How To Get Rid Of Window Update Error 0x800f0986?

When the customer encounters Window Update Error 0x800f0986, this stops the user from installing latest updates, new features and also security features. And to resolve this issue, you should reset the operating system and enable update service. For more details related to Windows, go to MS Office official site via In this article, you will learn to resolve Window Update Error 0x800f0986.

Method To Fix Window Update Error 0x800f0986:

1. Verify Window Update Service is Enabled:

First, you should press Windows key + R key altogether. Now, you have to write services.msc and then press Enter key. After this, you should double-tap on Windows Update in order to open the properties window. At this point, you should hit on the Startup type drop-down menu just to select Automatic. Here, you should tap on the Start button in the properties window. At last, you should tap on Apply and OK button to exit the window.

2. Utilize Windows Update Troubleshooter:

The user should press Windows Key + S altogether and then write troubleshoot in the search utility. Now, you should hit on Troubleshoot settings and then choose Troubleshoot option. At this point, you need to select Additional troubleshooters and then hit on Windows Update. Then, you have to hit on Run the troubleshooter button just to open the window. When troubleshooting procedure finishes, you should restart your PC.

3. Clear out SoftwareDistribution Folder:

You have to stop Windows Update service just by pressing the Stop option in the properties window. After this, you need to tap on the File Explorer button in the taskbar and then just open this folder path: C:/Windows/SoftwareDistribution/Download

Now, you should press Ctrl + A hotkey in order to select all the contents in the folder and then press the Delete button. At the end, the user should restart their device.

4. Reset Windows Update:

You should open the search box with Windows key + S hotkey together and then write cmd. Now, you should enter the separate commands into the Command Prompt’s window: Net stop wuauserv Net stop cryptSvc Net stop bits Net stop msiserver

After this, input the line in the Command Prompt and hit on Backspace: Ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old

Then, you have to write another command and then hit Enter: Ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.old

At this point, you should input these separate commands: Net start wuauserv Net start cryptSvc Net start bits Net start msiserver

At the end, Reboot your device.

5. Reset Windows 10:

For resetting, the customer should press Windows Key + S simultaneously and then write reset. Now, you need to choose Reset this PC in order to open the Recovery tab in Settings. Then, you have to tap on the Get Started button in order to open Reset this PC. At this point, you should choose Keep my files option and then tap on Next button in order to continue. At the end, you should hit on Reset option in order to confirm.

Through this way, the user can get rid of the Window Update Error 0x800f0986. For help, tap on Microsoft official website through