and then hit on OK button in order to close window.

2. Update Mouse Drivers:

You need to press Win+R key together in order to open the run dialog box and then write devmgmt.msc. After this, you should open the Device Manager and then navigate to Mice and the other pointing device. Now, you should choose the installed mouse and then hit on Update driver. Lastly, follow the directions provided on the screen.

3.  Turn Off Screensaver:

For this, you should hit on Type here to search button on the taskbar. Now, you should enter screen saver in the Windows search box. Then, you should choose Change screen saver in order to open the window. At this point, you should hit on the screensaver drop-down menu and then choose None. Lastly, you need to hit on Apply option and then hit on OK button in order to close the window.

4. Disconnect Secondary VDU:

On dual monitor setups, usually the mouse cursor gets corrupted. To fix this issue, the user should disconnect the second VDU if they have a dual monitor setup. Or they can turn off the second VDU with the display settings in Windows.

5. Move Cursor Quickly Between Both VDUs:

It has been seen that if you move the cursor quickly between the two VDUs, then it will fix the cursor. Hence, you should move the cursor quickly back and forth between the two VDUs in your dual monitor setup. Keep in mind if you move the cursor to the right side of the taskbar, then it will also fix the issue.

6. Select Duplicate on the Project Sidebar:

Incase, the users have a dual monitor setup with the Extend display mode, then they should press Windows key + P hotkey together in order to open the sidebar. After this, you should select the Duplicate display mode setting mode. At last, you need to select Extend again in order to go back to the extended display mode.

With the above mentioned method, the user can resolve corrupted Mouse Pointer in Window 10. If the customer requires any information, then navigate to

How To Check Computer Specifications on Window 11?

If the user wants to know that their PC can run the software or a new component then they should first check if it is compatible with your system. For this, the user can check their computer specifications. Here, you will find the data related to your CPU, RAM, and operating system version and also about the device IDs. To know more about Window 11, go to Microsoft.

Method To Check Computer Specifications on Window 11:

1. Use System Properties:

First of all, you need to press the Windows key + E altogether in order to start File Manager. After this, you should right-click on This PC from the left side and then choose Properties from the menu. The user can view the Device specifications just under the Windows specifications. Keep in mind that the technical specifications contains the CPU data, the amount of RAM, product ID, the system type and also the information related to your version and your OS. The customer should copy the data to your clipboard just by tapping on the Copy button in the window and just paste them in a document file or in a troubleshooting page.

2. Use Settings App:

You should hit on the Windows button and then choose the Settings app. Now, you should choose the System section from the left side and then choose the About option from the bottom right side of the screen. Remember in the next window, the user will find the same data.

3. Use Command Prompt:

You need to tap on the Windows key + R just to start Run. After this, you should type cmd and hit on Enter or click OK. Now, type the command and then hit Enter key to run it:


At last, the user can view a list with all the specifications of your computer system. The user has to scroll up in order to view all the necessary data.

4. Use System Information App:

The user should press the Windows key + R just to start Run. After this, you should type msinfo32 and then hit Enter or OK button. Here, it will open the System Information app with lots of data related to your computer system.

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5. Use Windows PowerShell:

You should right-click the Windows button and then choose Windows Terminal as an Admin from the list of options. Now, you should type the command and tap on Enter key in order to run it:


The user will receive a lot of information about your PC, as well as the BIOS version.

How to check my RAM on Windows 11?

First of all, you need to press the Windows + R shortcut in order to start Run. After this, you should type msinfo32 and then tap on Enter or OK button. Then in the next window, the user can check the physical memory and also the available memory from the right side.

With this above method, the user can check the computer specification on Window 11. For assistance, the user can go to the site of Microsoft through

If You Can’t Sign Into OneNote on Window 10! How To Resolve It?

There are many users who complaints that they cannot be able to Sign into OneNote. Hence, to resolve this error you should update your browser or you can also use older version of OneNote. To know more, go to Microsoft via In this article, you will read the method to fix this issue If you can’t Sign into OneNote in Window 10.

Method to Fix If Can’t Sign into OneNote on Window 10:

1. Update Windows 10:

To update, first you have to press the Windows Key and then tap on Setting which is the cog-shaped button. After this, you should visit to Update & Security. At last, you need to choose Check for updates.

2. Reinstall OneNote using PowerShell:

To reinstall, first you should press Windows Key + S together and then input PowerShell. After this, you need to right-click on the Powershell icon and then choose Run as administrator. If you find PowerShell is running then you should enter this into PowerShell and just press Enter key to execute it:

get-appxpackage ** | remove-appxpackage

Now, this command will remove OneNote from your computer system. At last, you should visit to Microsoft Store and then again download and install OneNote application. Just check the problem of OneNote is solved or not.

3. Check Firewall Settings:

If the user wants to resolve the problem, then you should change your firewall settings and then just allow OneNote to go through your firewall. In case, this problem is there in your home computer, then might be issue is related to your antivirus because there are so many antivirus which has a built-in firewall which cause this issue. If you find the problem is because of your antivirus, then you should remove it and just switch to different antivirus software. For more detail help, then go to

4. Install Older Version of OneNote:

If the users run OneNote as a part of Microsoft Office, then they will experience issues. Some of the user’s complaint they cannot sign in to OneNote in Windows 10. This is because of 2016 installer, and to fix it, you should install the older version of OneNote. Then you will be able to Sign into One Note.

5. Reset OneNote:

You should press Windows Key + I together in order to open the Settings app. If Settings app opens up on your device, then you should go to Apps section. After this, you need to choose OneNote from the list and then hit on Advanced options. At this point, you should tap on the Reset button. You need to hit the Reset button in the confirmation dialog in order to reset OneNote. When you do this, you should visit to More Notebook section and then you can again access your older notebooks.

6. Update Your Browser:

If you have the older version of Windows, then you should update your Browser. Because, in older versions of Windows, OneNote application depends upon their browser for some functionality. If OneNote is outdated, then the user cannot be able to sign in. Lastly, update your browser to the latest version.

Through this method, you can be able to Sign into OneNote in window 10. If the customer needs any sort of help, then navigate to Microsoft official site via

How You Can Clear Clipboard in Window 10?

If the user wants to secure their work on their computer, then they must clear the clipboard history. For this, you should run Command Prompt as an Administrator and install a clipboard software manager. If the user needs assistance, then they can go to

Method To Clear Clipboard in Window 10:

1. Create Shortcut: First, you have to Power up your Windows 10 device. Now, from the start screen which is there in the Windows system, you have to left click or hit on the “Desktop” icon which is there on the computer screen. Then, you have to right click on an open space on the Windows 10 device. At this point, you have to left click on the feature “New” which is there in the menu. Just by hitting on “New”, it will open a new menu from where you have to again left click on the “Shortcut” feature. Here, it will open a “Create Shortcut” window. After this, in the white field just under “Type the location of the item” you have to type the text:

cmd /c “echo off | clip”

When you write the above text, you have to left click on the “Next” option which is located in the lower right side of the window. If you left click on the “Next” button, this will take you to a new window. Then in the white box just under the “Type a name of this shortcut” window, you need to name the shortcut which you are making. After this, you have to left click on the “Finish” button which is there in the lower right side of the window. At this point, you have to close every window which you have opened and then you should find the icon which is there on the desktop. Here, you should double click on the icon which is there on the desktop and now your clipboard will be cleared in Windows 10. For help, go to

If the icon which clears the clipboard, did not work then don’t be alarmed. At last, you should reboot the Windows operating system, and then again go to your desktop and then double click on the shortcut which you made.

2. Method to Clear Clipboard History: If you care about your valuable data being which is stored in your Windows clipboard, then you should remove the clipboard history. For this, you should take a new screenshot which will replace the sensitive information with the random images. After this, you should Restart your computer or rebooting your computer system will clear the clipboard history. Now, you should clear the Windows clipboard on Command Prompt just by using this command as an Administrator: cmd.exe /c cd 2>”%UserProfile%empty.txt” & clip < “%UserProfile%empty.txt”At last, you should use ClipTTL.

Keep in mind you can also download and install clipboard software manager as this software is very easy to use.

The above method will help you to clear clipboard in Window 10. If the customer need help, then you can visit to the site of Microsoft via

What are the 4 Best Browsers for Window 11?

If the user wants to know the best browser for Window 11, then you must read this blog. Well Microsoft focus on improving Microsoft Edge. For more information about browser, go to Microsoft via   

4 Best Browsers for Window 11:

  1. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is built into Windows and it provide brand new interface for Window 11. It runs on the chromium engine and gives new functions and great performance. One of the best browsers which the user can use on Windows 11 is made by Microsoft. There are lots of Edge’s extensions which have been there in the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11. This browser is more accessible to customize. You don’t have to download the browser, as it is already being a part of Windows. Microsoft Edge provide Vertical tabs so that you can work efficiently, it has smart copy feature in order to save time, it has tracking prevention for privacy, it provide Password monitor just to keep track of credentials and enhanced InPrivate mode.
  2. Opera: Opera browser is the fastest browser available in the market. It uses the Chromium engine to provide fast performance without using lots of system’s memory. As compare to Google Chrome, Opera gives better RAM usage. It is customizable and comes with a built-in VPN. As Windows 11 is gamer-oriented, Opera also provide a gamer-oriented browser known as Opera GX. Opera is also built-in messengers which the user can change with their friends. You don’t have to switch between tabs.
    The user can synchronize the Opera browsers in all their devices, like bookmarks, extensions etc. It also has a built-in adblocker to keep away annoying messages. Its features are Built-in adblocker, Free VPN, Import Bookmarks, Sync browser data and Sidebars with social media. For more info, visit to
  3. UR Browser: UR browser is the best browser which focuses on securing your privacy, identity and also the data while maintaining the performance. It is a Chromium-Based browser which provides customization options and you can also personalize the Homescreen. It automatically scans your device for viruses for all your downloads and also detects the suspicious activity and blocks it. When you access a suspicious site, this browser will take you to an encrypted version and it will show you a green shield icon if it’s secure. Remember all the third-party cookies and trackers are automatically blocked by UR browser which means nobody can track your data for advertisement. Other main features of UR Browser are Customizable, Download manager, 4x faster download speed, News filter and you can easily access to your favorite sites.
  4. Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the most popular Chromium-based web browsers. This browser provides customization and a huge library of extensions. It does not provide built-in VPN or Adblock. It consumes huge amounts of RAM which means this browser uses lot of your memory, if you keep multiple tabs open. In case, you are gamer this is not the best choice for you. When you are using this browser, you are not exposed to cyber threat. In this there are so many options which the user can customize, like privacy and security features.

For detail information about browser, visit to Microsoft via