How To Fix Inverted Colors on Window 10?

The user faces so many problems if their PC starts to be inverted. Generally, this issue occurs because of display drivers or faulty settings. In this blog, you will read the method to fix inverted colors on Window 10. For more assistance, the user can visit to .

Method To Fix Inverted Colors on Window 10:

1.  Reinstall your Graphics Card Drivers:

For this, first you have to hit on Windows Key + X just to open Win + X menu. Now, from the list you should choose Device Manager. After this, you should find your graphics card driver. When you locate it, then just right tap on it and then select Uninstall device from the menu. If you find it, then you should check Remove driver software for this device. At this point, you should hit on Uninstall option to confirm. When you remove the driver, then hit on Scan for hardware changes icon just to install the default driver.

2. Use Magnifier Tool:

You should press Windows Key + Esc key in order to open the Magnifier tool. After this, you should hit on Ctrl + Alt + I altogether and then you invert all the colors on the screen.

3. Change Ease of Access Settings:

For this, you should open the Settings app by pressing Windows Key + I key together. After this, go to the Ease of Access section. Now from the menu which is located on the left, you should choose High contrast. At last, in the right side you should disable Turn on high contrast option.

4. Disable Visual Notifications for Sounds Feature:

The customer should press Windows Key + S altogether and then input control panel. Now from the list, you should choose Control Panel. After this, you should go to Ease of Access Center if Control Panel opens up on your screen. Then from the list, you have to choose Use text or visual alternatives for sounds. Here, you have to disable Turn on visual notifications for sounds (Sound Sentry). Lastly, click Apply and OK button in order to save changes.

5. Check your Registry:

First, you should press Windows Key + R together and then enter regedit. Now, you should tap on Enter or OK button. If Registry Editor opens up on your screen which is located in the left side, you should go to the


Then in the right side, you should double-tap on the Invert DWORD just to open its properties.

When the properties window opens up on your screen, then check the Value data is set to 0. Lastly, tap OK option to save changes.

6. Run Windows in Safe Mode:

The user should open the Settings app and then go to the Update & Security section. After this, from the menu which is on the left you should choose Recovery. Now, you should tap on the Restart now button. Here, you need to choose Troubleshoot option and then tap on Advanced options and then hit on Startup Settings. At this point, you should hit on the Restart button. At the end, you should choose the Safe Mode with Networking by hitting on the keyboard key.

Through this way, the user can fix the issue Inverted Colors on Window 10. If the computer user still needs help, then visit to /myaccount.

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