How to Disable Unnecessary Services in Window 11?

There are various services which are there in Window 11. To deactivate this unnecessary service, the user should read the below method to disable unnecessary service in Window 11. And for more help related to Window 11, go to

Method to Disable Unnecessary Services in Window 11:

1. Use Services Window:

For this, the user should right-tap on your Start menu button in order to choose Run on the menu. In order to open the Services window, you should type services.msc and then tap on Enter key. Now, you should double-tap on an enabled service which is there on that window just to open a properties window for it. After this, you should read the service’s description on the properties window so that you can decide whether you need or not. Then, you have to press the Stop button for the service. Here, you should tap on the Disabled option which is on the Startup type drop-down menu. At this point, you should tap on the Apply button in order to disable the service. At last, you should tap on OK button to close the properties window.

2. Use MSConfig:

The user should press the Win+ Xkeys at the same time and then select Run option. After this, you should type msconfig and then tap on OK button. Now, you should choose the Services tab in the System Configuration window. Here, you should deselect service checkboxes which is listed there. At this point, you should tap on Apply option to save the new options. At last, you should press OK button to exit the window.

Then, it will ask you to restart Windows and then tap on Restart option which is on the dialog box in order to apply the changes.

3. Disable Services via Windows Terminal:

First of all, you should open the search box just by pressing the magnifying glass taskbar button. After this, you should type Windows Terminal in the search box and then just right-tap on it and then select Run as administrator. Now, you should tap on Open a new tab and then choose Command Prompt from there. At this point, you should enter this command in the Command Prompt tab:

sc stop “service name” && sc config “service name” start=disabled

At last, you should press the Return key just to run the command.

With this above mentioned method, the customer can easily disable Unnecessary Services in Window 11. For any kind of assistance, the user should visit to the site of Microsoft via or

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