How You Can Create System Image in Window 11?

Through, System Image the user can make a full backup of their drive. The user can use Backup and Restore option, just to create a System Image in Window 11. If the customer requires any type of help, then visit to the site of Microsoft via In this blog, you will read the method to create a System Image in Window 11.

Method To Create System Image in Window 11:

1. Use Backup and Restore Option:

First, you should hit on the magnifying glass just to begin the Search function and then type control panel and just select the app from the list of results. Now, you have to tap on Backup and restore. Here in Backup and Restore, you should hit on Create a system image in the left side. At this point, you should select the backup location and then hit on Next option. In case, the user doesn’t have installed other drive, then you should have an external media connected like a USB stick or drive. Now, you will see a list of drives which you can back up will display on your screen. Here, you should uncheck the drives which you don’t want to back up and then tap on Next option to move further. After this, you should ensure that the back-up media can handle the size of the backup and then tap on Start backup in order to perform the backup process. This process will take some time , so you have to be patient. When the process is complete, then hit on Close option. The user can also press Yes option in order to create a system repair disk if they don’t have Windows 11 bootable media. The user can start Control Panel just by hitting the Windows + R combination together and then type control panel. At last, you should press Enter or then tap on OK button in order to start the app.

2. Use Settings:

In the Pinned apps section, you should tap on the Settings icon in order to open it. After this, you should go to System and then select Storage. Now, you have to choose Advanced storage options. Then, you should visit to Backup options. At the end, you should select Backup and Restore.

How to Restore PC with System Image?

If the user wants to restore PC with system image, then you should open the Start Menu and then select Settings. Now, you should visit to the System and then choose Recovery. Then in the Advanced startup, you should hit on Restart now. After the PC restarts, you should select Troubleshoot. Here, you should select Advanced options. At this point, you should hit on See more recovery options. Next, you should select System image recovery. Now, user should select their system image and then hit on Next option. At the end, the user should follow the directions on the screen in order to finish the process.

Through this way, the user can create System Image in Window 11. If the customer need any kind of assistance, then they can navigate to the site of Microsoft via