How You Can Clear Clipboard in Window 10?

If the user wants to secure their work on their computer, then they must clear the clipboard history. For this, you should run Command Prompt as an Administrator and install a clipboard software manager. If the user needs assistance, then they can go to

Method To Clear Clipboard in Window 10:

1. Create Shortcut: First, you have to Power up your Windows 10 device. Now, from the start screen which is there in the Windows system, you have to left click or hit on the “Desktop” icon which is there on the computer screen. Then, you have to right click on an open space on the Windows 10 device. At this point, you have to left click on the feature “New” which is there in the menu. Just by hitting on “New”, it will open a new menu from where you have to again left click on the “Shortcut” feature. Here, it will open a “Create Shortcut” window. After this, in the white field just under “Type the location of the item” you have to type the text:

cmd /c “echo off | clip”

When you write the above text, you have to left click on the “Next” option which is located in the lower right side of the window. If you left click on the “Next” button, this will take you to a new window. Then in the white box just under the “Type a name of this shortcut” window, you need to name the shortcut which you are making. After this, you have to left click on the “Finish” button which is there in the lower right side of the window. At this point, you have to close every window which you have opened and then you should find the icon which is there on the desktop. Here, you should double click on the icon which is there on the desktop and now your clipboard will be cleared in Windows 10. For help, go to

If the icon which clears the clipboard, did not work then don’t be alarmed. At last, you should reboot the Windows operating system, and then again go to your desktop and then double click on the shortcut which you made.

2. Method to Clear Clipboard History: If you care about your valuable data being which is stored in your Windows clipboard, then you should remove the clipboard history. For this, you should take a new screenshot which will replace the sensitive information with the random images. After this, you should Restart your computer or rebooting your computer system will clear the clipboard history. Now, you should clear the Windows clipboard on Command Prompt just by using this command as an Administrator: cmd.exe /c cd 2>”%UserProfile%empty.txt” & clip < “%UserProfile%empty.txt”At last, you should use ClipTTL.

Keep in mind you can also download and install clipboard software manager as this software is very easy to use.

The above method will help you to clear clipboard in Window 10. If the customer need help, then you can visit to the site of Microsoft via

What are the 4 Best Browsers for Window 11?

If the user wants to know the best browser for Window 11, then you must read this blog. Well Microsoft focus on improving Microsoft Edge. For more information about browser, go to Microsoft via   

4 Best Browsers for Window 11:

  1. Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is built into Windows and it provide brand new interface for Window 11. It runs on the chromium engine and gives new functions and great performance. One of the best browsers which the user can use on Windows 11 is made by Microsoft. There are lots of Edge’s extensions which have been there in the new Microsoft Store on Windows 11. This browser is more accessible to customize. You don’t have to download the browser, as it is already being a part of Windows. Microsoft Edge provide Vertical tabs so that you can work efficiently, it has smart copy feature in order to save time, it has tracking prevention for privacy, it provide Password monitor just to keep track of credentials and enhanced InPrivate mode.
  2. Opera: Opera browser is the fastest browser available in the market. It uses the Chromium engine to provide fast performance without using lots of system’s memory. As compare to Google Chrome, Opera gives better RAM usage. It is customizable and comes with a built-in VPN. As Windows 11 is gamer-oriented, Opera also provide a gamer-oriented browser known as Opera GX. Opera is also built-in messengers which the user can change with their friends. You don’t have to switch between tabs.
    The user can synchronize the Opera browsers in all their devices, like bookmarks, extensions etc. It also has a built-in adblocker to keep away annoying messages. Its features are Built-in adblocker, Free VPN, Import Bookmarks, Sync browser data and Sidebars with social media. For more info, visit to
  3. UR Browser: UR browser is the best browser which focuses on securing your privacy, identity and also the data while maintaining the performance. It is a Chromium-Based browser which provides customization options and you can also personalize the Homescreen. It automatically scans your device for viruses for all your downloads and also detects the suspicious activity and blocks it. When you access a suspicious site, this browser will take you to an encrypted version and it will show you a green shield icon if it’s secure. Remember all the third-party cookies and trackers are automatically blocked by UR browser which means nobody can track your data for advertisement. Other main features of UR Browser are Customizable, Download manager, 4x faster download speed, News filter and you can easily access to your favorite sites.
  4. Google Chrome: Google Chrome is the most popular Chromium-based web browsers. This browser provides customization and a huge library of extensions. It does not provide built-in VPN or Adblock. It consumes huge amounts of RAM which means this browser uses lot of your memory, if you keep multiple tabs open. In case, you are gamer this is not the best choice for you. When you are using this browser, you are not exposed to cyber threat. In this there are so many options which the user can customize, like privacy and security features.

For detail information about browser, visit to Microsoft via

How To Resolve If Skype Won’t Ring On Incoming Calls?

Skype is the application of Microsoft which allow users to do voice calls and video chats between devices like computer, tablets and mobile devices etc. It also gives you instant messaging service and sending and receiving images, videos etc. But some users find issues like Skype Wont ring on Incoming calls. So, for assistance you can contact Microsoft support team via And in this blog, you will read the solution of Skype Wont ring on Incoming calls.

Method To Resolve If Skype Won’t Ring on Incoming Calls:

1. Check Settings:

If you want to receive notifications and incoming calls, then you should be online. And also confirm that Skype notifications are enabled and system settings are not blocking the notifications. You should also allow Skype to access microphone and camera.

You should stick with one version of Skype and also keep the UWP version or win32 version. Now, Sign out and forget the account credentials. And then Sign in again. For UWP, you should open Settings and then click on Apps and hit on Apps & features and after this, search for Skype. At this point, you should click on Advanced options and also confirm all permissions are granted. Then, open Skype and just confirm that Skype contact isn’t blocked. After this, you should enable Skype to work in the background and also when it is closed. In Skype call setting, you should Enable Answer Calls Automatically.

2. Run Skype As An Administrator:

If you are not receiving notifications then you should run Skype as an Admin. For this, you should right-click on the Skype desktop shortcut and then open Properties. After this, you should choose the Compatibility tab. Now, you should tick mark the option “Run this program as an administrator” box. At last, you should Confirm changes.

3. Ensure Focus Assist is Disabled:

Microsoft has introduced new features in Skype like “Do not disturb” mode, Quiet Hours and the Focus Assist. And this Focus Assist will allow users to setup the notification-free schedules and also focus on work. If you enable Focus Assist, then it will prevent Skype from ringing (incoming calls). Hence, it is suggested that you should disable this feature so that Skype will give you notifications timely. For this, you should type Focus in the search bar and then open Focus Assist setting and just disable it.

But if you want to use this feature and also allow Skype to ring and send notifications. For this, you should press Windows key + I at the same time to open the Settings app. Then, you should choose System. After this, you should select Focus Assist from the left side. Now, you should toggle on “Priority only” and then click on the “Customize your priority list” option. At last, scroll to the bottom and then allow Skype.

4. Reset/ Reinstall Skype:

For reinstalling, in the Windows Search bar you should type Control and then open Control Panel. After this, you need to tap on Uninstall a program. Then, you have to Remove Skype. Now, you should download the latest version of Skype. At last, just Log in and then look for changes.

To reset, you should open Start option. Then, you should find Skype, and right-click on it. After this, click on More and then tap on App settings. At last, you should click on Reset option and again try Skype.

The above mentioned method will help you to solve issues if Skype wont ring on Incoming calls. If the user need any help or support, then they can contact Microsoft Expert via

How you can Change the System Language on Window 10?

If the computer user wants to change the system language on Window 10, then don’t have to worry as this blog makes their work easy. In this blog, the user will read how you can easily change the system language on Window 10. But if they want any technical support then they can contact to the customer care of Microsoft through

Install a Language in Windows

If the user wants to change the system default language, then they should close all running applications and just save your work in your device. In case, you wish to change the language only for one device, then first you should turn off language syncing.

For this, first you should open Settings option. Then, you should click on Time & Language. And now you have to click Language. Here, you should click on the plus sign which is next to Add a preferred language which is in the Preferred languages section. Then you should search for your language or country name from the given results and just click on Next option. You just have to ensure that there is a check next to Install language pack and just Set as my display language or you can check off Speech recognition, Text-to-speech, and Handwriting and then you should click on Install. Now, you should click on Yes, sign out now on the Windows alert.

But when you sign back, then you will view the new system language in all Microsoft programs.

 Disable Language Sync in Windows 10:

If you want to disable Language Sync in Window 10, then you should open Settings and then click on Accounts. After this, you should click on Sync your settings option. You just have to toggle off Language preferences.

Change Region Settings if You’ve Relocated:

In case, you want to change the Windows 10 system language as you’ve relocated, but you should also change the region settings. For this, first you have to open Settings. And then you have to click on Time & Language. Now, you have to click on Region. From the drop down menu, you should select a country or region which is located at the top of the screen. Then you should select a regional format from the second drop-down menu. Now, you should click on Change date formats in the Regional format section just to choose a calendar type and also a date and time format. After you make changes, then you should click on the back arrow. Now, you should click on the Additional date, time, & regional settings. Here, you have to click on Region and then just go to the Administrative tab and then click on the Change system locale which is under Language for non-Unicode programs. After this, you should select language from the drop-down menu and then just click on OK option. At this point, you should click on Cancel and then click on Copy settings. Now, you should check Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts. And then click OK and Close button. At the end, you should click on Restart now just to save your new region settings.

In case, you need any kind of technical support then contact to the Microsoft team through