How to Resolve If PIN Not Working on Window 10?

Sometimes, user encounters the very frustrating issue that is PIN not working. This error generally occurs when you enter the incorrect PIN or because of system file corruption. If the user need help in solving this issue, then they can contact to Microsoft team via In this blog, you will read the solution of the issue PIN not working on Window 10.

Method To Resolve PIN Not Working on Window 10:

1. Recreate the PIN:

Remove the PIN first:

For this, you should go to Settings option and then you have to go to Accounts. Now, you should choose Sign-in option which is located on the left side of the screen. Then, you have to scroll down to the Pin section and then click on Remove. After this, you should confirm the change and then click on Remove option. Here, you should put in the password to continue.

Set up the new PIN:

You should click on Add button which is in the PIN section. Then, you should enter the PIN and then confirm with OK.

2. Rely on I forgot my PIN option:

You should go to Settings option just by tapping on the Win and I together on the computer. After this, you need to Find Accounts. Now, you have to click on Sign-in options and then choose I forgot my PIN. Then, you have to confirm the option. At the end, you should follow the instructions to set the new PIN code.

3. Go back to the previous build:

You should open Start Menu and then choose Power. After this, you should hold the Shift key and then just choose Restart option from the menu. When the list appears on the screen, then you should choose Troubleshoot. Here, you should click on the Advanced options. Then, you should choose See more recovery options. Now, you should click on Go back to the previous build and then select administrator account. After this, you should Enter pass if needed. At this point, you should select Go back to the previous build button. Now, the process will start. Keep in mind, do not interrupt the process till the process complete.

4. Create a new user account:

For this, you should go to Settings option and then just find Accounts. From there, you should go to Family & other people. Now, you have to choose to Add someone else to this PC just under Other people. Then, you have to choose I don’t have this person’s sign-in information. After this, you should Add a user without a Microsoft account. At the end, you should enter the desired username and then click on Next option.

5. Change Group Policy:

You should press Win and R just to open the Run box. After this, you should type gpedit.msc there and then press the enter key. When the window is opened, then you should go to Administrative Templates. After this, you should choose System and Logon. Then on the right, you should double-click on Turn on convenience PIN sign-in. Here, you should choose Enabled and then click on Apply option. At last, click on OK button to save changes.

6. Alter the Startup type:

For this, you should open Run box. Then, you have to type services.msc and press OK. Now in the list, you should double-click on IPsec Policy Agent and then open its properties. After this, you should set the Startup type to Automatic and then click on Apply option and OK button to save changes.

For help, contact to the customer care of Microsoft Support team via

How You Can Install and Update Drivers of Your Computer Manually?

Basically, Drivers is the very important tool which helps device like speakers, USB etc. to interact with the computer. Normally, Windows automatically installs the device drivers but if the device is not working properly then you have to install and update the drivers in your device manually. In this blog, you will read how to install and update the device drivers manually. In case, you need support or help then you can anytime contact to the Microsoft team through

How You Can Install Drivers Manually?

First, you should connect your PC to the internet because when you plug-in any device to your PC, it will start installing drivers automatically. But for downloading and installing drivers in your device it requires the proper an internet connection. After this, you should connect the device to your PC like if you want to install the drivers of an item then you should connect it to with your computer. You can simply connect the device with USB cable. When the device is connected with the computer, then the drivers will begin installing in the background. But before this, you just have to follow all the instructions to complete the installation process on the screen.

In case, the device cannot be able to install its drivers automatically, then you should install them manually by using CDs, manufacturer’s website, or third-party source, etc.

If you want to install driver from CD. Then you just have to Insert that CD in your computer’s disk drive and just wait for few minutes so that it runs automatically. Here, you have to select the drivers for the device and then just follow the instruction to install.

If you want to install drivers from Manufacturer’s Website. Then, you just have to visit to the manufacturer’s website and then go to the link called “Drivers,” ” Support” or “Software.” Here, you just have to select drivers for your device and then download the latest drivers. After this, you should download, install and run the drivers.

If you want to install drivers from Third-party sources. You can also use third-party websites for installing drivers like ‘SourceForge, GitHub, etc.’ but you should be aware of viruses.

After downloading and installing drivers, you should restart your computer system to ensure that your drivers are implemented properly. At last, you should click on ‘Start’ button and then select Power and then click on Restart option.

How You Can Update Driver?

For this, first you should open ‘Start’ menu. Then, you should type ‘Device manager’ in Start menu search box. After this, you should click on ‘Device manager’ with control panel which is situated at the top of the searches. Now, you have to expand a category in device manager window and just select the item which you wish to update. After this, just click on the ‘Action’ tab in the menu bar which is situated on the top-left side of the device manager window.  From the drop down menu, just click on Update driver. Now, you should click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ in the window which ask ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’ so that you can search online for new drivers. In case, if the drivers updates are available then you should download it and just wait for few minutes, so that it updates completely. But if the updates are not available, then it will show you the message that ‘The best drivers for your device are already installed.’ At last, just follow the direction to finish the process.

For technical assistance, you can call the expert of Microsoft through

How To Fix If MS Office Encounters Error During Setup?

MS Office is the great software which is useful in daily life. It has several apps and can easily install through You can use this software on any gadget like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. This software is used in all the organizations. It is user friendly but some customer faces issues while installing MS Office in their device. In this blog, you will read the solution to fix if MS Office Encounters Error during Setup.

Solution To Fix If MS Office Encounters Error During

1. Using Task Scheduler:

For this, first you have to search Task Scheduler in Windows 10 Taskbar Search. After this, you should click on Task Scheduler just to just open Task Scheduler. Now, you should click on Task Scheduler Library just to Expand it. Here, you have to right click on Microsoft Folder and then you should delete it. At last, you should try to setup MS Office once more in your device. Now it will setup easily without any error.

2. Run Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter:

First, you should click on the Start option and after this, you just have to open the Settings window. Then you have to go to Updates and security option and then you should choose Troubleshoot. After this, you should find the Windows applications troubleshooter in the rundown and just run it. At last, you have to Restart the framework.

3. Remove Traces from Windows Registry:

You should press Win+R key at the same time just to open the Run window. Here, you have to type the order regedit and then press Enter key. This will open the Registry Editor. Now you have to go to the accompanying library key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Schedule\TaskCache\Tree\Microsoft\Office

After this, you just have to right-click on the Office library key and then you just click on Delete option. Now, it will ask for confirmation to erase the substance. Then you should click on Yes option.

4. Rename Microsoft Help folder:

First, you have to press Win + R key altogether to open the Run window. Then you have to type the order %programdata% and then hit on Enter key. Now in this, you have to find the organizer named Microsoft Help and then you should rename it to Microsoft Help.old. At the end, you should restart the framework.

5. Windows Update:

If you are facing the error with Microsoft Office, it may be because of a bug with the framework. So, you should move in the direction of fixing it. Hence, you should check if updates of Windows are available or not. If updates are available, you should immediately install it as it fixes the bugs and patches in your device.

The above methods help to fix Microsoft Office Encounters Error during Setup.  If you are still facing any kind of error then you should visit to the official website of MS Office via You can also call to the customer care executive any time from any device.

What are the Tips For Using MS OneNote For Beginners?

Microsoft OneNote is the great application of MS Office and it is the digital version of a physical notebook. People use it to just to organize their digital notes. In this, you can add images, diagrams, audio, and video related to the content. You can also use OneNote with other programs in the MS Office suite. This application can be used on your desktop, laptop, Window OS or mobile devices. User can enjoy this application by installing MS Office software in their devices through In this blog, you will learn the tips for using MS OneNote for beginners.

Tips For Using MS OneNote For

  1. Create a Notebook: To create a notebook, on any page, you have to select the Show Notebooks button. Then on the bottom of the page, you have to select Add Notebook or + Notebook. After this, you have to enter a name for the new notebook, and then you have to select Create Notebook.
  2. Add or Move Notebook Page: To add a page in your notebook, you have to select the Add Page button which is located at the bottom of the left side of the screen. If you want to move a page from one section to another, then you have to drag the title of the page to the section where you want.
  3. Type or Write Notes: You should enter the notes by typing or handwriting with a digital stylus. You can also use your voice to embed a sound file or snap a photo of text and then just convert it to editable or digital text.
  4. Create Sections: You should create sections for better organization. And to create a section, you should select +Add Section or +Section which is situated at the bottom of the sections list located on the left side of the window.
  5. Tag and Prioritize Notes: For this, you should select any line of text. Then you have to select the To Do tag just to add a check box to the line. After this, you have to select the arrow next to the To Do icon just to choose another tag, like Important, Question, or Remember for Later.
  6. Add Images, Documents, Audio, Video, and Related Content: You can add images, documents, audio, video to your notes as this can be useful for your own reference or it will also helpful to convey your ideas  to others when you are sharing and collaborating in OneNote. For this, you have to go to the Insert tab just to add files and objects.
  7. Delete or Recover Notes: When you delete your notes, you should always be careful. If in case, you delete the notes by mistake, then you can be able to recover it.
  8. Use the OneNote Mobile App: You can use OneNote with mobile apps which is made for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. In fact, you can use Microsoft’s free online version, but for this, you should have a free Microsoft account.
  9. Sync Notes Among Multiple Devices: You must know that OneNote automatically syncs your notes. But, you can sync notebooks manually also. For this, you have to select the Navigation button which is in the upper-left side of the window. Then you should select the arrow which is next to the name of the current notebook. Now, you have to right-click the notebook which you want to sync. After this, you should select Sync option and then choose Sync This Notebook or Sync All Notebooks.

The above mentioned tips will be very beneficial for the beginners. For more information about MS OneNote, just go to the site via

Some Common Excel Error and How to Fix it?

Microsoft Office is great software with amazing applications like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and One Drive etc. All these apps of MS Office perform different functions. It is very easy to use and you can easily install this software through MS Excel is the well known application used for creating spreadsheets, keeping accounting data, and tracking day-to-day activities. It is used in offices, schools, homes and also for business purpose. But, when user uses this application of Excel, they encounter some errors. And it is very necessary to fix these errors. In this blog, you will read about some common errors of MS Excel and how you can fix it with ease.

What are the Common Excel Error and its Solution?

  1. ##### Error: It is the common error which the user faces is a cell filled with hashtag characters. This means that column is not wide to show the data which you have entered. You can easily fix this error, by increasing the column width so that the data can be easily entered in the spreadsheet.
  2. #NUM Error: The NUM error basically occurs when you add the invalid number to the formula then you’ll receive the NUM error on your spreadsheet. It also occurs when the numeric value is too small or large. You can fix this error; you just have to check that you have entered any formatted data such as currency, dates, or special symbols in the formula. You just have to delete the invalid characters from the formula and just keep only numbers.
  3. #VALUE! Error: The #Value error occurs in Excel when there are spaces, characters, or text in the formula where it should be the number. You can fix this error by just checking the formula and make sure you use only numbers in the formula.
  4. #REF! Error: The #REF error occurs in Excel when a formula contains incorrect cell references. You can fix this error, for this you should be careful while pasting a set of cells and there should be no formulas which get affected on deleting a cell. By mistake, if you have deleted a cell, then you can click the undo button (Ctrl+Z) just to recover them.
  5. #DIV/0! Error:This error occurs when you divide a formula by zero  or an empty cell in Excel. As it is not possible to divide by zero. You can fix this error, you should change the value of a cell to the value which is not equal to zero or you can also add value if the cell is blank.
  6. #Name! Error: This error occurs when Excel is not understanding the name of the formula which you are trying to run, and also occur when excel cannot compute one or more values which entered in the formula itself. You can fix this error by just checking the spelling mistakes in the formula. And you should also type the Excel functions in lower case when you enter a formula, as the Excel will automatically convert it to upper case.

These are some of the common Excel error and their solution. But in case, if you are still facing problem then you can visit to the site of MS Office via for details.

How you can Use Clipboard in Window 10?

Microsoft Office is the well trusted software in the market which is designed by Microsoft so that the user can do their work efficiently. It is used for business and home purpose. You can install this software through It is used in the devices like Window OS, Laptops, Computers, Mac and Android Phones. Their applications are MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and Skype for business etc. It is used by employees, employers, students, businessmen and housewife’s also. Because of its features this software becomes the Universal Software. It also provides cloud technology so that you can access your data anywhere anytime.

In this, you can view a text and images which is copied to your clipboard and then you can choose the content which you want to paste. You can use this clipboard feature to Window 10 computer and tablet which use the same Microsoft Account Login.

How you can Copy Content To The Windows 10 Clipboard?

For this, first you have to highlight your chosen text or image within an app and then you have to press Ctrl+C. After this, right-click on text or images and then select Copy from the pop-up menu.

How you can Paste From The Clipboard On Windows 10?

For this, you have to press Ctrl+V. Then you have to right-click where you want to paste the content and then select Paste from the pop-up menu.

How you can Clear Clipboard Windows 10 Data?

For deleting text and images from your Windows 10 clipboard, first you have to open your clipboard by pressing Win+V and then you have to select the X in the top-left of each item which you want to delete.

Another way to clear clipboard data is to open your clipboard by pressing Win+V and then you have to select Clear all. This will delete the entire item in your Windows 10 clipboard except pinned items.

Thirdly, you can open the Settings option and then you have to select System. After this, click on Clipboard and then select Clear. This will delete everything in your Windows 10 clipboard except pinned items.

Pinning Windows 10 Clipboard Text

The content which you do not want to delete, you can manually select the items and protect them by pinning them.

For this, you have to press Win+V to open your clipboard and then you have to select the small pin icon for the text and images which you want to preserve.

Through this way, you can use the clipboard in Window 10. For details, you can call the expert of MS Office anytime. You can visit to its site through

5 Recovery Software To repair MS Word Document

Microsoft Office is the commonly used software in this modern world. This software is meant for both business and homely purposes. It consists of many applications and every application has its own utility. MS Word is also the application of MS Office. This software can install through by just going to its official website i.e. MS Word is the word processor in which you can create your resumes, notes, articles, letters, ads, and also your important word document. But if by mistake you lose that word document then you need not to be worry. You can just use this 5 recovery software to repair your MS Word File.

What are 5 Word Document Recovery Software? gives you five best word document recovery software’s are as follows:

  1. Remo Repair Word: This software is one of the best software to repair your Word Document File. It helps to repair the damaged file and after it repairs you can save the Word document in a new word document file. It helps to repair both the.doc and .docx file and it has a user friendly interface. It helps to repair the text, formatting, objects and hyperlinks etc. It supports both Windows and Mac.
  2. DataNumen Word Repair: This software is one of the best word recovery and repair tool. This tool guarantees the customer if it not repair your word document, it will give a full refund. It is also for both .doc and .docx document. It helps to recover the entire content and can even recover those documents which are not saved by the user before the data disaster. You can run a batch recovery on a group of files. This tool is also user friendly.
  3. Stellar Phoenix Word Repair: Through this tool you can repair and recover the damaged MS Office Word Document. It helps to restore the original text, images, fonts, hyperlinks and header/ footer. It has 3 repairs tool i.e. Simple Repair, Advance Repair and Raw Recovery. It can also repair the online videos and pictures in Word Document.
  4. Kernel For Word: This repair tool has a user friendly interface and helps to repair the content of the damaged file like formatting, images etc. So, that it has the original layout. It supports .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, and dotm. It repairs those files which has long file name and huge sizes.
  5. Doc Repair: This is the first software which is made to recover and repair the Word Document. It supports .doc and .docx file. It is compatible with Window and Mac. It helps to resolve the issues like the document name or file path is not valid. It helps to recover the corrupted files which are from damaged disk, bad sectors or media failures.

But if you want more information then you can contact to the customer care executive of MS Office via