How To Remove Pop Up Virus in Google Chrome on Android Device?

When you are accessing the browser on your Android and you see the pop up virus while using Google Chrome.  This problem occurs because of the installation of unwanted software from third-party sources in your device. This pop up virus results in tabs which are opened can’t be closed, search engines change without your consent and it also redirects you to the pages or annoying ads. In this blog, you will read how to remove pop up virus in Google Chrome in Android Device. But if you need technical support, you can contact to the technical team of Microsoft through

Remove Pop Up Virus in Google Chrome on Android

  1. Remove Problematic Apps By using Safe Mode:

For this, first you have to click on Settings option. Then, you should open Biometrics and security. After this, you have to click on Other Security Settings. Now, you have to open Device Admin apps. You should revoke device admin permission for third-party apps which are suspicious. Revoking device admin permission is essential so that you can remove the app in Safe mode.  After this, you should uninstall malicious apps. For this, you should press and hold the power button just to get the Power menu. Now, you should touch and hold the power off button. When the Safe Mode screen comes up, you should click again just to restart the phone Safe Mode. At the bottom of your screen, you will see Safe Mode after the restart. Now, you should remove the recently installed apps one by one. For removing the app, you should tap and hold the app icon. After this, just select Uninstall option. When all the suspicious apps are removed, you should reboot the phone. At last, you should again launch Google Chrome and just check the issue is solved or not.

2. Enable Play Protect:

You should open the Play Store app in your Android device. Then, you should click on the Menu (three dots).  Now, you have to select Play Protect. Here, you should Turn on Scan device security threats option. If they are enabled, just click on the Scan button. Now, Google will scan all the installed apps for security issues. Play Protect enabled will protect your device from malicious apps.

3. Block Website Notifications:

You should open Google Chrome on your Android app. Then, you have to go to a web page. Now, you should click on More (three dots). After this, you should select Settings option. Here, you have to click on Site Settings. Now under Permissions,  you should click on Notifications. At last, you just have to Turn off notification for the webpage.

4. Factory Reset:

Before factory resetting, you should create the backup of all your data because this will erase all the data from your phone’s internal memory.  For Factory Reset, you should click on Settings option. Then, you should click on General Management. Here, you have to select Reset. At this point, you should select Factory data reset. You must read the description and then you have to click on Reset. Just enter your PIN or pattern and then click on Delete All. When the reset process complete, you can download and install the apps from Google Play Store and then restore the data.

The above method will help you to remove the pop up virus in Google Chrome on Android Phone. For assistance, you can contact to the Support team of Microsoft through

How to Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem?

How to Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem? Office.Com/Setup

Microsoft Office is the great software which has many applications like MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint and Outlook etc. You can install this amazing software through All the application of MS Office increases the productivity of the user and makes their work easier than before. It regularly updates its application to give its user more advanced feature and protection from unknown threat. Excel application helps the user in formatting, editing, making spreadsheets and you can use this software on the devices like Window OS, Mac, Computers, Laptops and Android Phones. 

But sometimes the customer faces some problem in MS Excel like Pivot table problem. In this blog, you will read how to solve the Pivot table problem.

Resolve Excel Pivot Table Problem:

  1. Pivot Table Not Refreshing Data: Pivot table do not get refresh by itself so first you have to refresh Pivot Table. For this, you have to click anywhere in your Pivot Table. You will see that the Pivot Table Tools appears on your Excel ribbon. After this, you have to tap on Analyze and then click on Options button. Here from the Data tab you have to choose the check box”Refresh data when opening the file”. This will refresh your data automatically.
  2. Refresh a Pivot Messes Up Column Width: If you do not want your Pivot column and width messes up then you have to click anywhere in your Pivot Table. This will show you the PivotTable Tools on your Excel ribbon. Now just click on Analyze option and then hit on Option button. After this, you have to go to the Layout & Format tab, and then choose these two options: Autofit column widths on update and Preserve cell formatting on update.
  3. Excel Pivot Table Sum Value Not Working: The reason of this error is when there is blank cells in the value column of your data. If you have just one empty cell in the values column, it will consider the whole column as text based.
    If there are some text cells in the value column of your data. Then it will turn your pivot table sum values to count. This happen when the user has downloads the data from any external system.
  4. Pivot Table Grouping Affects Another Pivot Table: To solve this, you have to create a second Pivot Cache. For this, you have to cut down your 2nd pivot table. Then open a new Excel workbook and just paste it. Here you have to make changes in the grouping of 2nd pivot table. After this, you have to cut your 2nd pivot table which you have just pasted in the new workbook. Now you have to paste it back in your original workbook. This will create two separate pivot caches and now you can group each of your pivot table.
  5. Excel Pivot Table Not Showing Data: To show all Pivot field data, you have to right click on the pivot table item and then click on the Field settings options. When the Field Settings dialog box open, you have to click on the Layout & Print tab. Now you have to check the check box ‘Show items with no data’. At last, click on OK button.

If you want more information, then you can visit to the site of MS Office through

Microsoft Office 2003 Crack Full Version Download

MS Office 2003 Service Pack 3 (also called Office 2003 SP3) provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office 2003. Service Pack 3 contains important security improvements and assurance and production improvements. Some of the fixes incorporated with SP3 has recently released as distribute changes. This service pack combines them into one built-in package, and it provides some other changes designed to enhance the dependability and completion of Office 2003 programs. Www.Office.Com/Setup

Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 free

Just like other software that are launched worldwide, as time goes by, users find small bugs and security threats. That hadn’t recently been detected during the beta test before it is launch. When we are talking about software by Microsoft, the modernise to fix this problem is called Service Packs (SP). The particular one we are mentioning here is Office 2003 SP3.

This system includes security enhancements to avoid threats like malware or error attacks. Office 2003 Service Pack 3 crack can be specifically related to the e-mail client platform as Outlook. With these changes, it will be considerably harder for robbing private data such as passwords or bank details. Furthermore, other innovations are related to the spelling and the errors that have occurred when writing in some of the languages. Also, you will observe a higher level of security and comfort while bearing different challenging tasks. Office.Com/Setup

Key Features of Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3 Full Version Download

  • Microsoft Office 2003 will no for much longer open or save many file formats at a time.
  • MAPI varieties do not run in public folders and consumer folders.
  • The Fast Save setting up in Office Word has removed.
  • It also solves the typing errors occurred in many other languages.
  • It provides the high level of performance and dependability.
  • Several attachments cannot show in Outlook.
  • Changes have happened to the behaviour of Microsoft Office Document Imaging.
  • Access add-ins are unable to be configured to use by all the consumers.
  • Advancements have made in Excel, Word, Publisher, Outlook, Info Path and PowerPoint.
  • Each of the protection renews made, that were available since September 2007.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack

CPU: Pentium II-266 MHz (Pentium III supported)

Hard Disk Space: 260 MB (700 MB recommended)

Memory Allocated: 128 MB RAM (192 MB RAM recommended)

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later; Or Windows XP or later (recommended); Windows Vista & 7.

Installation Instructions for Microsoft Office 2003 Service Pack 3:

  • To install Microsoft Office Service Pack 3 do the following things:
  • First, download the MS office Service Pack 3 from the given link below.
  • Then Open the folder where you have downloaded and run the setup .exe file.
  • Wait until the installation completes.
  • After installation restart your PC or Laptop.
  • Enjoy using Office Service Pack 3.