How You Can Track Changes in Google Docs?

With Google Docs, the user can collaborate with multiple partners on written project. Hence in this blog, you will read the method to track changes in Google Docs. For more help, the user can navigate to the site of MS Office via

Method to Track Changes in Google Docs:

  1. Edit Google Docs With Editing Mode: For this, first you have to open a document which you wish to edit in Google Docs. After this, you need to choose Share option in the upper right side of the screen. Now, you should hit on the menu which is next to a collaborator’s name. If the user wants to stop the collaborator from editing the document, then they should hit on Viewer. At last, you should hit on Save option.

  2. Edit Google Docs With Suggestion Mode: You should open the Google Doc which you wish to modify. After this, you need to choose the Editing dropdown menu which is located in the top right side of the screen. Now, you should choose Suggesting to leave comments and then just allow suggestions to be reviewed.

  3. Accept or Reject Suggested Edits: If the user wants to review their suggested edits, then they should first open the document on which you are working on. Then in the ribbon, you need to select Tools and then click on Review suggested edits. Now in the upper-right side of the screen, you will view a box which shows the suggested edits. In order to address individual edits or comments, you should choose one and then choose either Accept or Reject.

  4. Method to Use comments in Google Doc: In the Google document, first you have to choose the cell, text, line or block on which you wish to comment on. Now from the ribbon, you need to choose Insert and then click on Comment. The user can also choose the Plus (+) which is located on the right side of the document. At this point, you need to type your comment, and then choose Comment option. Here, you will view the comment will display on the right side of the document and you will view the name of the collaborator who left it and also the time when they create the note.

  5. Revision History: If the user wants to go back to the previous version of a project, then you can do this by Revision history. You can make the changes to the document anytime. You will view a different version was saved. For this, you should open your Google Doc. Then under the File menu, you have to put your mouse over the Version History heading and then choose See Version History. The user can also do this by using the shortcut keys i.e. Command/Ctrl+Option+Shift+H. At this point, you should choose the version which you wish to review through Version history timeline. At last, if you want to name an individual version, then you should choose the three vertical dots to the right and then just choose Name this version.

With this above method, the user can track changes in Google Docs. For more help or information, the customer can visit to Microsoft Office via