How You Can Setup VPN on Mac Device?

How You Can Setup VPN on Mac Device?

As you all know that VPN is used for hiding the internet traffic over public Wi-Fi network. And with the help of this blog, you can easily setup VPN on your Mac Device. But if the user need help, then you can call the expert of Microsoft team via

Setup VPN on Mac Device by using VPN Setting:

You can set up VPN on your Mac’s device through VPN settings. You should ensure that you should have all the data like the VPN type, the server address, username, password, and shared secret. First, you have to click on the Apple icon which is in the upper left side of the screen and then just click on System Preferences. After this, you have to click on Network option. Now, you have to click on the Plus (+) option to create a new network connection. Here, you have to select VPN from the Interface dropdown menu, and in VPN type, you have to select L2PT over IPSec from the Service Name dropdown menu, and in the Service Name field, you have to select the name of your choice. After this, you should click on Create option. Here, you have to enter the Server Address and Account Name, which is the username provided by the VPN operator, and then you have to click on Authentication Settings. At this point, you have to enter the Password and Shared Secret and then click on OK button. Next, you have to click on Apply option, and then click on Connect. Now, your VPN will connect. You have to select Disconnect if you want to turn off your VPN. In case, you want to turn the connection back on again, then you have to repeat steps 1 and 2, then choose your VPN from the list, and then you have to click on Connect once more.

Set Up a VPN on Mac By Using Third-Party VPN App:

For this, first you have to find the application and start downloading on your Mac device. Here, you will see a list of download links and then you have to click on right at the top of the VPN website. After this, you have to provide the payment information before you can use the service. Here, you should also check the money-back guarantee period because if in case the service doesn’t work for you and then you can ask for a refund. Now, you have to Set up the VPN on your Mac. For this, you have to launch the application installer just to start the installation process on your Mac device. Here, it may ask to give permission to install different parts of the application like configuration files or helper tools. After setting up VPN, you have to launch the VPN service on your Mac. You have to launch the application and start using the service just by choosing a VPN server location and then connect to the server.

Now, you are connected to the VPN, and you can start browsing the web privately and securely. Here, you can also check the VPN’s connection status on the application screen. And can check your newly cloaked IP address just by going to

The above method will help you to setup VPN on Mac Device. If the user need more information, then they can contact to the customer care of Microsoft team through

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