How To Resolve 80240020 Error Code on Window 10?

If the user is facing problem in Window 10, the reason might be you have not completed its setup and also because of inappropriate installation. Here, in this blog you will read the solution of 80240020 error. If the user needs support then they can anytime contact to the support team of Microsoft through

Method To Resolve 80240020 Error Code in Window 10:

1. Check Windows 10 Updates:

If the user wants to check for updates on Windows 10, then you should go to the ‘Get Windows 10’ button and then just right-click on it on the right-hand side of the taskbar. After this, you should click on the ‘check your upgrade status’ option. Now, you have to click on the hamburger menu button and then you have to press on the option ‘Check your PC’ in the ‘Get Windows 10’ screen application. Here, you should look at the list of compatibility problems. And the list has the individual categories for apps and devices.

2. Remove Everything on Download Folder:

 If you want to remove everything on the download folder, then you should visit to the ‘C:\Windows\SoftwreDistribution\Download’ and then remove everything in this folder.At this point, you shouldperform the Command Prompt as an administrator and then enter ‘wuauclt.exe/updatenow’ into it.Now, you should visit to the ‘Control Panel’ and Windows Update’. Then, Windows 10 will start downloading again from scratch.

3. Fix System Image:

First, you should launch cmd and then perform Dism/Online/Clean-Image/RestoreHealth. After this, you have to launch the Win + X key at the same time and then click on the Command Prompt. Now, you should go to the screen of elevated command prompt and then enter wuauclt.exe/update now and after this, press the Enter button. At last, you should check the error is solved. If the error is not solved, then you should reach to the next step.

4. Change Pursuing Registry Key to Install:

If you want to change the pursuing Registry Key to install then you should find the key of registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\OSUpgrade].

This will exist, but if in case it does not, then you should make it. After this, you should make a new DWORD (32-bit) Value with Name= ‘AllowOSUpgrade’ and then adjust the Value=0x00000001. At last, you should shut and then launch the desktop again ‘Control Panel’ and then you should go to the ‘Windows Update’ and then just check for upgrades.

5. Windows 10 Download from Microsoft Website:

If in case, the above solution did not repair the error, then you have to try to download Windows 10 in the site of Microsoft. Then, you should go to this link ‘’

If the user is still having any problem and cannot be able to solve the issue then you should get in touch with Microsoft support team via for immediate help. You can call the customer care anytime 24 hours and 7 days a week.

How You Can Setup Parental Control Feature In Window?

Monitor Your Child Computer Usage With Parental Control in Window


How You Can Setup Parental Control Feature In Window?

To keep your children safe, when they are using internet on family computer. Microsoft has offers parental controls feature. With this feature, you can restrict your children what kinds of applications they can use, which websites they are allowed to visit, and also how much time they can spend on the computer etc. And also you can review the reports of their online activity. You can setup this feature by installing MS Office in your device through  

Enable, or Disable Parental Controls in Windows 10 –

First, you should select Start option and then choose Settings. After this, you should choose Accounts and then select Family & Other People. Now, you have to choose Manage Family Settings Online. Then, you have to log in and then just find the child account from the list of accounts. After this, you should select Screen Time below your child’s name just to open the Screen Time tab. Here, you have to make changes to the default Screen Time Settings by using the drop-down lists and daily timelines. Now, just select More Options under your child’s name and then you have to choose Content Restrictions. Here, you should activate Block Inappropriate Apps And Games and Block Inappropriate Website. Then, you have to select the Activity tab and after this, expand Manage. At the end, you have to select Turn On Activity Reporting and Email weekly reports to me so that you can get weekly reports of your child’s activities while online.

Parental Control Setting in Windows 8 and 8.1:

In this, first you have to create the child’s account. For this, you should press the Windows key and C key together. Now, just select Change PC Settings. After this, you should select Accounts, choose Other Accounts, and then you should select Add An Account. Here, you have to select Add A Child’s Account. At last, follow the directions to complete the process.

To setup Parental Control, you should open Control Panel. And then you have to select User Accounts And Family Safety, and then just select Set Up Parental Controls For Any User. Here, you can select the child’s account. Now, under Parental Controls you have to select Enforce Current Settings. Then under Activity Reporting, you have to select Collect Information About PC Usage. From here, you can select the links like Web Filtering, Time Limits, Windows Store and Game Restrictions and App Restrictions. After this, you will get the email which includes information about the Microsoft Family Safety login page. If your child has a Microsoft Account, then you can view activity reports.

Windows 7 Parental Controls:

For this, you should create a child account for the child in Control Panel. And then you have to select User Accounts and choose Give Other Users Access To This Computer.

To set up Parental Control, you should select the Start button and then type Parental Controls in the search window. After this, you should select Parental Controls in the results. And then you have to select the child account. If it ask, then create passwords for any Administrator accounts. Now under Parental Controls, you have to select Enforce Current Settings. You should select the links like Time Limits, Games, and Allow And Block Specific Programs and then you have to configure settings according to your requirement and at last, select Close option.

The above method will help you to setup parental control feature in Windows. For technical assistance, just go to the site of Microsoft Office via