If Window 11 Cant Connect to A Network! How to Fix it?

Sometimes, the user encounter issues like Window 11 cannot connect to a Network. Hence, in this article you will read the solution of this issue. For more information or help, go to Microsoft via office.com/setup.

Method to Fix if Window 11 Can’t Connect To Network:

  1. You should double-check, if it’s a Windows 11 problem. Like if your phone, speakers or other computers etc., can easily reach the internet then it is quite sure that the issue lies with your Windows 11 PC. To fix this issue, you should contact your ISP. 

  2. The user must Reboot their computer system because restarting the computer fixes many Windows 11 network problem. If you want to restart from the desktop, then you should right-click on the Start button and then visit to Shut down or sign out and then click on Restart option.

  3. You should check the Wi-Fi is turned on or the Ethernet cable is properly attached to the computer or router. As this can fix the issue, if no internet connectivity if addressed. There are some laptops which have a switch, through which you can enable Wi-Fi. And in other you can use a key combination like FN+F5 or FN+F2. Keep in mind that a Wi-Fi toggle is there in Settings: you have to click on Network & Internet and then tap on Wi-Fi.

  4. The customer should forget the Wi-Fi network and then they should re-add it. After this, just reboot your PC, this will start your PC from fresh. Because it might be possible that you have wrongly saved the Wi-Fi details for the first time or might be some issues with the information. You should also re-enter the SSID and password, which might be submitted incorrectly. When the user delete the connection, you should return to Settings and then go to Network & Internet. After this, you should click on Wi-Fi and then hit on Manage known networks and then tap on Add a new network in order to set it up again.

  5. It is advised the user should select the wireless network manually. For this, the user should go to Network & Internet and then click on Wi-Fi. After this, you should hit on Show available networks to find the Wi-Fi network. Now, you should select it and then select Connect automatically and after this, just Connect.

  6. You should temporarily turn off other network-related tools which might be disturbing the Windows network. The user should Disable Airplane Mode, Disconnect from the VPN server, Shut off the firewall and then pause the antivirus software and Toggle off the ‘metered connection’ setting.

  7. You should check for Windows updates. Because, if a driver update cannot fix the issue then it is possible that the issue might be with your network-related bug fix from Windows Update.

  8. The user should use the built-in Windows network troubleshooter in order to identify or just fix the problem which is related to the network. For this, you should go to Settings and then click on Network & Internet and then hit on Network troubleshooter.

For help or information, the user should visit to the site of Microsoft via www.office.com/setup.

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