Multiple Outlook Emails: Remove and Save Attachments Easily

Microsoft suite is the complete package of various applications and one of them is Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Outlook is an application to collect our Email, Calendar, Reminders, Journals, Notes, and so many things. And many times the users get attachments in emails and they want to remove and save attachments from MS Outlook email for various purposes. But due to the attachments, size of the mailbox may increase and generate issues like reducing the performance of MS Outlook, harm other files etc. If you are facing such issues then you can contact MS Office support team at setup.

So let’s discuss the 4 ways to solve it for all versions of MS Outlook including MS Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 etc.

Solution 1: Download many Attachments in single Email Message

  • So, first of all, choose the email message to transfer all its attachments
  • Then, take only one attachment from that email
  • One message pop-up on attachment bar “Save All Attachments”
  • Finally, transfer the attachments to the selected folder and then press OK

Or if you feel it is hard to do by yourself then contact team.

Solution 2: Save Multiple Emails Attachments in MS Outlook with the Assistant of VBA

  • If you have already VBA editor on your device then open it by pressing Alt+F11 or if not then install it online.
  • Now in VBA editor, Import file choosing the option of Import File from File Menu
  • Then, Save it and close VBA Editor
  • To continue the process, enable all MS Outlook macros
  • Now, select the selected email messages to transfer the attachment
  • Open Macro dialog box by clicking on an Alt+F8 key
  • Now save and run
  • Lastly, you will notice a pop-up window, in this keep a folder in which you require to add the attachments.

Solution 3: Remove Attachments in MS Outlook Automatically

  • Start MS Outlook and then Rules >> Manage Rules and Alerts >> New Rules>>Apply rules on the message I received and then Next
  • In next window click on YES
  • Then tick the “Run a script” option. Now append a name to your script and click on OK
  • MS Outlook email attachments will be saved in the preferred place and you can recover them.

MS Office support team can also help you to solve such issue at

Solution 4: Save PST Attachments from MS Outlook

You can also get the help from the other tools like Outlook Email Attachment Downloader if you don’t want to follow above methods. This tool offers easy and suitable for the removal of the PST attachments.

Download all the attachments from MS Outlook by following steps:

  • From Start Menu select All Programs and then open Outlook Attachment Extractor
  • Then a pop-up of Attachment Extractor for MS Outlook will be shown
  • Click on Open and then Add preferred PST file or folders
  • Then you will get a Remove button to remove selected data files
  • Then there are three Hierarchy Filters, you have to select one of the below:
    • Subject Wise Folder Hierarchy
    • Folder Hierarchy
    • No Folder Hierarchy
  • And then from Various Outlook PST files, Download Attachments
  • Browse the location of stored data files, extraction of PST files will begin
  • Select a preferred location for MS Outlook data files
  • Save MS Outlook Email Attachments
  • Tools provide a progress report of Outlook data files and present status of files
  • Choose the Destination, and press on OK to finish the PST extraction

Here we have discussed how to save multiple Outlook attachments at a time. We hope that one of the above-given methods will help you to solve the issues. Or you can get the support of MS Office support team online from