If USB Ports Not Working! How To Fix it?

If in case, the user encounters issue such as if USB Ports not working. This issue occurs because of drivers, so in order to fix this issue you should reinstall your drivers. In this blog, you will read the method to fix if USB Ports Not Working. For help, the user should go to www.office.com/setup.

Method To Fix If USB Ports Not Working:

1. Reinstall Device Drivers:

For this, you should first download the latest drivers for your USB device and then install it. If in case, you do not find new drivers then you should open Device Manager. And for this, you should press Windows Key + X altogether and then select Device Manager from the list. Here, you need to find the device driver and then right-click on it. At this point, you should select Uninstall device in order to remove the driver. At the end, Restart your operating system.

2. Change Power Management Settings for USB Controller:

You need to open Device Manager. Now, you should locate Universal Serial Bus controllers section and then expand it. After this, you should right-tap on each driver named USB Root Hub and then choose Properties. Now, you should visit to Power Management tab. Here, you should check the box Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power is not checked. If in case it’s checked, then you should uncheck it. At this point, you should tap on OK button to save the changes. The user should repeat the procedure for all USB Root Hub drivers. At the end, just Restart your PC.

3. Uninstall USB Controller:

First, you need to open the Device Manager. Now, you should locate Universal Serial Bus controllers and then just expand it. Then, you have to right-tap on the first driver in the Universal Serial Bus section and then tap on Uninstall option. Here, you should repeat the method for all drivers in the Universal Serial Bus section. Lastly, just Restart your operating system.

4. Turn off Fast Startup:

The customer should open Control Panel and then select Power Options. Now in the sidebar in the left side of the screen, you should tap on Choose what the power button does. Here, you should tap on Change settings that are currently unavailable. Then under the Shutdown settings, you should find the Turn on fast startup and just uncheck it. When you are done, you should tap on Save changes.

5. Modify your Registry:

For this, you need to press Windows Key + R altogether and then enter regedit. Then, you have to press Enter key or tap on OK button. It is recommended before modifying the registry; you should back up your registry. For this, you should tap on File option and then tap on Export. Here, you should set Export range as All and then select a safe location. At this point, you should enter the specific file name and then tap on Save option. Now in the left side, you should visit to


You can easily find the name of the key, as it will start with 4d36e965. After this in the right side, you should find UpperFilter and LowerFilters and then just delete it. When you delete the files and then just restart your PC.

With this method, you can fix the issue if USB Ports not working. For more help related to this error, you should navigate to MS Office official site via www.office.com/setup365.

How You Can Install and Update Drivers of Your Computer Manually?

Basically, Drivers is the very important tool which helps device like speakers, USB etc. to interact with the computer. Normally, Windows automatically installs the device drivers but if the device is not working properly then you have to install and update the drivers in your device manually. In this blog, you will read how to install and update the device drivers manually. In case, you need support or help then you can anytime contact to the Microsoft team through office.com/setup.

How You Can Install Drivers Manually? Www.office.com/setup

First, you should connect your PC to the internet because when you plug-in any device to your PC, it will start installing drivers automatically. But for downloading and installing drivers in your device it requires the proper an internet connection. After this, you should connect the device to your PC like if you want to install the drivers of an item then you should connect it to with your computer. You can simply connect the device with USB cable. When the device is connected with the computer, then the drivers will begin installing in the background. But before this, you just have to follow all the instructions to complete the installation process on the screen.

In case, the device cannot be able to install its drivers automatically, then you should install them manually by using CDs, manufacturer’s website, or third-party source, etc.

If you want to install driver from CD. Then you just have to Insert that CD in your computer’s disk drive and just wait for few minutes so that it runs automatically. Here, you have to select the drivers for the device and then just follow the instruction to install.

If you want to install drivers from Manufacturer’s Website. Then, you just have to visit to the manufacturer’s website and then go to the link called “Drivers,” ” Support” or “Software.” Here, you just have to select drivers for your device and then download the latest drivers. After this, you should download, install and run the drivers.

If you want to install drivers from Third-party sources. You can also use third-party websites for installing drivers like ‘SourceForge, GitHub, etc.’ but you should be aware of viruses.

After downloading and installing drivers, you should restart your computer system to ensure that your drivers are implemented properly. At last, you should click on ‘Start’ button and then select Power and then click on Restart option.

How You Can Update Driver?

For this, first you should open ‘Start’ menu. Then, you should type ‘Device manager’ in Start menu search box. After this, you should click on ‘Device manager’ with control panel which is situated at the top of the searches. Now, you have to expand a category in device manager window and just select the item which you wish to update. After this, just click on the ‘Action’ tab in the menu bar which is situated on the top-left side of the device manager window.  From the drop down menu, just click on Update driver. Now, you should click on the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ in the window which ask ‘How do you want to search for drivers?’ so that you can search online for new drivers. In case, if the drivers updates are available then you should download it and just wait for few minutes, so that it updates completely. But if the updates are not available, then it will show you the message that ‘The best drivers for your device are already installed.’ At last, just follow the direction to finish the process.

For technical assistance, you can call the expert of Microsoft through office.com/setup.