If Windows 11 Cannot Verify Digital Signature Code 52! How to Resolve it?

If the user faces the issue that Window Cannot verifies Digital Signature Code 52, then this means your USB port cannot be able to recognize the hardware which is connected to them. You can fix this issue; you should update and download the drivers. In this article, you will read the solution to fix Window 11 Cannot Verify Digital Signature Code 52

Method To Resolve If Window 11 Cannot Verify Digital Signature Code 52:

1. Uninstall Driver Manually:

You should right-click on Start and then select Device Manager. After this, you should visit to the Universal Serial Bus controllers section and then expand the menu. Now, you should right-click on your faulty driver, those drivers which have yellow exclamation mark next to it. Then, you have to tap on Uninstall from the menu. Here, you have to tap on Yes button for the uninstallation process. In case, the user has more than one faulty driver, then they should repeat the steps for each driver. At last, you need to Reboot your PC in order to save the changes.

2. Download and Install Driver:

First, youneed to open the Device Manager. Then, you have to right-click on your faulty driver and then tap on Update driver. Now, you should choose the option Search automatically for updated driver software. At this point, Windows will find and install the latest driver for your computer system. Here, you need to proceed further with the directions to complete the installation process.Whenupdate is finished, you should reboot your device.

3. Run SFC Scannow:

You have to write command prompt in the search box and then hit on Run as administrator. When Command Prompt begins, you have to enter the following:


After this, just hit Enter button and then the System File Checker procedure will begin. Here, the repair procedure will take some time, so don’t close the window. When the scanning process finished, then restart your computer. For more information, tap on Www.office.com/setup.

4. Remove USB Upper Filter and Lower Filter Entries:

For this, you should open the registry just by tapping on the Windows + R keys together and then write regedit in the run box and press Enter. After this, you should go to:


Now in the right side, you should locate and right-click on the UpperFilters and then choose Delete option. You should repeat the process for the LowerFilters also. At last, you should Restart your computer system to save changes.

5. Perform a System Restore:

You should press Windows + R on your keyboard just to open the Run dialog box. After this, you need to write sysdm.cpl in the search box and then hit on OK button. Now, you should visit to the System Protection tab. And then, you should hit on the System Restore option.

Here, you should hit on Next option and then select the desired System Restore point. At last, you should follow the directions to complete the system restore and just check the issue is solved or not.

Through this way, the user can solve the issue if Window Cannot Verify Digital Signature Code 52. If the customer need more details, then you should hit on www.office.com/myaccount.