How You Can Use Microsoft Family Safety App?

Microsoft Family Safety App is available on Android and on IOS. It keeps your family safe online as well as offline. As it helps to secure your loved ones with physical and digital safety. With this app, your kids can maintain healthy online and offline habits. It gives you the information about your child like how he is using their phone, and their location. Through, this you can also set time limits on app use and also for game time. For enjoying the features of Microsoft Family Safety App, you have to install MS Office through This software helps the user in many ways and it used for home as well as for business purpose.

Use Microsoft Family Safety App:

For using Microsoft Family Safety, you should have Microsoft Launcher, Edge or Internet Explorer installed on their device. Secondly, you should add your child in your family group. Then you have to go to the Microsoft Family Safety page. After this, you have to sign in your Microsoft account. Now you have to select Create a family Group. For this, you have to answer a few questions like your region, how many children are there in the family, and also their ages. After you logged in your MS Account, you have to select Add a member to add family members to the group. If you want to add a new family member like spouse then you have to select Organizer. And to add a child, you have to select Member. Now just input your email address, and clear the Captcha code. After this, you have to select Send invite. In your Child’s account, you have to select Manage permissions. This will enable the organizer to set permissions under all the sections. Now your child will receive an email with the invite to the Microsoft Family Group. You just have to open the email and then you have to select Join Now. When your child joins the group, you just have to install the Microsoft Launcher app in their Android phone. With this, you can track your child location. In your child app permissions, you have to enable the Location setting. To enjoy the other features of Microsoft Family Safety App, your child must have the Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer installed on their Android Phones. You have to give some time to the Microsoft Family Safety App to sync with Microsoft Launcher App.

Monitor Your Mobile Usage With Microsoft Family Safety App:

From the Activity tab, you have to enable Activity reporting, and also Email weekly reports to me if you to receive their email updates. Now from the Screen time tab, you can control your child timing time to use their devices. For App and game limits, you can block the child from using that app or you can set a time range when they can use them. Content restrictions help you to manage what kind of content your child can access. You can either block or allow specific websites. Now on the Spending page you have to ask your child if they want to buy an app from the Microsoft Store. If they want to buy then you can add money to their Microsoft account. In Microsoft Family Safety, you can see the current location of your child.

If you want more info about Microsoft Family Safety App, then you can call the expert of MS Office via

How you can Resolve Window 10 Error Code 0xc0000185?

Microsoft Office is the software which is used in our daily lives that is why it becomes the major player. It provides its user all the facilities which no other software can provide. It includes apps like MS Word for creating text document, MS Outlook for sending and receiving emails, MS Excel for creating spreadsheets and MS PowerPoint for making presentation etc. You can install this software through  In this blog, you will learn how to fix this error code in Window 10.

Resolve Window 10 Error Code 0xc0000185:

  1. Repair Your Computer Through Installation Media: First start your device then insert the Windows 10 Installation Media into the CD or DVD ROM. Then you have to reboot your operating system. Now you will get black screen that says: “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD” here you have to press any button on the keyboard. You will get the next screen, here just set the correct time and keyboard type. Now just select the “Repair your computer”. You will see “Choose an Option” window. In this window, you have to select the “Troubleshoot” feature. After this, select the “Advanced Options” feature and then select the “Automatic Repair” feature. In this next window, just select the operating system. It will start the scanning process. After the process finished, just take out the installation media disk and reboot your device.
  2. Rebuild Boot Configuration Data: For this, Insert the Installation Media disk and then reboot your system. Then you have to press any key to boot from the CD or DVD. Now select the correct time and keyboard type. After this, just select the “Repair your computer” button. In the “Choose an option” window, you have to  select the “Troubleshoot” option and then select the “Advanced options” feature. Here you have to select Command Prompt to launch the tool.
    Type BOOTREC /FIXMBR in the Command Prompt window.BOOTREC FIXMBR command
    Then press the Enter key and Type BOOTREC /FIXBOOT > hit Enter to launch the command. After this, type BOOTREC /REBUILDBCD and press Enter again. When the process complete, just take out Installation Media from the CD or DVD ROM. Then reboot your computer.
  3. Run System Restore: First, Insert the Installation Media in your device. Then reboot your system. When your device starts, press any key to boot from the installation media. Just select the correct time and keyboard type. After this, go to “Repair your Computer” and then select “Troubleshoot”. After this, just select “Advanced options” and click on the “System Restore” button. At last, reboot your operating system.
  4. Disconnect All Peripherals: First you have to Unplug all the devices connected to your PC like your mouse and keyboard. Now, just boot up your device. If your computer boots normally, you have to replace your failed peripherals.
  5. Run Disk Cleanup: For this, first just go to Start then type Disk Cleanup and launch the tool. After this, select the disk which you want to clean. Now the tool will tell you how much space you can free up. After this, press OK and wait for the process to complete.
  6. Check Your Hard Drive and remove Installed Software: Sometimes faulty hard drive and recently installed software can also result in error. So, check your hard drive and remove the recently installed software.

This will resolve the error but if you are still facing issue then you can contact the customer care executive of MS Office via any time.

How to Make a Pie Chart in Microsoft Excel?

How to make a pie chart in Microsoft Excel?

MS Office software is consisting of many applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and MS Access etc. Every application makes the work of the organization easier and faster. This software can be easily installed through Here we discuss about how to create a Pie chart in MS Excel using Excel Chart Wizard.

Short Guide of creating Pie Chart in MS Excel:

Here you will understand how to create a pie chart in MS Excel but if you do not understand properly then go to the site .

    1. Enter the Pie Chart Data: It does not matter what type of chart you want to create. First you have to create the Excel chart and then enter the data into the worksheet.
    2. Select the pie chart data:  First of all with the mouse, highlight the cells which contain the data which you want to include into the graph. Now use the keyboard, you have to click on the top left of the graph data. After this, hold down the shift key. Now use the arrow keys, to select the data which is to be included in the pie chart.
    3. Start the Chart Wizard: For starting the Excel Chart Wizard, you have to click on the Chart Wizard icon on the standard toolbar. Now click Insert and then Chart in the menu.
    4. The Excel Chart Wizard: First you have to choose the Pie Chart Type in the left hand pane. Then choose the Pie with a 3 D visual effect chart. After this click on Next.
    5. Preview your Chart:  First of all select your data, before starting the Excel chart wizard. Then on your Spreadsheet, the data has been included in the chart and it is surrounded by the marching ants. There is a animated black border around your data. Below the preview window, there is a box containing the cell references of the data range. Make sure you select the right data range in the spreadsheet.
    6. Customize your Chart: For customizing your chart, click on the Titles tab which is at the top of the chart wizard dialog box. Now in chart title box, you have to type the title. After this click on the data labels tab which is at the top of the chart wizard dialog box. Now in the label contains section click on the percentage option. If the chart in the preview window looks right then click on Next.
    7. Choose where your chart should go: Here you click on the radio button to place the chart as an object in Sheet 1 and click on finish. Your pie chart is created.
    8. Add color to the Pie chart: Change the background color of the chart. For this, right click with the mouse anywhere on the white background to open the drop down menu. Now click on the Format Chart Area to open the Format Chart Area dialog box. Then click on the pattern tab, to select the color. At last click on OK.

If you have any kind of problem in creating the Pie Chart then you can visit to the official website of Or you can contact to the customer care for Microsoft Office account and assistance.

About the Microsoft Office 365 (Office.Com/Setup 365)

Microsoft office can be easily defined as a pack of office-affiliated applications. Every single one of these applications has been individually created and designed to serve a specific resolution. For example, Microsoft PowerPoint manages all presentations; Microsoft Access is a database tool; Microsoft Office Word is used in the creation of documents, etc.

Now, there are several applications developed by this group and not each one of them is needed by a user. To further condense this scope, the provider, Microsoft has these applications organization in collections referred to as suites. These suits include various applications depending on the target customer. There is a business suite, home suite, student suite and even school suite among others. The pricing policy of each of these many depending on the inclusions.

Microsoft offers its office suites in many ways depending on the inclusions and terms. One of the purchase options is making a one-time buy of this product online. The pricing of these office products also varies depending on the included features. However, you need to note that you won’t receive any features added by Microsoft down the line since it is a one-time buy.

To Make an Online Buy of the Same, Easily Visit

(Www.Office.Com/Setup) Roll down to the one-time buy and select your suite. Follow the subsequent steps to complete your purchase.

How Do You Download Office.Com/Setup365 For Windows

Being a worldwide product, there is an office product for Windows users as well as one for iOS, Mac users. Here is a service on how to download a window’s office variant: Primary and foremost, you need to buy an office subscription. This will be done on the Microsoft product page, (Office.Com/Setup365 ) As stated much earlier, the valuing policy varies. To install and download office:

  • Log in to the Office setup of your account by visiting Www.Office.Com/Myaccount. This should open a page containing your buy or subscription.
  • Under your subscription title, click an arrange title captioned install.
  • Press install once again. Your Office should start downloading.

Once the downloading process finishes, open your Computer’s default download site to access the setup. Click on your setup and follow the installation wizard’s step to install the program in your System’s.

Facing Problems with              

If you happen to face any problems at all with the Installation, download, and activation of any Microsoft product, just visit Microsoft Support from Support.Office.Com.

Office Repair and Re-Install

At times an Office product such as Word or Excel may not be working correctly, at times such could be simply fixed by restarting the program. If this doesn’t support, you may have to try and repair it after which you may have to restart your computer.

To repair your program, easily:

  • Right-press the Windows Start button. On the menu that popups, click Apps and Features
  • Press on the Office app to be repaired and choice Modify.
  • Depending on whether your Office is Microsoft Installer based or Click-to-run, here is a repair guide for you: In Microsoft Installer based, click Change your installation>Repair>Continue For Click-to-run, choice How would you like to repair your Office Programs>Online Repair>Repair Follow the few step that follow to repair your program.