If Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Window 10! How to Fix it?

If in case, the user laptop suddenly disconnects from the Internet, then you should easily fix it by checking the network issues. This error occurs because of the bad network or router settings. If the user need any sort of help, then visit to the official site of MS Office via office.com/setup. In this blog, you will read the solution of Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Window 10.

Method to Fix if Wi-Fi Keeps Disconnecting on Window 10:

1. Use Network Troubleshooter:

First, in the home screen search box you should type Troubleshooting. Then, you have to open Troubleshoot settings. After this, you should tap on Additional troubleshooters. Now, you should hit on Internet Connections in order to run the dedicated troubleshooter.

2. Uninstall Network Card device:

You need to type Device Manager in the home screen search box and then press Enter key. After this, you have to expand Network Adaptor and then you need to right-click on Network Card. At last, yu should tap on Uninstall option and then restart the computer system. For assistance, just tap on office.com/setup.

3. Tweaking Power options:

You should visit to Control Panel and then tap on Device Manager. After this, you should right click on your installed network adapter and then select Properties from the menu. Now, you should look for Power Management tab. Here, you should uncheck Allow computer to turn off this device to save power and then tap on OK button to save changes.

The other way is you should press the Windows button aka the Windows Orb. And then, you should type Control Panel and then select Power Options under Control Panel. Now, you should click on Change Plan Settings which is next to your selected plan. At this point, you should tap on Change Advanced Power Settings in Edit Plan Settings. Just scroll down to Wireless Adapter Settings and then expand it, and after this, expand Power Saving Mode. At last, you should tap on the On battery and Plugged in drop downs and then choose Maximum Performance on both.

4. Disable Roaming Sensitivity:

You should type control panel in the search box and then choose Control Panel from the list of results. Now, you should locate and then click on Network and Sharing Center. Here, the Network and Sharing Center window open up on your computer screen. Then in the left pane, you have to tap on Change adapter settings. At this point, a List of network connections will display on your screen. Now, you should right-click on your wireless connection and then select Properties from the menu. And if the Properties window opens, then click on Configure. Then, you have to go to Advanced tab and then select Roaming Sensitivity. At last, you should set it to Disabled and then tap on OK button and then Apply option in order to save changes.

The above method will help you to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Window 10. If the customer requires help, then visit to the MS Office site via www.office.com/setup.

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